⚫ Тёплый Дом Шаг за Шагом. Утепление. “КАК построить ДЕШЕВЫЙ Дом?” #16

⚫ Тёплый Дом Шаг за Шагом. Утепление. “КАК построить ДЕШЕВЫЙ Дом?” #16

to all who dream to build their own house
hands in this video about rational warming at home and in
In particular, you will find out how easy it is to insulate roof from below so that glass wool does not fall
on the head for those who oversee the construction
this house from the first part is no secret that the main challenge before him
construction has become minimization heat loss, that is, to keep the house warm
my name is Gene and my wife Vita and I help build
this is the house my parents are tired of pay a thousand dollars a season for
heating and reconstruct the old stone house
it turned out to be irrational therefore it was decided to build a small
comfortable house whose heating was would be available to two retirees about turn-based
building this simple affordable at home my wife and I are shooting a detailed
video so if this topic is you interesting subscribe to our channel when
erecting a roof last year we’re in the rush was never laid in it
insulation leaving this nasty procedure for later then we put together
truss frame covered it windproof vapor permeable membrane and
screwed roofing sheeting under video of the roof, many noticed that before
we did not do a crate crate yes here we also simplified
task yourself as some brand manufacturers with vent
the gap between the insulation and the membrane admit the absence of counter battens
insulation we just put between floor beams so in the rafter
parts there will be an air gap but for those who claim that our crate
without counter rail decays in a couple of years specially in the spring after heating
season I’ll climb on the roof, unscrew one sheet and inspect condition
crates and naturally by this experience I will share with you before the insulation of the roof
in order to facilitate our task, we mounted the floor of the second floor she style
sex will also be released in the near future video, opening the curtain, I can only say
what we chose for flooring one of the most practical and affordable options
flooring with wooden dowel board for laying insulation in the roof per 1000
the opening we had to build a semblance we twisted them in a forest of two boards with
resting on the landing of the board also fastened with screws through the bar
hall of the second floor fixed at the edges triangular construction turned out very
stable and at the same time space for stairs
design we added another board which gave work to the forests
more security from these forests will be convenient not only to lay insulation
but also produce putty and Painting works before laying insulation on the gas edge
block wall we also formed using the board
protruding quarters they are needed for attaching drywall to
the ceiling as for plasterboard
the ceiling we will not form separate metal frame and
fasten the drywall directly to the wooden floor beams
when installing these floor beams we gained good even boards therefore
the height difference of the lower edge and amounted to they have no more than five millimeters
we did not align this difference using a planer
and considered it insignificant for gypsum plasterboard to insulate the roof we will be mineral wool on
fiberglass-based we have chosen roll option as it is more affordable by
price as well as can be cut out of it larger cries minimizing
number of joints mounting floor beams we stood
the distance between them is 58 centimeters so that just enough to fill them
half roll for cutting a roll of mineral wool we had
most convenient to use a large kitchen knife pre three us in
knife and marking the middle of the cut easily cut the minvata roll into two
half unlike walls on one square meter roof area to lose
more heat because warmer air indoors concentrates under
ceiling creating a greater difference between indoor and outdoor temperature and so
as with the mud roof we have from different materials need to compare their heat loss
make it easy as a manufacturer indicates thermal conductivity
thermal conductivity coefficient of our gas block d300 eight hundredths
glass wool thermal conductivity four hundredths
accordingly our gas block wall 300 millimeters thick
equals 150 millimeters of insulation from glass wool
as well as the roof in view of the above features to lose heat a little more
then we increased the thickness of the insulation in our roof up to 200 millimeters we cut two patterns of 10
centimeters of a given size and fold take them along with the shift so that
adjacent junction overlapped slightly then twisted this general pattern with
20 centimeters thick tight roll and inserted this roll into the spacer between
beams half roll has a width of 60 centimeters and 58 centimeter clearance
between the beams a roll was inserted enough tight but if you deploy it then cry
kept bad and the insulation fell out frame directly on the head so after
I sewed the insertion of the roll through the cord and here you have a life hack how to get a cord
free me i’m in my filter house for water we almost always buy
cartridges made of polypropylene cord and old filtering water
after dismantling, we rinse them with water and dry in the sun thus getting
free inexhaustible source polypropylene cord for domestic use
reuse so to speak initially filter cartridge melts
inexpensively she gap he is enough durable and withstand the load
from the insulation we fasten the cord with stapler alternately nailing it
zigzag to two beams with a step of 30 centimeters was enough to
the insulation lay on the cord evenly and not sagged in the same way we fastened
insulation in the ceiling and in your home essentially this is the best way to fix mineral wool
on the ceiling which allows laying and and even alone food if you are just like us
home insulation want to save time and money and when
this have quality material then I I can safely recommend you
hardware store petrovich In this store you will find at an affordable price.
the price is not only a wide selection of materials for insulation but also a wide variety
other goods for construction and repair
the choice is simply huge for almost any stage of building your home
here you can find the necessary product then general building roofing
decoration or engineering systems especially since convenient ordering
