hey guys welcome back to my channel today’s video I’m going to clean my kitchen and do a hot cocoa coffee bar in the little nook that I have over here where my coffee pot is and I have to clean this kitchen it’s a little messy so I’m gonna clean it first and then we’re gonna get to the decorating part of this video but I wanted to let you know that this is the day after Thanksgiving so we are ready for Christmas we are gonna get our tree out soon and we’re going to just do little decorating things here and there so stay tuned for more decorating videos coming here on my channel so let’s go and get this kitchen clean and start decorating or this hot cocoa and coffee bar [Music] the season [Music] we hair [Music] Christmas [Music] also today’s video is a collaboration with the beautiful and sweet Hellena from blondie next door she is one of my very first youtube connections here and if i could describe her in one word it would be helpful she has helped me personally on so many things and I know she’s helped her viewers with cleaning motivation organization tips as well as fun seasonal DIYs she does it all and manages to find the time to help others and be kind please go check her out after you watch this video and subscribe if you haven’t already and please tell her I sent you in the comments I’m sure you will love her as much as I do and if you’re here from her channel welcome I’m so glad you came by please tell me a little bit about yourself in the comments I love getting to know my viewers you all mean so much to me now let’s get this kitchen cleaned and ready to decorate that coffee and hot cocoa bar [Music] [Music] see [Music] see [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] Christmas I can see them now it’s like this fun your name I think if I could choose one room in the whole house to be cleaned it would be the kitchen I don’t know what it is but when the kitchen is clean all is right in the world which area in your home is like that let me know below so here is the cleaned area I’ll be using for my coffee and hot cocoa bar so now I’m going to grab all the decor and items I need to start this project so here’s everything I’m going to use um I purchased this recently there’s a little leftovers this is so cute I got this from Pottery Barn bracha we got married and I could bring it out every Christmas I bought this recently at Hobby Lobby for they’re 50% off and this was a candlestick that was originally like bronze and I spray-painted it yesterday so this is brand-new it was only two dollars these are some old cutting boards that I had along side my cabinet so I’m gonna use those I was like a little backdrop just to add those wood elements and these are some containers that have old sugar and then I’m going to fill them up with different cocoa items some coffee items so anyway let’s see how we do this I kind of don’t know exactly what I want to do but we’ll figure it out so here’s everything I bought these are from the Dollar Tree a lot of its from the Dollar Tree these are actually K cups that are hot chocolate how about some marshmallows from Walmart I’m actually gonna use those in a sweet potato souffle and also here these are from the Dollar Tree I wanted salt pepper mint instead of a heart legs and they actually sold from Hershey small little packs of Hershey bars so I’m gonna put those in there as well I’m going to use these at containers these were actually bought for my wedding let’s take them ahead probably twelve and I bought them 50% off of 399 so they like two dollars each and they’re you know good quality glass and they’re not speckled glass that I love somebody used these as holders for the peppermints and the Hershey bars because you know they’re packaged and then I’m going to probably use this for the marshmallows because it has a lid and then I’m going to use my snowman as I always do for some sweetener some of my stevia and I haven’t bought it yet but I’m gonna use powdered creamer and here instead of obviously liquid because you know that won’t last but when we have get-togethers I like to put the liquid creamer in another horrible thing so this will hold the powder version just in case people use that because you know it separates so this is the creamer and then this is the sweetener all right let’s get to it [Music] things can come on just like that if everyone is here to celebrate one day we have our ups and downs but when there’s love there’s always a way and oh this time of year we come together to celebrate and every time the snow is falling down and may the school outside to gather around the fireplace and no one cares about yesterday it means a lot [Music] [Music] this year I’ll think about how I’m so lucky to have a place that I can come home do you say I’m on my way just enjoy love and happiness we come together to celebrate if every time it’s no fun and it is cool outside together on the fire please no one cares about yesterday [Music] [Music] I’m so happy how this turned out I had a few frustrating moments which happens often with decorating but the end result is so worth it I think I’m going to make this a tradition especially when my girls get older if you don’t know I have a three year old and a one year old and I can see this becoming a special little family treat after looking at Christmas lights while we’re driving it’s gonna be such a special thing if you have more cleaning and decorating to get done just click on these motivational videos here on the screen have a wonderful week I appreciate you guys so so much and it is cold outside we gather around the fireplace [Music]


  1. Thanks guys for watching today’s video! I hope it inspires you to try a little fun coffee and hot cocoa bar yourself. It was so fun!! Please check out Jelena’s video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B5icaShuExg

  2. Thank you so much for collaborating with me! I am so glad we finally did this!

    To answer your wuestion-I also love the most when my kitchen is clean!!! Then everything else feels clean it seems 😃
    Your coffee station looks beautiful!!! I want to make this a tradition too!

  3. You look beautiful and I love the the decor. Great job and I love ur channel. Looking forward to more of ur videos. God bless and Happy holidays.

  4. This was such a great video! By the way your skin is perfection! I love the snowman! I so need to do this! What a cute idea!

  5. The little snow man sweetener mug from Pottery Barn — I need! That is ADORABLE! Entenmann's hot chocolate? I haven't seen that! The little station turned out so nice! I love how simple but put together it looks!

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