【ENG SUB】《天天向上》20200216期:火神山医院项目副总指挥分享抗疫心得 约定王一博开“蓝忘机” !Day Day Up【芒果TV爱豆娱乐站】

Tianhe, how is your microphone? My microphone is this one. I have to use this thermometer every day. Zhang Wei’s one is quite professional. That’s right, because I always do a livestream when I have free time. Boss Wang, what about your microphone? Xiao Wang. I only have this specialized microphone. A specialized microphone. Look. I’m at Wuhan now. I support the medical staff at Wuhan go to work and go home. How many servings of food do you have to send in a day? About 400-600. We cook many dishes so that they could have a nice meal. They need to have a nice meal and eat well so that they’ll have high spirit to save the patients. We hand-delivered 40 box of mask from oversea. That time, our normal delivering system wasn’t that great, so what about packing them ourselves, and bringing them to the airport, then finding the volunteers of the flight that will come back to China? Anyway, all of the things we can send back were all sent back. That time, I made contact with some hospitals at Wuhan. They said they wanted hot rice. So I called upon some businessmen, then we had prepared 100 thousands servings of white rice, including noodle. Before the New Year, I knew that Wuhan was infected with an epidemic diseases. I’m a vegetable farmer myself, so I have vegetable. That’s right, if you come to me, you will have vegetable. I donated 22 tons of banana. 22 tons. Hello. China and Japan have already had a neighboring relationship, so we should support each other. I’m standing in front of Lei Shen Shan hospital to connect with you guys. This is a must-win fight. We have to win, we can’t lose. The netizens have named many devices at the site. Do you know what that is? I don’t know what my brother YiBo will think if he sees this Lan Wang Ji device. YiBo, look. YiBo isn’t Lan Wang Ji now, YiBo’s mood is dumb as a wooden chicken YiBo’s mood now is stuck. It got stuck. Why didn’t I try to learn how to use that excavator? Maybe it can come in handy. Lan Wang Ji drives the “Lan Wang Ji” device himself. Okay. We will welcome Everyday Brothers next who might be from all over the country but are online on this stage now. Hello everyone. We are still here. I’m here. You prepare so many boards, let me see. Show everyone where you are. This, Zhang Wei is still at his old place. That’s right, I’m still here, at my home. In your house. I stay in my house. Who did your makeup? Who? My manager. My face is now basically like a roughcast house with some tone-up cream. Your tone-up cream, on your neck, you tell your manager to use a little more on your neck. It’s clearly two tones, look. Two tones. The cream is rare now, we only have enough for my face. Look at Tianhe, he looks more and more like Donnie Yen. Look, does he look like a martial art movie star? Today, did Tianhe do the nose highlight makeup? Let’s see your nose. I didn’t do the nose highlight, I’m born this way. It’s good. Brother Feng, I see that you have shaved your beard. That’s right. Because we are filming “Day Day Up” today. I also did my hair, styled it up. I shaved my beard clean. It’s fair and tender. It’s like the egg without the shell. Brother Feng, where are you now? You are at your house or your parent’s house? I’m at my house. Your parent’s house doesn’t decorate like this, does it? My parent’s house is decorated with full of Roman pillars. A 100 square meters house with 400 Roman pillars. So you have to lean your body to walk in. You have to turn around to walk. It’s like a maze. Henan Xiao Wang, you are sitting there like a Chief Financial Officer. Where are you? Today, I’m at my company. It seems more formal. That’s right. Your clothes and hair are all styled up. It makes us look not formal at all. Is that right? It’s not. YiBo is sitting like that in front of us, which makes us want to give our CV to you. Is that right? Give him our bills. It’s like we are doing an interview? That’s right, he looks like an interviewer of the company. “A tyranny director.” Brother Han, your complexion seems nice. That’s because of my light. It’s a light of professionalism. The light of professionalism always shines over me. The forehead is also shinning. The putty was mixed really nice. We also need to welcome our dear viewers watching our show now. Let’s say our slogan. Welcome everyone to watch the show exclusively sponsored by 58.com. It’s in perfect harmony. Well done. There’s no time lag. Not at all. We are parted by the screen. Today, our Everyday Brothers are at many different cities for the first time. To respond our government’s call, we won’t gather together. We’ll use a special method to film our “Day Day Up” episode this week from afar, and also “Time of Online Day Day”. Today can be seen as the beginning of our first day officially working online together. So we specially prepared many different types of device. We also prepared microphonephones. I have just looked. Zhang Wei’s one is really professional. That’s right. Because I always do a livestream when I have free time. But everyone of us has a microphonephone. That’s right. Do we? Look around the house. Little kitty. Is this a microphonephone? Can I use this as a microphonephone? Kitty. Tianhe, how is your microphonephone? My microphonephone is this one. A thermometer that we must use every day to check our temperature at home. This is nice. Boss Wang. How is your microphonephone? Xiao Wang. I only have a specialized microphonephone. A specialized microphonephone. Look. That’s right, because our company happens to have it here, so I took one. I have a microphonephone. A wireless microphonephone. It’s nice. Great. A wireless microphonephone. I really miss you guys. It’s my sincere words. Of course it is. There is a night, at middle of the night, at about 2-3 o’clock, we were still talking. That’s right. We are now working online at home. So did you guys work hard? Let’s do a test, did you learn your lines well? Let’s check it out randomly. YiBo. You normally… We have to do a test. That’s right. You are responsible for the promoting lines. Did you learn them? Thank you 58.com for sponsoring for our show. Look. Nice. Right. Very nice. 58.com now has a online interviewing function for everyone who is looking for a job. If you want a job, please use 58.com to interview online at home. Very good. Good job. Feng Brother, what topic do you think we are filming today? Do you know? The topic, the topic is “Support from all sides”. He He and Zhang Da Wei, do you know how many guests do we have? Today, we have invited 3 groups of guest. 3 groups of guest. Right. We have a celebrity guest. We also have a guest from our front-line, and also an outdoor guest. Great. So the grandmothers of 3 groups of guest in turn are Zhao, Li, Cao or Zhang? Is this a question of “Time of Online Day Day”? We choose to stop the scene. Now, This has happened in our online office. When our boss opens and watches our works, it will be like this. Why do you have to… Because the internet is lagging. Why do you have to pick your nose like that? Because the internet is lagging. We all know that we are now in a campaign to encourage our nation to fight against an epidemic disease. Beside those heroes who are fighting at the front-line against that disease, there are so many, so many ordinary people who are also fighting in their own ways with their own abilities. In our showbiz world, there are also many people like that. For example, Teacher Han Hong. Teacher Han Hong had worked really hard. Really. She is so great. Because before, we have… We had all watched a video of Teacher Han Hong lying on the bed, right? That’s right. She has recovered now. Because it’s like that. We are now importing many goods from oversea. However, the oversea countries have different time zones. So if she wanted to contact them in time, then she would almost have no time to rest for a