சுவரில் ஒட்டும் ஸ்டிக்கர் டைல்ஸ் Wall Sheet Tamilnadu Sticker tiles designs Wallpapers india

சுவரில் ஒட்டும் ஸ்டிக்கர் டைல்ஸ் Wall Sheet Tamilnadu Sticker tiles designs Wallpapers india

This is Foam Tiles you say that , you are the sole distributor for india . Why you choose Trichy as head office? you imported this product from korea then how our india economy will grow you are blabbering more , what about price? kandathu kadayathu ( Subscribe us ) now we see about the new technology foam tiles. This is alternative for wallpaper , wall tiles , paints and other wall claddings head office of the company in trichy i feel happy , because my native is Trichy than i came here for review this product on my view i collect the all details about this product , now i explain about this background of this location also foam tiles only. and this is Foam Tiles Yakura Foam Tiles 25 mm foam is compressed into 10 mm thickness and it also has some insulation Layers it is invented for reduce the heat from outside and maintain the room temperature for example , Ac is running more than half an hours .once the Ac is off Mode then the chillness of the room temperature will be decreased quickly After laying this Material , it will maintain the Room Temperature even the Ac is in Off mode it will block the micro holes in the wall circulate the air inside the room temperature and this material not produce and Emit the any Temperature, mainly Circulte it so that it is the insulation product this is also a waterproof and Insulation product i will test this product also this material not absorb any chillnesss from this room , i touched this and feel it i will show the this product live testing on this video In this room all other objects are absorb the cooling except this Foam Sheets it rotate the air only not absorb and emit the any temperature good , and it is a DIY product . Do it yourself laying of the product is easy. just peel out the sticker and paste it on the wall it has self adhesive 1000 sqft project also done with in one day User friendly product for consumers Recently they are finish the 500 sqft project within 5 hours not only trichy Available in all states of India yakura , they are sold distributor for this product imported this product from korea available in 7 types of patterns , 62 colors 3 different sizes now i check the self adhesive power of this product zoom this now i stick this on wall , with in one minute the Adhesive power is better more than i except after you trying to release this means , Material will be tear or else the wall paints will be removed this is the power of this self adhesive stickiness so the gripness is high good i check the waterproof by using tomato sauce i clean this by using cotton cloth i clean this by using cotton cloth so you can use this for bathroom also , by using it on vertical shape water will be dropped down , not absorbed by this material applicable places are wall and the ceiling laying it on false ceiling it reduce the heat from roof good one laying it on bathroom also because it is waterproof naturally , testing process is done ( rain on outside ) once the surface is flat means then we can laying it it will be advantage for new builded houses after the white wash you can laying this product but the surface should be flat you can laying it on glass also you can laying it on Plywoods also you can laying it on tiles also on the cracked tiles good one you can laying it on Moisture wall also you can laying it on Moisture wall also like hill station places before laying it on wall , apply water proof on moisture wall it will be better for moisture walls wall Dampness is common problem in apartments it is the better solution for this good for damping wall good one they are laying this on damping wall the result also best just released the slice of the affected area on walls using flat tools after that laying this material it has more number of advantages and some disadvantages also everything has the boon and bane i will talk about it openly disadvantage number one is… when the any part is attacked by knife or sharp edges means then it will be damaged then remove the damaged part and replace this with new block it’s not a big disadvantage another one is color of the material is not reduced in interior lights. minimum 10 years lifetime for color patterns if you laying it on exterior means material not get affected , but the color will be dull (fade) after 2 to 3 years because of UV rays from direct sun light this is one problem not affected by rain next for kitchen walls For kitchen use this on opposite wall it is not a fire proof , it will be fired not like paper fire testing fire testing fire testing price details price will be differ based on wall so our dealer will share the price Contact number mentioned in description
+91 9087698888 Contact number mentioned in description
+91 9087698888 www.yakuratiles.com Contact number mentioned in description Contact number mentioned in description Contact number mentioned in description Contact number mentioned in description Contact number mentioned in description Contact number mentioned in description Contact number mentioned in description Contact number mentioned in description Contact number mentioned in description Contact number mentioned in description Contact number mentioned in description Contact number mentioned in description owner Kalpana nearby dealer company dog will
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  1. எல்லாம் சரி ஆனால் நேர்மை இல்லை நேர்மையின் மறுபக்கம் உண்மை நேர்மையான விலை சொல்லி விற்பனை செய்வது

