⭐ Repair Damaged & Torn Drywall Paper BEFORE YOU MUD IT! I’ll show you my secret.

⭐ Repair Damaged & Torn Drywall Paper BEFORE YOU MUD IT! I’ll show you my secret.

100 thoughts on “⭐ Repair Damaged & Torn Drywall Paper BEFORE YOU MUD IT! I’ll show you my secret.

  1. After removing my board off my wall it’s only showing the white layer not the brown underneath it. Would it be fine just to paint over that with the wall color?

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  3. I don't do drywall work every day. But when I run into the paper tear through I just brush it with some paint or primer. Let it dry and lightly sand. Then do the patching. Seems to work for me.

  4. Hi. Been at drywall repairs for 30 years too, and have been using this technique too… but had never found a good product to cover the brown paper. Thanks so much for sharing.

  5. Gardz works really well too. It also works great on bare Adobe. Shoot it through an HVLP and really saturate it. It will dry nice and hard ready for paint.

  6. Thanks for the nice video,
    I just remove the kitchen backsplash tile, the tiles was glued to wall. When I remove the tiles white Sheetrock paper also comes with the tile. Now I have brown paper wall .
    What you recommend ? Fallows you video and use 999 or put new Sheetrock

  7. Thanks a lot I have this very same problem with a couple places in my home, the cat scratched the wall down to the brown paper.

  8. Hello Sir! First, thank you for all your videos. They're very informative. My question is do you apply the same concept in repairing and painting the ceiling after removing popcorn texture?

  9. Thanks for the video, but with all due respect, I’ve done drywall patchwork for over 25 years, and all you need to do is put fiberglass mesh tape on the brown paper, then add your first coat of hot mud / fast setting joint compound. And yes, as a pro patch guy, I always try to keep the patches as small as possible to not have to skim out the entire wall, but that being said, if you’re not a great patch guy, the best way to match that many patches is to skim it completely.

  10. Dude, nail polish? Just come out already….(that's not going to make me stop watching) I mean it's pretty obvious with the kilt/skirt and ear rings. Why don't you wear shoes, are you afraid of getting them dirty?

  11. This is great info I definitely could’ve used years ago when I tore mine up removing wallpaper. Found all the info I needed but a lot of time looking at several resources. Went with the RX-35 and it’s held up so far. I did all four of my bathrooms so was able to use it up. Good luck with your nerve damage/vertigo. Stopped over to check you out after reading your comment on ThinkMedia. Great content!

  12. Hello sir, thanks for the awesome tip. I have that problem and I was gonna just mud it like you a rookie would do 😁. Thank god I came across your video first. Thanks for explaining things slowly and with all the right steps. You’ll have a new subscriber 👍🏻

  13. This video was extremely helpful! I have a bunch of brown paper exposed from removing a chair rail that was stuck to the layers of paint underneath, pulling off the white paper layer.

  14. Thank you so much. I just bought a farm house built in 1950. I need all the help I can get. I am pretty sure I am going think outside the box. But I feel I'm going to have so much fun learning.

  15. the bubbles happen on old painted walls because the air in the mud can only escape out. that doesn't happen on fresh drywall.

  16. Dude, you are wearing a woman's skirt. If you were in a St Pattys Day parade and had a bagpipe, yet you could get away with it. Doing home repairs, you are just a weirdo that likes to wear woman's clothes.

  17. what do you do when applying texture to a wall and large air pockets protrude out? it looks like the outer drywall paper separates from the Sheetrock and forms a huge air pocket?

  18. Thank you for the excellent video. I really appreciate you taking the time to help others and share your experience with those at different stages of the learning process. I am sure good Karma will follow. In appreciation, Carm

  19. This was an extremely helpful video. It cleared up a lot of questions that I had and made me really confident in finishing my bathroom remodel. Thank you for making this.

  20. i had a flood at the bottom of the drywall. I found that all the paper came off to the gypsum when I went to bring it back to what was attached. I've sealed it with Bin shellac sealer. Should I tape that edge or just plaster/skim coat until everything is even?