day. That’s right. Because of that, she had worked really hard. This time, there are so many fan clubs of many celebrities having donated goods for Wuhan and for many hospitals. Look at boss Wang. It’s approved by boss Wang. Boss Wang’s fans. His fans have donated more than 2 millions RMB. It included money, and some goods. There are also many of our Everyday Brothers, our old brothers like Yano Koji, D·O, Tian Yuan, Hao Ming, they have all done the same things. In this campaign, aiding has become a national act. There are people called Retrograde Man., doctors, medication staff have come to support them. There are some people that have spontaneously support them with many daily goods since the first day of this pandemic. Today, we also invited the representatives of some outstanding aid teams from all over the country to join our online filming. Let’s listen to their stories first. Please welcome our medical aiding team. In 2020, Wuhan called out for “A gathering call” More than thousands of doctors all over the country have come to support Wuhan. Along with “Bei Xie He” (Xie He Hospital of Beijing), “Nan Xiang Ya” (Xiang Ya Hospital of Zhongnan University), “Dong Qi Lu” (Qi Lu Hospital of Shandong University), “Xi Hua Xi” (Hua Xi Hospital of Sichuan University), The Fantastic Four has gathered at Wuhan. They have been glorified as the warriors in white, creating “A battle of protecting Wuhan” that we have never had in our history. They have dedicated all of their efforts day and night without taking care of themselves. They have affected the heart of our people. Wuhan can surpass this hardship. Wuhan is already a city of heroism. People from all over the country, in every industry all hope to use some of their strength to send their heart to the doctors and patients at the front-line. About myself, I donated about 30 thousand masks. When trouble occurs at one spot, help comes from all quarters. Are you afraid? I’m not. Among that, there are so many people who deliver goods and materials like him or her. There are also many people who help people travel like him. From 6 AM to 12 AM Because the medication staff have brought me a limitless strength. There are also people who support the meal like her. Please welcome two old friends of us in the medical support team who have hand-delivered 40 boxes of mask from oversea. 40 boxes of mask. “The hand-delivering machine” – Cannon. Mr. Hu Cannon. And an e-commerce vlogber who loves to do voluntary works – Wei Ya. Welcome. Hello Cannon. Hello. How are you? How are you recently? I’m good. But I’m now being isolated at the hotel. You are isolated at the hotel. Wei Ya, how are you? Brother Cannon. Hello everyone. We meet again. That’s right, we meet again. I’m at home. I’m still at home. Brother Han. Hello. Right. May I ask a question? Earlier, on the internet we can see a few photos of Cannon. It’s the photo at the airport. Tell us about that. Even though on Weibo, you have already said a few things. That’s right. Because I was at Singapore then, I have a friend who can buy a lot of masks there. However, at that time, our normal delivering system wasn’t working well. So we told each other, how about packing them ourselves, and going to the airport? We came to the procedure desk, there were volunteers who had a flight back home. If they were willing to, they could bring these masks home. So every night, we stayed there for a few nights, maybe. We stood at the procedure desk every night to find the volunteers, then asked them for help. So you stayed there for a few nights, until you found a friend who would flight back to China? That’s right. Until our last night, actually, there were some boxes that weren’t delivered home yet, but all the flight agencies had already stopped the flight. That’s right. I remember that day at the airport, I waited at the airport until 1 AM, there was no people at all. Then, we still had to find another way to deliver them back. In short, all the goods that we can send back, we had to deliver them all back. 40 boxes of goods? How did you gather them in the end? Because they are all… You had to gather a team, right, brother? That’s right. Every night, if we found a volunteer who was willing to help, we would gather them in a group. Then, in that group, they gathered all of the volunteers of that night. The next day, after they have gone back, we will contact our co-workers all over Beijing or Shanghai via that group, to ask them come to receive the packages. I remember that, at the procedure desk, 80-90% of people who have Chinese passport were willing to help us. Of course. Brother Cannon is great. It was really hard. I saw in Han’s post, he said in the New Year holiday, didn’t he say to go on a trip oversea? Then after he heard the situation in China, he canceled all of his plans to travel to only do one thing. Right. It’s “purchasing”. So this time, when we face this pandemic, all Chinese people included Chinese people from oversea have dedicated excellently. We know that your dad is a poet and writer. He has written a works that has inspiration from this event. That’s right. My dad is over 70 now, he has written a few works. A few days ago, the promoting team at my hometown, Shenyang, had invited all of the artists from Shenyang, or from Liaoning, like Kelly, including Silence to sing a song. My dad also took part in the lyric writing process. It is that everyone thinks about a way to devote their strength. Tianhe, please read out loud the content of the lyric that his dad wrote, please read it with a right emotion. YiBo, let’s read together. Right. YiBo. “Go Into The Battle.” Where the pandemic is severe, let’s head to it for battle! A heart of a medication staff is always with the patients that are fighting against the pandemic. It’s a song that was written in a direct way. They wrote out the feelings inside their hearts directly into words. That’s right, it makes people feel really touched. I feel sympathetic. It really has an cohesive effect. It’s the strength of words. Cannon, how about the sense of self-protection of our parents? Because, at the moment, the old, I say frankly, now if you want to advice them to go out, sometimes it’s just walking around the area, wearing a mask, or something likes this, the old will think: “I am old, I’m seventy, eighty years old, I didn’t notice these. No problem!” How about them? They still take it seriously, extremely seriously. Especially my father really cares about it, he’s the serious type. The New Year’s Eve meal, he proactively announces to cancel the year-end meal to his friends. He told us not to go. New Year visits is unnecessary, too. Calling is okay, so don’t come please. That’s right. So now if you want to get out of the house and go for a walk, will you be dressed like an astronaut? Self-protection is very good. Yes, Shenzhen also has a passenger like this. Two days ago is said that it is the only day in the world when the brooms could stand upright. Everyone put their brooms upright. So my friend circle seems to be selling brooms. At 11 o’clock, my mother-in-law saw that. She hurriedly ran downstairs, took all the brooms and put them upright I said: “Mom, what are you doing here?” “It is the only day when the brooms can stand upright.” I said: “Mom, tomorrow they can still stand upright.” “Tomorrow if you can put these stand upright for me, I won’t eat anymore.” As a result, on the morning of the second day at 5-6 AM or something, she went down and raised a broom by herself, it was still upright. “All are fake”. So cute. I want to ask Wei Ya that your child has been at home for many days already, so is she naughty? Did she want to go out? In this respect, it is fine. She is not very naughty. Because in her school, there are also class group where teachers will give some homework or some exercises, and instruct students what to do at home. My son, for two days, hugged the window