hi everyone my name is Alina and very
I’m glad that you looked at my creative channel I’m starting to shoot a New Year’s video
and today we will create wonderful house with backlight and also compatible in
it’s wonderful New Year’s pots very happy if you write your
comment under this video how are you treat such a gift or decor
put your video on your house now pause or take a screenshot so in this
excerpt I show all measurements for house templates let’s speed up the process
creating a layout since it’s not very interestingly I selected all sizes myself
Well, and even more so if the template and I already showed I hope for your return
connection since I put in this video a large amount of time even
you can say nerves but I’m very glad that I got so beautiful
New Year’s house I’m sure you have it too will succeed
main aspiration and start making it Of course you can not use mine
dimensions and make some of their own the house can be made very tiny or
very large if you have enough of course strength and patience and so it is very
interesting house design process if you like this video then in
further I can do too design similar for you
new year video to create some houses of nightlights or a flashlight and finally
it remains easy itself just need to cut
I will create houses from fiberboard not from cardboard polystyrene or some other
I decided to make another only from tree from 2 to i suffered
it was very hard to cut the windows but I coped and very pleased with the result
the house turned out very smooth and durable and if I used cardboard then this
there would have been a completely different story he wouldn’t have turned out so gingerbread
real cozy translate to the segment fiberboard all blanks important point
blanks of the house with windows need to be circled two times you will need two blanks
10 x 10 side sections centimeters
you need to circle three times, well, you need a roof circle one at a time if you
it will be convenient then you can put the numbers how did i 1 and 2
try to arrange all the details so to make it more convenient for you in the future
cut if you cut with a jigsaw then there’s no problem
do as I do then suffer in the end I she cut here with such a file for metal she
most likely my husband explained it to me like that, but I managed in about an hour and a half the cut is smooth and accurate if
you will cut with a jigsaw then it’s still better if there is no fiberboard then of course take
cardboard or some other material after about 2 or one and a half hours I
finally cut all the blanks this it wasn’t that easy, but I’m with it
managed then I take sandpaper and sand all
jagged edges need to do this absolutely on all the details if you want
make a very neat beautiful house you need to try Next, we move on to the still difficult part.
cut windows first I tried them cut with an ordinary stationery knife but
nothing happened here yes in Japan cut through and you had to take something
harder in the end I took a regular knife with kitchen and
he crashed much better if you don’t like the design of my windows you can
pick your own make them semicircular oval or even round
choose the design that suits you soul it’s time I sanded the forest for windows, but
so neatly turns out I am very happy if there are any
roughness then it’s all hidden in further 8 windows I have safely cut
move on to level the surface I took the putty
she and I like that I bought her in Leroy Merlin store
it costs about 30 or 50 rubles per generally inexpensive
first I decided to putty with using a brush but it was a bad idea
everything rolled down lay uneven and thin layer and so I decided to apply
her hands are so much more comfortable and pleasant work with putty you can
feel the material itself and where and how much need to add it
places where I putty putty with a brush
blanks had to be putty coated one side
pay attention slices i also have a bedspread putty but later I sanded them
but they didn’t become even yet I had the idea of ​​making brickwork
but I tried on one piece of me I didn’t really like it and I’m even glad
that I did not do so later on in this will see I put all the blanks to rest on
night on a paper towel and in the morning I woke up and see what result
I did it putty froze and the frame has become
tighter and ahead of me was another difficult stage began the second day
the creation of my house I will skin everything blanks and I can even recommend you
this putty is very good and cool she’s almost perfectly white and
lays well on the surface and and was it was a pleasure to skin
very good smooth and fast and then we will accelerate to go faster
process I think you can’t wait to see how
I collected the house itself, by the way, write to comments if you have New Year
mood while I created a house with me it was something that disappeared but when I
made a finished result then I began to listen to New Year’s music and
I soon wanted to start create even more Christmas crafts
still definitely need to smooth the surface between the windows so that there is no
drips or I still wipe the villi a bit
surface of the back of the workpiece but it’s not that important back I will
paint with ordinary paint and I decided not to spend time on her and not
stop here is such a workpiece it turns out it’s still
we can say a crude option but still look what a smooth surface
I got all the workpieces sanded in the same way and proceed to
the most interesting moment we begin glue the house I took my old
thermal gun as it has a temperature heating is higher than my new and I
I did not regret at all that he used since he has a thin nose
and glue was well applied from the inside I also glued the sides and all the details
all the joints and then I messed up a little glued the base in the wrong place she
should be located where it will be composition they where flashlights further video
I will show it and fix it but if you want you can
re-glue the base even from this side if you glue somewhere or
the detail does not stick then that’s okay glue is well removed from the surface of the fiberboard