  2. 200 sq feet hall ku tiles ottanumna, One side wall mattum 200 so feet irukum. 4 sides wall calculate panna adhuve 700 square feet vandhidum.
    One square feet 90 rupees plus installation 20 rupees. Yeppa 80k to 90 k Oru room ku mattum aagudhu. Original tiles ah pottutu poidlaam.

  3. Bro neenga anga thanae work panreenga aparam yenna interview vanthenu solreenga na ungala already may month la video onnu youTube madurai machi channel la pathen intha yakura tiles la work panra stall la pathu iruken youTube la antha video iruku ungaluku ethume theriyatha mari interview pudhusa eduka vantha mari solrathalam poi mari iruku

  4. Nice . I watch . N knew it after i renovate my house … 😢😢if not i can save lot of money .paying gst for the tiles . in malaysia selling… butstill my hall nrooms and sime parts in my house not yet fixed with tiles so can do this wall paper or 3d.. tq for sharing the tips .

  5. நாங்க புதுசா கட்டிகிட்ட சுவருதானுங்கோ,,,,,
    ரொம்ப ஓட்ட ஒடசலா இருக்கு தானுங்கோ,,,,
    ஆஹா புதுசா ஒட்டி வச்ச டைல்ஸ் தானுங்கோ இங்கு காத்து அடிக்குமுன்னே கிழியுந்தானுங்கோ,,,,,
    டமக்கு டக்கா டியாலோ,,,,,
    டமக்கு டப்பா டாயாலோ,,,,,,

  6. அட என்ன தம்பி MRP யை சொல்ல வேண்டியது தானே? மற்றப்படி பயனுள்ள தகவலுக்கு நன்றி.

  7. இது எத்தனை வருடம் குரச்சது இருக்கும் அதாவது பசை ,

  8. அருமை நான் செய்யும் INTERIOR & Plaster of paris & fall ceiling works தொழியில் புதுமையை அறிமுகபடுத்தியுள்ளிர்கள் நன்றி விலை என்ன அலைபேசி எண் என்ன
    தொடர்பு க்கு 9659903339

  9. நண்பா… இது ரீசைக்கிள் பண்ண முடியுமா..?
    இது மக்களுக்கும் பூமிக்கும் தீங்கும் ஏற்படுத்தக்கூடியதா..?
    இது மக்கும் தன்மையுடையதா..?
    எரித்தால் சுற்றுச்சூழலை பாதிக்கக்கூடியதா..?

  10. ok bro but இதுக்கு மட்க்கும் தன்மை இல்லை. இதுவும் ஒருவகை plastic. இதை recycle பண்ண முடியாது. இதனால் வருங்கால சந்ததிகள் பாதிப்புக்கு உள்ளாவர்கள். ஏற்கனவே plastic ஒலிய மாட்டேங்குது! இனி இது வேற.

  11. தோராயமாக விலை சொல்லி இருக்கலாம் மழுப்பரயப்பா நாங்க முன்ன பின்ன கணிச்சிக்க முடியும்

  12. விலையை approximate எவ்வளவுன்னு சொல்லலாம் இல்லையா! இல்லை +/- இவ்வளவு % கூடி குறையலாம்னு சொல்லலாம். ஒரு விலைய சொன்னா, இப்ப பயன்படுத்தும் பொருள விட விலை குறைவான்னு தெரிந்து கொள்ள வாய்ப்பு கிடைக்கும்.

  13. Phone number add panrenu sonnenga bro.. Onnathayum kaano.
    Kudutha contact panni pesa konjo useful ah irukum.

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