to see the little bird outside. Everyday he said: “Dad, when can I turn into a little bird, Dad? He is not afraid of disease. He can fly!” Xiao Mumu is so cute. The imagination. There is a child on the internet: “Keeping me in the house for a long time is not a good thing. If you don’t let me out to play, it will be a very bad thing.” “But the disease is outside.” “I don’t see it! I can’t wait, I really want to go out to play with the disease!” This kid is so cute! I have seen this before. Children’s words carry no harm. This is a very special perspective We know, at this time, Wei Ya seems to be extremely supportive to the doctors and nurses: 30,000 masks, 10,000 bottles of antiseptic water. There are also some portable antiseptic nebulizer and a lot of food. Why was you thinking of the donation of these stuffs or these food? When I got in touch with the hospitals in Wuhan and talked to the doctors, they said they wanted to eat hot meals. At that moment, I was very touched. Because, you know, they can’t eat anything watery. They told me that, because they put on that clothes, they were afraid of going to the toilet. Right. But day by day, gnawing that bread, they found it hard to bear. After that, on December 29 of Lunar calendar, I gathered the restaurants and prepared 100,000 bowls of self-heating rice, including noodles. After that day, we have gathered enough, and on December 30 of Lunar calendar, we brought it to prepare to send them. Yes. Chinese said: Actually it seems like donating materials is difficult than raising money This is the thing that Everyday Brothers have all experienced. Right Han told us we want to turn out those materials. We want to find 10,000 masks, 5000 protective suits, I really want to go crazy. It was really hard. So hard! At first I also thought like everyone, I feel that we’re doing this, like collecting materials, which must be extremely easy to do. Yes But during the transportation, I detected that actually it is more complicated than you thought. Our driver spent six hours loading those things into the car, then he drove from midnight December 30 till morning. He drove 20 hours to Wuhan. The results were that luckily, he made it. In that limited day in Wuhan, cars weren’t allowed to enter. Private cars. Then we kept waiting until more than 6:00 in the morning and we found the hospital. Then, the barrier was opened, and our driver drove to Wuhan. People may think donating supplies including gathering material… Usually, we don’t even see these people. For example, this driver. At December 30 of new Year Holiday, he welcomed New Year on the road. Based on my understanding, he only slept for 2 hours. He said that moment “Maybe a lot of people would refuse to deliver these. If I don’t come forward then what should they do?” Right. Wei Ya, you are now in your livestream room, so, there must be a lot of Hubei friends talking to you? My livestream is divided into two rooms: the first is the fans in Hubei. They told me that “Wei Ya, you do not need to worry about us. We are fine, our sense of self-protection is very good. You don’t have to worry.” The other room is from other provinces, they say: “Wei Ya, can we do something?” At a glance, I felt so warm. But there’s a comment I read it and I was touched. I could not hold back. Before New Year holiday, I sold this kind of hotpot. It is hotpot’s spices. After that, there is a fan buying this hot pot. He’s also in Hubei. In the comment of the store, he left a message. He said that: At that time we were the year-end sales ceremony. He wanted to store this spice hotpot to eat with his parents in the year-end meal. He said, but in current time, my family cannot reunite anymore, we couldn’t be together, forever. He finished that comment so casually. But that moment I suddenly felt that, we must cherish those beside us. We need to bravely express love, We don’t have to express love stingily. Let them hear our heart, let them see our love. True love needs to be expressed in time. The time before, Hunan TV had a program named: “Lantern Festival With the Whole Family”, which is a special program without an audience. The number of the people in the auditorium was so little that it couldn’t be less then. Because you know that, normally we do the program, a good performance can have a big applause. But in that day, including today, nothing is here. But we believe that, applause is not far away. When we say “Wuhan, fighting!” on the screen, certainly someone are commenting, or moreover, thousands of people are commenting. So, here, we have to thank Cannon, thank Wei Ya, thank both of you. Thank you! Thanks! Thanks! Take care! OK! Thank you! Now actually, there are a lot of jobs which have already started again. Our 58.com is still helping all the people in recruitment. Big companies should have the social responsibility like this. During this epidemic, for large, medium and small companies across the country. it also provides a lot of free recruitment services You see, our Boss Wang today is also waiting for recruitment. Boss Wang’s recruitment. Get the CV. Right! Moreover, last time, there was a topic: “Time of Online Day Day” It said after returning to work, the average salary of recruiting is how much, monthly salary, yes, There are more 5000, 7000 There are more than 9000. More than 9000! Really? Moreover, it is increasing every year. Still increasing. So now, they are targeting at the problem of insufficient preventive supplies. They urgently started the urgent recruitment of companies They aim at the difficulty of interviewing, so they offer a kind of service online interview like us now to conduct an online interview. They also manipulate the flexible recruitment of some positions between businesses, which can form the effective sharing between staff. It can be said that these actions of 58.com not only help companies solve this urgent problem, but also let the job-seekers find the part of human safety. I hope after the disease ends, everyone will be healthy. This is a greatest blessing for all of us today. Then you can find your ideal job, go back to work safely. Next, we will connect with a person Day by day, he contacts with the angels in white, who are striving on our frontline, drives for them. Please Cheng Dong Please Here we go. Hello, Cheng Dong Hello our MCs Hello everyone! I was locally born in Hubei My name is Cheng Dong I am currently in Wuhan I am a person who is starting a business I am shuttling the doctors in Wuhan to go to work and come back home Are you from Wuhan? That’s right. Why are you in the car to livestream this to everyone? I just took (for free) a doctor home. Why do you think about picking up and dropping off doctors to work and to home? Why do you support by this thing? Because the doctor… Around January 23, Wuhan has been closed. After closing, all the public transport will stop: no subway, no bus. Even private cars are not allowed to drive on the road. However, every day, the doctors have to go to work. Right. Some people live quite far away. Then I registered as a volunteer, and support them like this. Normally, what topic would you guys be talking about? Yes. We will talk about their work, their lives. And also their mental pressure. Then, I know there’s a nurse. Her parents’ health is not good. She is living alone. Because the majority of doctors, and medical staff are isolated from family members. True. When she was at work, she didn’t have time to buy food. So she really worries about her parents, so, I, except from taking her to work and home, bought some living supplies for her. After that, she is very thankful to me, also extremely relied on me. So there is sometimes, while taking her to work and home, I also talk to her, give her some positive energy. And then, she will be happier. Sometimes they laugh and tell me She says: “At the hospital, I am the patient’s doctor. But on my way home, you