it will take you no more than 10 minutes and if after completion of construction work
there are surpluses can be returned back to the store so
friends believe in hard business construction always need an assistant and they
Petrovich store may become for you which will be a reliable support on any
stage of your construction or repair considering all the advantages of the store
Petrovich I do not hesitate to recommend him also when unwinding a roll between rafters
it is very important to correct it with your hands to feel all layers of insulation and
spread them presses the plane rafters this procedure needs to be done
as carefully as possible over the entire length adjoining rafters to
minimize air bridges of cold which may form here from not
tight adjoining peculiar cold bridge here can also
make a wooden beam itself since thermal conductivity tree
the same as the gas block eight hundredths which means that the wooden beam is doubled
colder from that minvata between which it is located and the total area
wooden bridge created by cold floor beams in our roof
amounted to about two square meters this cold bridge could be removed
mounted cross-mounted 50 contour brush beam
millimeters and place between them one from insulation layers with the same thickness
50 millimeters but generally redundant the heat of loss of this cold bridge on
roof incomparably less heat loss even the smallest window in this house
so we decided not to bother with perpendicular layered insulation
roofs and for the same reason to the number and area of ​​windows are reduced to
minimum minimum glazing in this home helped us reduce heat loss
through windows up to 20 percent of the total heat loss at home and it is very good
indicator as in most houses with standard glazing area such
such as ours where is the total area windows occupies up to 10 percent of the area
walls of heat loss through the windows already makes up more than 40 percent of the total
heat loss and we can conclude that easiest way to achieve passive
in home heating it is easy to reduce the number of windows, which in essence we did
in this house part of mineral wool we used a different brand since it
we are left after warming our house but in the general estimate that we will calculate in
at the end of the video we will add its value so that the price spent on materials for
construction was relevant for you work with laying mineral wool especially so
stupid ways to feel down turned out to be the most unpleasant of all
we debugged construction work on the house this work as long as possible and when to
they started to try and execute in within one day and close quickly
a vapor barrier to protect the lungs had work all day masked ohh hellish
glass dust sat on his hands and face penetrated pci lyakh on clothes and caused
terrible itching and if tempted to quench this itch it only intensified in
times, but it turned out to be the most unpleasant dust in the eyes for protection
which tight glasses at our fingertips there was no itching in the eyes pursued
me three more days after this work so friends don’t repeat our
mistake and don’t be lazy to insulate the roof at the stage and
construction after the construction of the frame from below it was necessary to nail a vapor barrier and
easy and convenient to put the insulation on top then this procedure would be exhausted 1 5
faster and incomparably less painful after laying the mineral wool we only have to
sew up his pair with a barrier part we also have a foil vapor barrier
left after the construction of our house well and find now foil vapor barrier
cutting length in our town turned problematic and we decided to use
the usual vapor barrier we fixed with using a stapler and the seams were glued with
using special tape the role of the vapor barrier in a similar design
very important from interferes with a glut of a heater
moisture and even get it wet explain its placement with
the inside of the insulation i I will try to just explain this process
1 cubic meter of air with a temperature of 20 degrees can fit in about
20 grams of water if you cool this cubic meter of air to 0 degrees then he
will be able to contain already only 5 grams water 15 grams from the state of water vapor and
water will pass into a liquid state in the same way, in nature, steam turns into
fog and clouds in the mass of insulation the so-called dew point is formed
when the cooling air can no longer withstand such an amount of steam and
condenses it in the thickness of the insulation. Russia will be placed in bulk
insulation in different ways initial temperature and humidity
premises therefore it is so important to protect insulation just from the inside
warm air which carries more moisture and dense steam
impermeable film copes with this and superdiffusive vapor-permeable
the membrane that is above insulation under the roofing
on the contrary skips steam well her main task is to work like the wind
barrier preventing the weathering of heat from insulation
as well as protect the insulation from possibly condensate formed on
metal roofing with daily temperature differences total
the cost of all materials for insulation roof which includes 8 roll
mineral wool vapor barrier and other consumables amounted to 200 dollars it increased
total costs for the whole house for a given moment up to 10,000 34 dollars for insulation
1 person spent a shadow and total labor costs for the whole house on
currently amounted to 102 people of the day this winter we will experience as a system
electric heating and home insulation in whole and naturally share this
experience with you but at the end of winter we will do general conclusion throughout the heating system and
insulation and if necessary we will bring into the house change from first additional work
which we are considering may become installation of a warm facade and installation
ventilation recuperator if we find one or make it
self building this house continues and we will naturally
release interesting and useful videos about
construction and repair and not to miss all these videos
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thank you my name is my galaxy channel channel do-it-yourself life
all enjoy viewing our other video well and we are going to read your

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