Клинок Погребения из Bloodborne – “Искусство молота” [Eng CC]

Клинок Погребения из Bloodborne – “Искусство молота” [Eng CC]

Fire purifies…
Bellerophon Studio Fire creates…
House of the Blacksmith Fire is the origin! Art of the Hammer Hi! A lot of you probably have played Bloodborne. The game came out a long ago, but I’ve played it only recently. And you know what… I’m going for the hunting! Good Hunter, your time has come! Forge your blade by yourself. DO IT! Something tells me that you aren’t as good in blacksmithing as in hunting. Well, let it be, I’ll help you. As the game says, the blade is made out of siderite, said to have fallen from the heavens. Sounds mysteriously. In fact, this is iron carbonate, FeCO3, the mineral to be found in polymetallic deposits. It is widely used for the recovery of iron. Theoretically, this piece of semimajor-axis can be made out of siderite. As a rule, such details are made from 1045 steel analogues. This mark suits us perfectly. The blade is very wide close to the base so we should increase the billet in width. We’ll be forging on the round dies. The force on these dies goes only in 2 sides, so steel expands in width. By changing the angle, we can choose whether steel should go lengthwise or broadwise. Near the base on the cutting edge side there is a recess, we’ll form it with the lining tool. With the flatter, we’ll straight up bumpy sides. By using a special tool, we call it “bender”, we are curving the blade. The billet is massive and doesn’t want to bend without heating it up. The billet is almost ready. This “fatty” weighs 8 kg, I hope it will become at least 30% lighter after the metalwork. We need to form a pick near the handle. And to do so, we must drive the metal in more detailed shape. I’ve marked out what we need to cut off. We will cut with a torch because our plasma cutter won’t work with such thickness and disc grinder would be tedious. The billet seems to be ready. But when I started to do the bevels, it turned out that they are better to be forged because grinding such a mass is troubling. Well, the forging is ready. Looks awesome. – Yeah, the Emperor will be glad.
– Wha? The kid has totally lost his mind. Okay. This replica is very interesting, because, well, it’s a scythe. And the scythe is detachable. And it transforms into a sword. Technically we have 2 handles. One handle is beneath the sword (tang). And the second handle is the scythe’s (snath). The shaft is segmented, consists of 2 parts, joined together by a locking hinge. So the scythe can fold itself as in the game. We’ll take the bar 40×8 for the base. It’s thick enough to be hard. And by edges we’ll place wooden overlays. The wood has to be associated with death. Such wood is the yew. The tree of death and immortality. The evergreen noxious coniferous tree. Grows in the south. So we’ll use the birch. The shaft has the uneven cross section. In some places it’s thicker, in some places thinner. So we are to forge the stripe along the edge. Listen, it’s hardly seen on the renders how the mechanism works. How are we supposed to do it? Well, the life is more complicated than games. I’ll make a little groove in this swash plate. And this retaining clip blocks its movements. but by pulling the trigger we can fold our weapon easily. But it’s nothing, here comes the trouble. In order to fix the blade in position, I’ll make a 45° cutout in the first pivot point, it will block both horizontal and vertical movements. And in the second pivot point, I’ll make a vertical cutout. It will block horizontal movements. And that groove along with the movable holder will block it vertically. – Super. But, please, tell me what are these calculations? – Erm… Hunter, that’s your cue. We need to assemble the boar-spears where the blade is mounted. That was easy, anyone could do it. Let’s make it harder. To warm up, cut off the sawsh plates of the folding mechanism. It’ll make our “head” gears squeak yet. Our hunter is preparing the locking mechanism but the deadlines are running out. Meanwhile, Alexey started to grind the blade. With a gas torch we fit the groove beneath the cutting edge. The gas torch leaves ragged edges, we even won’t clean them. We are marking out the center of the swash plates’ circles and drilling the holes. Oh, oh, Hunter. Didn’t you know that it’s dangerous to work with cutters wearing mittens? You are saved by the fact that biting them, the machine would stop, not breaking the user’s hand. Be careful, learn the safety measures before using the tool. This is the joint of our folding handle. Initially I made