are a doctor of our spirit.” Something like that. Something could give her a little positive energy. True. You are so good! Cheng Dong, at this moment, how many people are doing the same job as you? A lot Because there are also more and more people joining in some of my groups, about 400 or 500 people. About 400 or 500 people. When the doctors go to work and come back home, in the morning, it is quite early, and the job is not stable, they may have to work overtime so their usage of cars basically is all relied on us, the volunteers. I feel the doctors and nurses are the ferrymen of life. Right. They bring seriously ill people, from an extremely dangerous situation, they drive the patient to a healthy side. But you are the ferrymen of the doctors, who bring them from the first line, from frontline, take them back to their own small and quiet place. You are even the ferryman of their spirit. Because of them, this one we really can understand, They have to face such circumstances every day. I don’t know if we have to face such a situation, which status will we be? Perhaps we have collapsed long ago, but the doctors, they have been struggling. Perhap on this road, you tell them a joke, speak in the hometown dialects, it will relieve a lot. Is this true, Cheng Dong? Yes. Brother Han, two days ago, I read a book. They define the word “brave” “Brave” means “scared but still doing”. That’s “brave”. So they are like that. Cheng Dong, I would like to ask a little, Joining in the volunteer driving team for doctors for more than half a month, basically how many doctors and nurses were taken? I have set a goal for myself, everyday, I will take at least 30 passengers. 30 people? 30 passengers? Because the trip can be long or short. If today’s trips are a bit short, most of them are short, I can shuttle from forty people or more. Something likes that. 40 At least 30 Right What is the most difficult thing to you? There’s nothing difficult at all. I just.. That is… Going to the toilet will be a bit uncomfortable. True. Now you are wearing protective clothes, aren’t you? Yes, I am. Wearing protective gear like this makes you feel uncomfortable to go to the toilet. In the morning, after wearing, basically I won’t go to the toilet It is not only because of safety concerns but also… True After wearing it, it’s impossible to take off and wear it again immediately. So every day, your meals… Three meals per day, right? I eat a little in the morning, I basically eat lunch in the car, and about dinner, dinner is the best one. Yes. Basically, it’s all on the road. But our mental food can be said that in this whole life, it will never exhaust. It’s always be like that. Every day I am touched. I did not cry for about 10 years. About 10 years, I haven’t been moved to tears. However, that day, I was moved to tears. It was more than an hour. What is it, could you tell us? That day I received a nurse’s order. She brought another nurse. Because hospitals will periodically self-test, and it looks like she was working seven days before, she took a CT scan. Her lung had a problem, but she is not infected to new diseases. She has… tuberculosis. Her head nurse told her to go back home and take a rest, and take medicines. She said if she takes this tuberculosis drug, it will have some side effects, and her resistance and immune system will be weak. She couldn’t work on the frontline and she had to go home to rest. At that time, she was not in a good mood, It’s not because she was diagnosed with tuberculosis, so she’s not in a good mood. It’s because she couldn’t work with her colleagues at the front-line, and help these patients. Therefore, I see that nurse is really great At that moment, I felt like an angel in white was appearing in front of me. That spirit makes me very touched. Then, again, I also helped exchange students evacuate and return home. There was a Thai student. After returning home, she have sent a message to me. She said: “Cheng master, Thank you for bringing me to the airport. In 2020, Regardless of how winter in Wuhan will be, I will definitely stay in Wuhan, experience the spring in Wuhan.” I felt very warm. I feel that A foreigner who I absolutely don’t know, a Thai, told me these words. I got moved again. Then I received an order. Get in the car is a big belly woman. A pregnant woman. More than seven months. She was more than seven months pregnant. I said: “Your paunch is so big, what are you going to the hospital for?” She said: “My colleague, They are all at the frontline. They are very busy, very tired. I am also a nurse, I want to help them with something.” I said, “Don’t you worry about your baby, about your own safety?” She said: “But now the hospital needs me. I should… I should also fight alongside them, stay with them. Everyone tries together, to overcome difficulties together.” I thought: “This is a great mother.” I was so excited that I burst into tears. I said: “If you need anything, just tell me. I will definitely be on time. I will take you to work.” It can be said that within half a month, inside your small cabin, you can feel the radiance and warmth of the human, which is full of your cabin, right? You almost feel it every day. Every day you can feel it. As I said before, three stories I told you before, occurred within three hours. At a glance, I, who was over thirty, was touched absolutely. Really. At that moment, when she got off the car, I could not hold back my emotions, like that. That’s why, you see. Although we cannot directly see their great acts of kindness, but just listening to their stories, actually, our heart has been waken up. They are really waken. You are really good. So, after the epidemic ends, Dongdong, what are you most looking forward to doing? Going somewhere to eat a bowl of hot dry noodles? Walking around, or going to cinema. The thing I want the most, what I want most is to be able to play at home with my children, then hug him, like that. We will see a photo. You are always shuttling people. How long have you not been with your family? More than 5 months. So now you… So now you’re probably… Every day you come in contact with front-line medical staffs like this, So now you do not dare go home, do you? Go home I will go home, but I will also be separated from them. Then every morning It’s because I wake up pretty early. I wake up at half past 5. And then leave the house at 6. When I get home every night, it’s already 12 AM. And I haven’t met him for a really long time. I sometimes go home at noon. But me and him, me and the whole family have to stay 3 meters away from each other. So I feel that I owe them a lot. There are times when he stretches out his hands and prattles since he hasn’t learned to speak yet. Seems like he wanted a hug. He wanted to be hugged. Later, when he has grown up, he will see that his dad is an amazing person. A true hero. That’s right. What a great person! You have just mentioned a pregnant lady. Actually, it’s the same meaning. They both have family and the spirit of helping other people and putting aside the family. Right. We are all doing this for the community, for the current Wuhan, we are dedicating a part of our effort, using all the abilities and power we have to make the situation better. That’s awesome. We all know that Dongdong is still in the car ready to receive the order at anytime. He is currently parking so as to talk to us. Let’s not waste his time anymore. Maybe he’s about to go pick up another medical staff. Thank you, Dongdong. Please take good care of your health and safety. Stay healthy. Thank you. After this situation ends, let’s make a promise. We would like to invite you, your son and your wife to our studio to watch the show. Thank you. Thank you, Wang Han brother. Thank you, everybody. Thank you. Fighting! Goodbye. You’re the best. Wuhan, fighting! Fighting! Wuhan, fighting! You see. In just 3 hours. The warmth of humanity