सिर्फ ₹30 में बनाएं DIY Beauty HOME DECOR | #Craft #Recycle #Anaysa #DIYQueen

सिर्फ ₹30 में बनाएं DIY Beauty HOME DECOR | #Craft #Recycle #Anaysa #DIYQueen

For making this multipurpose holder you need here I’ve used cake base plate you can cut card board in round shape here I’ve used aluminium foil empty roll tape empty rolls and curd empty plastic bowls fix the tape on cylindrical roll i’ll tell you later why we did this cover this roll with your favourite sheet likewise cover tape empty rolls as well draw a circle and cut make sure to keep the hole wide that much so that cylindrical roll can insert in it cover these too with your favourite sheet now will paste this on the centre of circle and insert this circle like this now you get why we applied tape in the centre yes to hold this circle paste these tap rolls here cut these bowls from the top again cover these with your favourite sheets and now paste these over this circle put some artificial flower to fill this space to make it more beautiful see how we can utilise waste to make this multipurpose holder for this you need paste these stickers all over the mirror edges all these stickers am using are pasting stickers just remove the paper from back side and paste cut this lid from both sides according to the thickness of mirror you can cut the lid using heated knife now lets decor it paste the stones on its border paste a sticker in the centre now fix the mirror like this to make this you need cut bottle in U shape and cover it with paper sheets use stones to make it more beautiful & your cotton pad holder is ready To make this ear ring holder you need first we make frame cut four strips from cardboard in this shape now join these in frame shape secure its corners using tape you can also use Fevicol cover it with any of your favorite colour fabric likewise make one more now paste this net using glue gun similarly past another frame over it now will make its stand for this you need to cut card board like this cover that too with fabric paste this stand like this using glue gun

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