it by myself. In the process I realized that it would be hard to be very accurate but I didn’t want to go to turners. I hoped that I can fix all my inaccuracies of handicraft production. Indeed, I hold the result of the turner’s work in my hands. To fix the blade on the boar-spear we need “shackles”. We’ll use the rest of our 40×8 bar. Notch the bends’ places to reduce the resistance, bend… Place the 10mm square to fix the gap and weld the incisions. Then mark out and weld the “shackles” on the boar-spear. We pierce the groove for the lock in the central washer with a disc grinder and fit the lock itself to it. What a fantastic piece! You know, I rarely really like something but I would hang such blade on the wall. The rough ragged blade, we won’t even straight it up. As it was after the forging, it will remain. So we won’t polish the bevels, won’t do any metalwork on the middle part, just clean it with a brush. Probably, there will be comments like “you can’t make a good cutting edge”. Such a massive blade is neither cutting nor chopping. It’s an impact-crushing weapon, it doesn’t care about sharpening. We nearly forgot to make a pick on the snath. Alexey went to forging. We should return to our hunter. Looks like, the shaft folding mechanism begins to gain the visual form. Well, impressive! – Good Hunter, be quicker, the time is running out.
– Don’t rush me, don’t rush me. It’s difficult, it’s must be perfect. I must finish it, I’ll make it in time, in time. In time! Really lost his mind. Maybe it’s time to send him on vacation? There are runes on the blade. We couldn’t find what are these runes, what do they mean, so if you know, let us know in the comments. The symbols will be convex. To do so, we drew it on the blade with a marker. Because the blade is so big we welded such a Frankenstein for him. The body itself will be the cathode, the blade will be the anode. Whatever it means for those who don’t know electrical engineering. Turn on the welding machine and forget about the blade for a few hours. When the folding mechanism is ready, we need to rivet all pivoting axes. Heat up the rivet by a gas torch and hammer it out with a slight angle. That way, it’s easier to control the process of setting the rivet. It remains to assemble the blade fixing mechanism and we can move to the making of wooden overlays on the snath. The blade tempering starts with the heating of the tang, then turn it around, placing the blade in the furnace, and make our way to the even heating. The cooling of 1045 steel, and we suppose that it IS 1045 steel, is required to be in water. The temper is finished, now we must harden it, we’ll make it in the chamber up to 220° and keeping for 3 hours. To make overlays for the snath, we asked the carpentry workshop for help. Alexander has cut the handle-shape details from the birch plank. We pre-assembled the handle on the bolted joints and fit the wood on the flat grinding machine. Along with bolts, the overlays will be attached by glue. For better glueing, we make notches with a grater. We’ll use the epoxy 2-component glue mixed with wooden dust. So, from the jelly-like liquid it transforms into the dough, that is easy to apply to the large areas and close cracks and bumps with it. After fixing the overlays on the blade, we apply the glue to the end and remove excesses. With a disc grinder he removes the protruding ends of bolts. Along the snath, there is the engraving. Closer observations revealed that this isn’t runes but the repeated wicker. Alexander cuts it out with a graver. At the end, the handle will be covered with waxed oil. The last thing is to wrap the handle, I’ll use the pharmacy patch. Perhaps, at this moment, it is the most interesting and unusual replica, we’ve ever made. Good hunter, Gehrman awaits you. You have my weapon. And what about Yharnam blood? This night Gehrman will join the Hunting. Thanks for watching. Push the “Like” button and post comments, it promotes the content better than even paid advertisements. The most concerned people can support us on Patreon, it helps our channel very much. It’s the most cool replica of all what we had done so far. I like it most of all. Well, there are a lot of great weapons in Bloodborne. We thank for a bit, and decided to put it for sale. For those who want to buy, all information is in the description of the video. And also, we left some Easter Eggs for next replica in this episode. If you didn’t notice them, it’s the perfect excuse to watch the video again. See you next time, Hunter!

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