that aura is so amazing. Next up, we have a representative from the medical support team. At the entrance of large hospitals in Wuhan, you might usually see a car with the license plate of Sichuan A giving people lunch boxes. As Wei Ya mentioned before, doctors are just having simple foods. They can hardly have a bowl of hot rice. And the owner of that car doesn’t have any protective clothing, but usually wears a raincoat. That’s why normally, people call her with the nickname “raincoat girl”. Now let’s welcome the “raincoat girl”. Welcome. Welcome, “raincoat girl”. Hello everybody in Day Day Up. Hello. Ladies and gentlemen, men and women, boys and girl, hello. I’m a 90’s girl who makes lunch boxes from Chengdu, Sichuan. Are you from Chengdu? Yes, I am a Chengdu citizen. Chengdu girls are pretty even with a mask on. You’re so pretty. Thank you, Mr. Wang Han. Look at the sparkling goggles. Those are goggles right? Yes. These are my skiing goggles. Let me tell you this. Chengdu girls always know how to make them beautiful. Look at the color of her beanie, and also the skiing goggles. How beautiful they are. Mr. Wang Han is good at giving compliments. That’s true. They really match. Even that shirt on the inside they have some kind of curl peeking through. You’re really beautiful. Mr. Wang Han, maybe you don’t know but I’ve been wearing this for 10 days. 10 days? You’ve been wearing that outfit for 10 days? Then why do you still have to wear a raincoat to deliver the lunch boxes? Here’s the story. I don’t have professional clothes and goggles. But I still have to deliver meals to hospitals. So I can only rely on raincoat and skiing goggles to protect myself. Protecting yourself is also protecting everyone else. Why did you think of driving for a thousand kilometers from Sichuan to Wuhan just to give free lunch boxes for the doctors? From 1 February, through the Wuhan emergency response office, I know that the first-line medical staffs hardly have any decent meals. After that on February 2, I made an announcement requiring all of my diner to provide free meals for medical staffs. On the third, along with the president and my staffs, I’ve driven for about 14 hours to get to Wuhan. From Chengdu, until the meals get to the medical staffs it takes us more than 40 hours. Are you standing in the pantry? There are a lot of vegetables behind you. I’m currently in the restaurant of mine. I was supposed to prepare the ingredients. After that, I’ve worn my outfit on later I have to go to Zijing hospital. After you went to Wuhan, what did you do? Because finding a place to cook is not that easy. I already have a restaurant in Wuhan. The current situation is quite serious in Wuhan. That’s right. It’s also the holiday so all the staffs have come back to their hometown. The business can’t operate as usual. That’s why, as the owner, I and the president have taken everybody here by ourselves. How many people are participating in this job in total? There are a total of almost 20 people. But only 4 people do the cooking and delivery. How many lunch boxes need to be delivered per day? The amount of boxes need to be prepared is about 400-600 boxes. But since more people have known about us, and they all want to have a meal so the quantity is increasing. But the fixed quantity is 200 boxes. The fixed quantity is the number of boxes I have to deliver to the hospitals by myself. It is 200. Medical staffs near our restaurant including the volunteers, they can all come to the restaurant to have a meal. What’s your biggest drawback? The most serious problem… The ingredients we brought here were 100 kg of meat. But they were used up in 2 days. Meat is seriously insufficient. About this, I’d like to send a thank to “Day Day Up” for donating pork to us. We got up to 250 kg. The sponsor of our program, 58.com, after knowing the difficulty of “raincoat girl”, they immediately contacted her and urgently donated 150kg pork. They join in to support the first-line medical staffs and dedicate their little effort. Thanks to our sponsor 58.com who is full of love, the big problem is now solved, right? Yes. The biggest problem is gone. Has the meat arrived yet? Not yet. But we have contacted them. That’s good. They are working on the delivery. If there are similar problems like this, feel free to contact “Day Day Up”. Even though we can’t do the first-line job, at least we can stay at the rear and deliver all the necessities to you guys. This is also an indirect way to help them. Do you ask the medical staff about the problems of their current nutritions? Such as their nutritional status, or kinds of food that they eat, vegetables, and fruits? At the moment, the facilities in Wuhan are very deficient. But because now people have already known that we are providing free meals for medical staffs, we got a lot of help. Actually, the hospitals do not lack food. There is plenty of food. But they don’t have hot meals. Right. The basic functions of human body require rice, vegetables and meat. That’s why every day, I try to think of various ways to cook them delicious meals. The food has to be enough and also delicious. That way, they can save other people lives. That’s right. It’s good for their resistance too. Yeah. Isn’t true that right now in Wuhan the traffic has been blocked? How do you deliver those meals? I made a sign to put on my car. It says “Food delivery car for medical staffs” And there’s a banner on the side says “Urgent reinforcement for Wuhan”. That’s why they all let me go, including traffic police, they will never check my car, they immediately allow me to go to help medical staff have hot meals. Everybody tries not to waste any second. Really united. And full of love. Dongdong said that while doing his volunteer job, he encountered some warm-hearted stories. Do you have such stories? Like when you see the medical staffs holding those steaming lunch boxes. The story that I’m most impressed is the first time I have got to the hospital. When I was driving in, everyone showed their appreciation by putting the palms together in front of them. Except for “Thank you for your hard work”, they didn’t say anything else. Until later they came to my Douyin account or my Weibo to cheer for me. “You’re the best, I’ll support for you”. There are even drivers who opened their windows and gave me a thumb up. It is really heart-warming. Really. We are very united at Wuhan. Such an amazing story! Actually we hope that we can record all those little actions. Because even after the epidemic, they can still bring joy to people who work different jobs. For example when we drive, we may see a lot of traffic police no matter if it is rainy or windy or burning hot, they are always there. Should we be like them? Lower our windows and give them a thumb up for those who work on the street, inhale all the emissions and suffer from all the noises. That’s right. They are awesome. I think after this epidemic, we will all learn how to express our love. Spread the love that we have to somebody or everybody. Right. Fighting! I supposed raincoat girl’s restaurant is a great Chinese Restaurant. You’re right. Your action can combine with our program. Each week we can send an MC to your place to wash the dishes, chop the vegetables or anything. If so, I would be the first one to sign up. Very necessary. We must come. That would be great. We can do something too. Thank you, our raincoat girl. Thank you. There are still the same final words. Take care of yourself. After this epidemic, likewise, we will invite you here on “Day Day Up”. Do you want to? I’d love to. Thank you. Thank you, Everyday Brothers. Thank you. Fighting! Everybody. With Cheng Dong, we can’t see his face. And Raincoat Girl, we can’t see her face either. But we know for sure they are the most beautiful Chinese faces. So cool. Brother Han. A few days ago, I read an article saying that a lot of nurses wear