  21. I got one of those tiny brown paper spots on my wall from ripping off an M3 double-sided tape.  Wish I had checked YouTube first before I ripped it off, saving me grief.Next I got the bright idea to buy a Homax Wall Patch & Repair Kit and have been dreading using it the past few months.  Then I thought maybe I should watch how to use this repair kit on YouTube and realized it's for holes!  Finally, I found your video and thank goodness I didn't use that repair kit!  Thanks for this helpful video.

  22. Polyurethane will do the same thing for less.
    You can also use the polyerathane on your drywall tape so it sticks to the sheet rock since the sheet rock tape doesn't has any tape on it. It's just paper.
    Brush the joints with polyerathane before you put the sheet rock tape on it. Than paint the paper after it is set.
    Try it you will be glad you did.
    ✌ ❤ 🗽
    Auto body putty works great for repairing 2×4's behind the walls if they need it.
    I call sheet rock shit rock.

  23. Step by Step
    Hope this helps!

    1. Sand
    2. Cut around edges (if really torn)
    3. Peel off with knife (just trying to get loose parts)
    4. Pro-999 RX-35 (put a solid coat, will dry in an hour)
    5. Mud (use 6” knife) EasySand20 (fast setting mud)
    6. Sand down (sand smoothly and around edges)
    7. 2nd coat of mud Plus3 by USG (or lightweight all purpose mud) make sure to not coat too think or will get bubbles)
    8. Sand edges (tilt and apply pressure, do not flat sand it)

  24. Thank you for the video. I have some areas on the ceiling that I need to repair after removing popcorn ceilings that were painted. I will definitely try this product.

  25. Your videos are very informative, but for christ sake get to the point. 7 1/2 till you even disclosed the product. You like to repeat things way to often. Quite the buildup and get to the point.

  26. I had to skim an existing wall in the hospital the gc painted with that stuff worse product ever had blisters and had to scrape off 3 times doesn’t seal worth a shit

  27. Hey Guy – What would you do if the entire wall was ripped down to brown paper? Paint the whole thing with the sealant, then skim coat? I took down some wallpaper in my bathroom (gently) but found the previous owner had really roughly removed wallpaper 2x in the past and just put new paper over it without fixing the drywall. The advice I had been given was to skim coat the entire wall, sand, then use killz, sand, then prime/paint. I skim coated half the bathroom yesterday w/ lightweight joint compound and noticed that one wall is having some of the bubbling issues you referenced (the other walls are ok). The long-term plan is to fully gut this room and reinstall drywall then tile, so looking for a temp fix for the next 1-2 yrs.

  28. Hey thanks for this video. Not many other sources of info out there for this problem. I called 2 local sherwin williams about the 935 or Roman pro999, it was either not in stock, in 5gal buckets, or they didn't know what I was talking about. A paint clerk at Lows, tried to help but no "wallpaper primer" in stock. He suggested a certain mid prices spackle…Sooo…I bought basic 8 oz elmers white glue for $1.98, diluted it with 20% or 30% water (which made it a bit runny) and primed it on all the torn paper spots and gouges, LAST NITE. Next I have some "cat scratch" damage by a door, which this may work. Perhaps the more expensive "wood glue" might be better for $2 more.

  29. How I wish I'd looked you up BEFORE I started trying to use drywall mud to "patch" the brown spots! That said, what should I do to get the mud off so I can really fix the problem. (I took off some old wallpaper and got several torn places).

  30. We just removed what turned out to be two layers of old wallpaper, the original of which was probably installed when the house was built back in the 70s. We did the scoring technique and used a wallpaper stripper to loosen the paper. The top wallpaper was flocked, and something like a canvas backing–very tough! Even with the proper tools, I still tore some pieces (some large) of the drywall paper. I had already used mud on some of the lesser spots and discovered that MORE of the drywall paper puckered in the process. Then I turned to YouTube to help me out… discovered this one, and went back to uncover my mistake and correct it. I ran out immediately and bought the PRO999 and then began the process of fixing my problems. Unforturnately, I think the paper covering on my drywall was possibly not the quality of today's drywall, because when I sealed the cutout places with the PRO999, I soon discovered the paper below the cutout spot had puckered as well. So each time I tried to repair a little spot, it kept getting bigger and bigger. I finally came back to see if there was anything short of removing the old drywall and replacing it with new, and discovered another view that indicated that when you have a lot of tears in the surface of the drywall, you need to sand down ALL of it as gently as possible, and THEN seal with the PRO999. I suspect we are going to have to replace the drywall, but to anyone who has begun the process and is still getting ripples in new places on the drywall–don't do what we did, and keep on cutting out larger and larger areas and trying to fix it…