and you can reapply it and already stick the most interesting thing was
stick roof I re-stick it four times but on
video I will show only one very worried whether the top fit
the so-called skate but everything seems to be agreed I had one hope that in
further I will align it all with putty and in this moment when I collected
I noticed that I glued the bottom from that side and I had to shoot it
remove all remaining glue and re-re-good that I have
everything came together and I glued on the other side of the base
I think you forgive me since I generally the first time I collect these
house designs and could just make a mistake but now everything is in place everything is collected I
I’m very glad that I did it and it is according to my pattern that everything came together at home
it turns out already fabulous but many more work in the store bought a white acrylic
paint, such a package cost 100 rubles I need it in order
to paint the whole interior of the house I her
used as a substrate but if you cover with two layers will be easy
wonderful dyeing dyeing is not quick either
painted with a sponge and a brush in general than you can and I’m fed up
I went to the balcony and painted the whole spray can interior
the inside was from a bald spot to me this did not like the second layer
I didn’t want acrylic paint to cover and therefore it was decided to cover
from spray can and you can make some interesting
golden inside silver or even red in general
choose what you like or make white houses left
dry for about 2-3 hours and then I again returned to the balcony and covered already
putty I was very interested the top of the roof I paid and special
attention so that it is even and you can also make beautiful putty
some smudges in the form of snow or come up with something else or like i already
said earlier do brickwork but I am a fan of minimalism and therefore
limited to the usual white house also all the parts that I connected
putty putty so they were flat and I left to dry the house you can him
suspended do it like me on the roof in the evening i
returned home and my house dried up putty is completely frozen and therefore
you can continue to work at night with me another drying is planned and it will be
full acrylic coating sand before painting
completely the whole house make it perfectly smooth I’ll start it from the roof so
how did she excite me most and sanded on both sides the side parts and windows go on
I advise you to choose a sandpaper with a good abrasive to make you walk quickly and easily
your work gradually smoothed out the whole the house of course the work is dusty but it
is worth further when the house is aligned it needs
to paint I used an ordinary sponge with her
most convenient at first I painted the roof and then already the side parts inside I already
there was nothing painted just outside then I painted the bottom first
waited for it to dry and then left to dry completely
house for the night Good morning everyone
is the third day the creation of my house it is completely dry and I can say that
he is almost ready to do only composition and a little decorate at home
I printed on photo paper, I need to I already used a mirror image
such a way of decorating mugs who saw on he already knows my channel and if not then
I’ll leave a link in the corner of the screen. go and see here i will tell
quickly and superficially since I do not want dwell on this stage matte
with varnish I lubricate the surface here act quickly and clearly to be in time
translate the drawing as I said earlier I print everything in mirror image
and you need to quickly lubricate with a plentiful layer varnish surface images are located then I put the inscription I need
place and I press well I also have a silicone spatula
which is very convenient to drive out the unnecessary varnish if you do not have suitable materials
to create such an image, you can use the usual decoupage method
it is done very simply need only wipes and glue
and I prefer just such a method so how I liked it and the inscription holds
very good and does not fade the excess I remove the excess varnish with a cotton pad and
then the fun begins just roll up the paper and further
the most interesting paper begins moistened a little
and start to roll manifest image she is very cool next
the most interesting paper begins i soaked in water with a cotton pad and
starting to roll it up gradually the image appears and it becomes
brighter here is such a wonderful inscription
It turned out from the reverse side, I decided do not decorate on the basis I put glue
and glue the already prepared workpiece from foam, I used this time
building glue I was not hunting use hot but can stick
and on him further alteration from a fixed price with us
the city is so cute compositions in glass pots but they
boring enough and so I decided them use my twig decor
disassembled into separate elements so not it will be easier to create a composition from myself I added bumps and a little
artificial branches also fix price you can find
gift sets in the form of wooden of toys
they are very cute and cool house with me there were red shiny hearts which
I think it will perfectly decorate this composition gradually starting to fill
space prepared materials and look what New Year’s
mood you can create a composition from any materials but as I do
budget decor use products from fix price so it turns out but she still
not enough winter I decided decorate
and the same white acrylic paint yet fix price I bought some bad
artificial snow wanted them too decorate the house but unfortunately he
gives me some yellow tint to me I didn’t like it and I decided not to spoil
composition and finally my house is ready I am very
glad how it turned out minimalistic stylish and very cozy
it can be decorated with LED a garland or such candles
the house will definitely give you a New Year mood and if this video is for you
liked it and it was useful then put like write comments as well
subscribe to my channel until new see you all bye bye in
next year’s videos


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