protective clothing protective clothing. Yeah. And then when they take off their masks they have wrinkles all over their faces. They have those marks. They have bruises on their faces. A lot. Right. And also on their hands. Since they have to wash their hands all the time. They always wear gloves so they have a lot of sweat. You’re right. But when they smile, everybody says that they have great smiles and they are the most beautiful. That’s why they are really awesome and cool people. And they receive so much help from the supporting teams out there. Right now so as to not cause the country bigger problems, many people are staying inside their houses. You guys, do you store the necessities? Have you prepared everything? Qian Feng must be storing fat, right? His own fat. After connecting with “raincoat girl”, I decided to donate all the meat in my house. We have a lot of meat. Take out your pigs. How many pigs do you have? We don’t raise pigs here. We only have some beefs, beefsteak. And some fish, fish fillet. I just stay in my house so that I don’t cause any troubles. My nutritional problem is solved and it is also convenient. Qian Feng you’ve been storing all those nutrients for years. Just one month without it doesn’t make a difference. I can’t spend it all, right? Exactly. He He, did you store anything? I did. Let me show you. Instant food. Self-boiled hotpot. Yes. Also tissues. Fruits and vegetables. These are strawberries. Due to this epidemic, many farmers can’t sell their fruits. In this situation, there’s a group which helps the farmers and we could access their website to buy the fruits which the farmers can’t sell. I thought that this kind of purchase would have some problems but it didn’t turn out to be so. Everything went in its order. Isn’t there a saying? There wouldn’t be peaceful days if it wasn’t been for the people who sacrified themselves. Things wouldn’t go well naturally if we didn’t have the people who help us maintain it. Maintain the order of life. But maintaining that, to many people, is not an easy job. It’s like how we want to maintain the broadcast of Hunan TV’s programs, it is not simple. It’s the same thing. Recently in the supermarkets, a special phenomenon. That is most of the shoppers are men. Because once you go shopping, you have to buy food for the whole week or even half a month. Since they rarely buy groceries, they keep calling their wifes “Honey, is the bean round or flat or square?”. After serious selections, they are probably still gonna be scolded when coming home for buying the wrong stuff. Right. Next up Let’s have a test on the Everyday Brothers to see if they know how to buy vegetables. Here’s the first question. Your mom want some tomato salad, what kind of tomato should you buy? A. Plump pink tomato B. Edgy… I’ve never seen an edgy tomato before. Sounds like it has a bad temper. It can even cut your lips. Edgy pink tomato. Edgy bright red tomato. And plump bright red tomato. Which kind should you buy? There are plump and edgy tomato. Let’s think about it. It must be A. YiBo chose A. How about Qian Feng? A. Plump tomato. Pink. What do you think Zhang Wei? I think it’s D. Plump bright red tomato. Because when my mom sees a plump bright red tomato, she will be happy. She would say that: “My good son really knows how to buy things”. We have 2 sides. One chose D. The other chose A. Let’s see who is right? The correct answer belongs to YiBo. A. Plump pink tomato. Pink? Why? Is it because they are shy? It’s because they are not sour. Right. If you want to eat raw tomato, you should buy pink ones. Because this kind of tomato has a slight sour taste, it’s really delicious eaten raw. And when you want to eat cooked tomatoes, you should pick bright red ones. Because they taste stronger in a soup, the juice will taste better. Next up is the second question. The last question was about your mom. Now we have your dad he thinks why you will buy anything that your mom wants to eat. Your dad wants to eat squash soup, which kind of tomato will you choose? Tomato? Dad wants some squash but I have to buy tomatoes? A. Squash with no white powder on the skin. B. Squash with white powder on the skin and thin flesh. C. Squash with white powder on the skin and thick flesh. It depends on his taste. Whether… Does he like to eat the flesh or something like a salad? What does YiBo choose? C. Because at the supermarker there are more of these. Do you go to the supermarket too, YiBo? Yes, when I was little. When you were little? As you can see, father of YiBo loves wax gourd soup. Therefore, he usually goes to the supermarket with YiBo to buy wax gourd. Qian Feng, your answer is… My answer is C, too. C Mine is C, too. The reason is that it looks like the one in the soup. So you put the whole gourd to your soup, right? I hold the gourd and eat soup from that, directly. It is gourd soup in a gourd. Come on, Bridge Gao. I, Bridge Gao, choose C. I follow the crowd. It is rare to see that we see eye to eye. 4 people chose C. The right answer is B. There is a layer of hoarfrost on the surface of that wax gourd. People can measure the quality of a wax gourd by looking at that layer of hoarfrost. First, observe the surface of hoarfrost on the body of the wax gourd. The more hoarfrost lies in, the better that gourd is. So, Zhang Wei’s putty at home can be used to apply on a wax gourd and observe its hoarfrost for fun. Moreover, after cutting a wax gourd, observe the thickness of wax gourd’s flesh. If its flesh is thick, it is not good enough. If its flesh contains seeds and it is light, you should not buy it. If the flesh has patterns, it is quite porous. It means that when a gourd is light, it went bad. Its taste is not good. After Wuhan city has been closed, except for necessary medical equipment, what people in Hubei province, Wuhan city eat and drink, or whether they feel cold or not, affect billions of people throughout the whole country. Everyone stands and acts. From Chongqing, Shandong, Anhui and Guangxi province, the food with love has been delivered to Wuhan city. Next, welcome here, Necessities supporting team. Representatives of this team are Pan Dashu from Shifang county, Sichuan province and Pan Haijin from Hekou town, Yunnan province. First, welcome Pan Dashu. Hello, Dashu. So cool. Hello, Brother Dashu. Hello. Hello all of you, the national audiences. I am a modern farmer from Shigu town, Shifang county, Sichuan province Moreover, I am a MC in weddings. Wedding MC? Same here. My colleague. The magpies are chirping in the sky, Lovers will become husband and wife, isn’t it? Yeah. Where are you now, Dashu? I’m at home. Behind me is a cloth. It is a cloth, isn’t it? Is it a wall backdrop? You made a wall backdrop, didn’t you? This time, Dashu has arranged for other farmers to support for Wuhan City. Their support sometimes is voluntary, sometimes is governmental. They have donated vegetables. It is estimated that Shifang county donated 300 tons of vegetables to Wuhan city. At that time, why did you donate that amount of vegetables? I mean at that time, people thought that what should be donated were medical equipments or protective equipments, right? You are right. Last year, although I heard that Wuhan had a serious disease, I did not know how serious it is. On the 30th of December, when I went to the market, I saw a lot of people buying clothes like this. On the first and third of January, my wife and I planned to hang out some days. But I realized that there was no one in the street on 1st of January. I did not know what happen. Then, I watched news. Therefore, I noticed that the disease in Wuhan city was extremely serious this time. Therefore, I made a video in my field. I knew that Wuhan city had been closed. I am a vegetable farmer. Therefore, I have vegetables. Moreover, in 2008, our county, Shifang, suffered from a serious natural disaster. Many people in our town also