  31. I just realized that our problem might have resulted from the original wallpaper installer failing to seal the drywall with sizing prior to putting up the wallpaper.

  32. Dang, I was hoping for the nail polish fix. I've got so much of that stuff. 😉 Nevertheless, I happened to have the product you mentioned that I just bought at Home Depot since I was using it on another project. The stars must be aligned for me right now.

  33. I have an unrelated question: I'm planning to paint wood paneling that I had primed with a wallpaper primer and then papered over. I removed the wallpaper. Do I need to prime again before painting? If so, which kind of primer should I use?

  34. I have been painting for awhile, but just recently had to start doing some patch work. Great video showing me what not to do.

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  36. This, and all your videos, is a life saver! I can't find the larger trowel you are using in video. Where can I find one? Any other trowels you can recommend in case the one you use is not available? Thank you.

  37. What do I do if I want a flat wall, not textured. My walls are full of those brown paper holes bc I removed wallpaper and it looks like it was put directly on the unpainted drywall. Yikes

  38. Thank you for this video. I removed wallpaper from a bathroom and damaged the white paper in places. So, after I seal the brown paper rips with the Romans product, and mud and sand, should I prime the entire wall with the Kilz 123, or could I use the Pro-999 Rx-35? The wall underneath looks blotchy, and my husband takes very steamy showers. I plan to paint and stencil the wall.

  39. I Need Your Input. What subjects would you like to see me cover on my channel? Be specific if you can like, 'Fixing a dent in a wall' or 'how to choose a drywall joint compound' etc. Comment below and I'll see it. Thanks!

  40. Hi! New Sub. I wish that I had this information years ago. Since I am new to your channel, I want to thank you for your professional demeanor and lightheartedness as well.. Like so many others, when you purchase a home wallpapered in multiple rooms, you never know what lies beneath. I have one room left that has textured border as a border at the top and midway down the wall, on top of textured wallpaper.. also underneath wall paper, as many of the other walls were, it has walls of Black Paint.. I wish i was kidding, but I'm not. On top of this the wallpaper was improperly installed so there are the large pieces of brown as shown in your video, plus Lots of holes hidden behind wallpaper. I have more time than money at this point and would love to have some of your expert advice used appreciatively here in my home. Sorry so long but I think I stumbled on a gem with your channel. Thanks for the requests, Looking forward to All your videos!

  41. You should wear an ankle holster. That would look badass. I use bright orange nail polish. I paint each socket where the 5mm or whatever is then wipe it off. voila! numbers are easy to see.

  42. I have a question. I removed these floor to ceiling mirrors from my wall and there were these big chunks of black glue on the wall. I removed them but ended up with brown spots similar to what you have in this video. Unfortunately, I had not watched this video so I sanded them down and then used joint compound to fill them in. I am letting the joint compound dry over night. Is there anything I can do now to remedy the fact that I have already used joint compound and did not use anything to seal the brown spots?

  43. I'm over here crying because I'm renting an apartment. But the tenant before me had what seems to be a water leak under the window. Now the dry wall needs to be did over. Also we just got New management. Shaking my head I'm praying that I could talk to them. To do it over without them thinking I've put some holes in the wall. 😭

  44. This video has definitely helped me however I have a question. Some of the drywall patches aren't the brown paper, instead, it is another white layer of paint beneath it. Do I continue the same procedure? I just want to be careful and not want it to stand out.

  45. So I mudded directly on the backside of drywall (the side that has brown paper). It worked perfectly without bubbling nor see through. What’s different about the backside of drywall vs torn white paper layer? Aren’t the the same?

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