crawled out of the dilapidation. Yeah. Owing to the support and attention of people from the whole country, our citizens could have their own houses that they are living in. Therefore, with my gratitude, I made a video. I said that I had vegetables and I wanted to donate them for citizens in Wuhan city. Hello guys, I am brother Dashu. me and my older brother, Boss Zhang and my second oldest brother have made an agreement. We plan to donate 50000 kg of radish and Bok choy for citizens in Wuhan city. I mean this. Yeah, as long as you come here with us, we make sure that you have enough food to eat. Did you have any difficulties during the donation process? We meet difficulties everywhere because we simply thought that when I had vegetables, I could deliver this amount of vegetables to citizens in Wuhan city as long as I found trucks. Actually, there are other issues. It is not simple like I thought. Of course. Especially, it was very difficult when we collected vegetables. On the first day, my family members, our farmers nearby and some employees from logistics companies went to vegetable fields to collect vegetables. The reason was that it was hard to collect Bok choy. Yeah. On the first day, I realized that it was impossible to finish this task with few people like that. What would we have to do? Then, I uploaded a video to the Internet. “Are there anyone volunteer to collect vegetables for citizens in Wuhan city?”, I asked. If you say yes, bring a small knife and come here with us. We collect vegetables together. Then, about four hundred or five hundred people went to our fields. Because the height of Bok choy and these kinds of vegetables is quite short, we can’t use machines to collect them. So, only by hand. If you are not careful, you will cut off leaves. It is so wasteful if that happens. It is not easy to collect these vegetables. Moreover, it is painful when they have to sit and work for a long time like that. Thanks a bunch. These volunteers are really great. How could you deliver 50 tons of vegetables to Wuhan city? I live-streamed and asked if anyone wanted to join with our donation process to Wuhan city. Some people with kind hearts appeared. Actually, there are many people come from Guangzhou, Hunan, Xinjiang. They come from everywhere in China. Also, truckers volunteered to join with our team. Whoever wanted to support for citizens in Wuhan city agreed to drive their trucks to our fields. However, the problem was that some places are too far. A boss from logistics company in Shifang county called me. At the first time, we did not believe him. But, at the second time, in retrospect, I recognized his capability. Therefore, I decided to tell him my plan. He provided his trucks and I provided vegetables. We worked together to support for people in Wuhan city. How many trucks in total? 11 trucks. 11 trucks with 13 meters in length. They also had trailers with 17 meters in length. We just try our best to help. Actually, among 11 trucks, there were some of farmers here. Modern farmers in the next town knew about Dashu’s donation. Then, they brought their vegetables to me. No matter how much vegetables there were, we put them to the trucks. Just take them on the trucks. They said that as long as we supported for Wuhan city, they would deliver all of their vegetables They would do until there was no trucks left. Look at that picture. It is a logistic company called Mian Yang company. Behind them are other logistic companies who joined our donation process to citizens in Wuhan city. They are excellent. So moving. They delivered goods to 11 trucks by hands. Done. Then, they ran kilometer by kilometer. Also, the truckers, at that time, their attitude must be so contradictory because they had to go into that epidemic area. It is not just a thing to say. They actually bet their lives to bring food to Wuhan city. There must be an enormous power behind them. They must have a strong belief. They are brilliant. Like those drivers, in my area, those truckers have been isolated. They have to be isolated 15 days since the day they returned. Yeah. They phoned me and said that they wanted to see their wives and their children. But they can’t come back to their home. It is said that the general situation is the most important. So, they are being isolated now. Some people are being isolated in the mountainous areas. Would you mind helping us send our appreciation to them? Thank you, Dashu. Thank you so much. All of us here want to say thank you. Each ordinary person does normal things. But when we combine those normal things, it creates an enormous power. I believe in these normal things, Eventually, the dedication of every ordinary person will become a united and magnificent power. Certainly, China will have a miracle. I’m sure that people will defeat that disease quickly. Next, let’s talk about a story about food donation program of 93 households who have just escaped from poverty in Yunnan. Firstly, let invite Ban Leader to be online Please. Hello, Haijin. Hello everyone. I’m Pan Haijin, a leader of Potou group in Hekou, Yao nationality autonomous county in Yunnan province. Hello. Hello, Haijin. Are you wearing traditional clothes of your ethnic? It’s cool. Yeah, it is Yao nationality’s traditional clothes. So, people in the frontier are also concerned about this disease. This time, how did you support when this disease happens? 93 households working as farmers in Potou. 22 tons of bananas? As we may know, banana really makes us happy. Moreover, if we eat bananas after working out, it could bring many nutrients to our bodies. Yeah, it contains potassium. How could you deliver a large number of bananas like that? Each house collected bananas themselves then transported them from the mountain to the main road little by little by mortorbikes. I can transport bananas. What you have learned can be applied now. It took 24 hours to put bananas into the trucks. It takes about 24 hours in total to harvest and pack bananas. Did the whole donation process go well? It did not go well because small roads are common in my area. They are narrow. Therefore, it is difficult for us to drive a motorbike transporting about 100 kg of bananas from the mountain on narrow roads. My villagers were very enthusiastic in collecting bananas. A large number of bananas was collected. But then, we could not find trucks to deliver them. Then, there was a driver in Shan Dong province. He brought the goods to our area. He is also a party member. He used to served in the army. His father is a solider in Wuhan city. When he phoned his father, his father said that supporting essential items for Wuhan city was a must. Then, he came to us and helped us deliver bananas to Hubei. Let’s calculate! His motorbike only can deliver 100 kg each time. So, how many times did he have to go to deliver 22 tons? Try to calculate it, Teacher Feng who is as smart as Qian Feng? What? Each motorbike delivers 100 kg. There was 22 tons in total. How many motorbikes are used in total? How many kg are equal to 1 ton? 1 ton is equal to 1000 kg. Each motorbike delivers 100 kg. 100 kg So 50. 5 trucks. What? Actually, what I want to tell you is that a half of these people has just escaped from poverty in 2018. Banana is the main product in this area. Compared to their income, how much is this donation worth? It is equal to half of their income each month. But it does not affect our life. It is good. Mentioning bananas makes us want to eat bananas. After this epidemic ends, we will buy bananas from your area. Okay. Welcome you guys. We also have to tell all audiences. If you want to eat good bananas, please contact Haijin directly. Today, there are some representatives coming here to cheer against the epidemic. Okay. Welcome them. We donated bananas. Deng Bing donated 1000 kg. Deng Weidong donated 800 kg. Pan Jie donated 800 kg. Deng Fang donated 600 kg. Deng Rui donated 560 kg. Deng Xiangxiang donated 520 kg. Pan Limei donated 500 kg. How much did they donate in total, Qian Feng? 1000 kg. No. Thousands of kg. The first four girls donated 3000 kg. Yeah. Thousands of kg. You have been working hard. You have been working hard. Thank you! You have been working hard. Thank you. We, representatives of citizens, want to support Wuhan city. Yeah. Fighting, Wuhan City. Fighting, China. Fighting, Wuhan City. Fighting, China. Fighting, Wuhan City. Fighting, China. 500 or 800. These numbers imply the compassion from everywhere for Wuhan city. Their hearts are full of love. We deeply thank the friends of ours behind these surprising numbers. Finally, our most powerful guest. Warmly welcome Deputy Commander who is in charge of the construction of two hospitals named Huo Shen Shan, Lei Shen Shan On-site Coordinating Commander, Wei Desheng, please welcome him. I’m contacting directly from Lei Shen Shan Hospital. How long did it take to build that hospital? About 10 days. 2 years’ time was reduced to 10 days. They are turning the scene into a battlefield. We can’t fail. We must win. They think about more than 2000 patients per minute. The earlier they finish these hospitals, the sooner these patients could go to the hospitals. At peak time, the number of construction supervisors can be up to 100 million people. So did you name them? It is called “Song Hui Zong”. “Song Hui Zong”. It is called “Wu San Gui”. It is called “Bai Ju Yi”. I can’t imagine how will YiBo think after seeing “Lan Wang Ji” like that? YiBo is dumb as a wooden chicken. He gets stuck. What do you think when hearing the name “Lan Wang Ji”, YiBo? Next, invite here the most powerful rescue team. Warmly welcome Deputy Commander who is in charge of the construction of two hospitals Huan Shen Shan and Lei Shen Shan. He is Wei De Sheng, On-site Coordinating Commander. Hello. Welcome you. Hello, De Sheng. Hello, teacher Wei. Hello guys from “Day Day Up”. Hello. Now, I am standing at Lei Shen Shan hospital to talk with you guys. Behind me is Lei Shen Shan, which has just been built. This is seventh infected area. This is 9th infected area. This is eleventh infected area. There are 30 infected areas like that. Are there 30 infected areas like that? How long have you been in this site? About 20 days. Do you think I am cool in this suit? During these 20 days, I always dress up like this, to work at the construction site. There is guest room next to the construction site. In this guest room, there are few people, there is lots of space. Everyone, who has been working hard during 20 days at the construction site like me. Everywhere, everyone is working hard all day, and exhausted at the construction site. Especially some female workers, it’s very difficult at the construction site, difficult situation. They also work hard at the construction site like men. All people that they are talking about, are the same as our friends. day day up. During these 20 days, how many hours do you sleep per day? Two to three hours a day. So little. Two to three hours a day. You have to take care of yourself. Have to take care of yourself. You have to take care of your sleep. That’s why when we heard that two cases or three case or something. Everyone may try as hard as possible. There is a power supporting everyone. Could you tell us, how stressful it is to be a Vice Project Manager? When I’m under lots of pressure, I don’t want to start a day again. I don’t want to wake up to manage this fight anymore. But it’s just an instant thought, it will pass soon. Where is this pressure from? The command is like the mountain. After receiving the command of Wuhan’s government, The construction site is similar to battle field to us. The battle field that we have to win. We have to win, we aren’t allowed to lose. Suddenly I feel, an actual power is always in my heart. Last time, Wei president said that when he had lots of pressure, he actually told what he thought. It’s dark, please don’t be bright again. He actually couldn’t get up. 20 days, sleep two to three hours a day. How do you think about that? AHe doesn’t have any biological clock anymore. His biological clock is the sun in his heart. The light, of success always shines, it always makes their heart bright. Great. The second pressure comes from the emergency of the disease. A number of patients in Wuhan city increase everyday. Lots of patients don’t have a bed. They just hope that our two hospitals will finish soon. That’s why finishing one minute earlier means 2000 patients can go to hospital one minute earlier and can be saved. This is the second pressure. Thirdly, everyone, knows that Yun Jian Gong. At peak time, more than one hundred thousand of people. Both inside and outside the country. They are watching what we are doing all the time. That’s why our pressure is like the mountain. We have to try our best, in every minute and second to build hospitals. You see, Huo Shen Shan and Lei Shen Shan, are their heavy pressure. The pressure is really heavy. The pressure is actually as big as a mountain. We usually say something easily, but we don’t understand clearly that, behind that saying has a strong push. For example, we usually say that, Taking care of old people but don’t forget those old people that don’t have relationships with us. Taking care of children but don’t forget those children that don’t have relationships with us. But with those who like Mr. Wei, this saying, totally becomes action. There is sympathy within themselves. Finishing one minute earlier, thousands of patients could be saved one minute earlier. Something is hung by a single hair is this kind of pressure. Right. We never face that kind of pressure before. Every year, we have more than 1600 constructions. But no construction site has attention, care and support from national and international citizen like this, they support us. That’s why our pressure become motivation. I want to ask Mr. Wei how large is Lei Shen Shan, how large is it? Almost 80000 square meters. By your experience, with this amount of work, normally, how long does it take? Normally. It takes at least two years in China. At the beginning of 80s, our we‘ve built with the world famous speed as fast as Shenzhen’s growth rate, we finished one floor of a building in 3 three days. But in this spring, our chinese speed at Huo Shen Shann and Lei Shen Shan, make the whole world suprised, also make the world have a different perspective about the construction industry of China get to know about the construction industry of China. How long does it take you and your co-workers? About 10 days. 2 years are shortened into 10 days with the same amount of work. Superman. So great. Chinese speed. is really good. Of course behind the scennes except there are (were) president Wei and their brothers, there still a lot of power supporting them. All building materials, tools, water, bolts and screws, sanitary equipment,… Everything is supplied immediately. Yes. There are thousands of people around the country supporting us. They all stand together and are our strong supporters. Now we know how powerful is solidarity. Normally it takes two years, but Lei Shen Shan, just takes 10 days. At the construction site, how many workers are working together? Normally about 18000 people. At peak time, there are about 20000 people working at one time at the construction site. To work all day. Yun Jian Gong, netizens have named many construction equipments. Do you know that. Very cute. There is Song Hui Zong, Song Gao Zong, that one, Wu San Gui, Bai Ju Yi. I wonder how YiBo thinks after he saw this Lan Wang Ji. YiBo, look at this. YiBo is not Lam Vong Co now. At the moment, YiBo may be in innocent situation. YiBo’s situation is breakdown now for sure Error on pause. He is breakdown at the moment. YiBo is stopped. Breakdown. Right. Why aren’t YiBo moving? So funny. The picture has good quality. YiBo looks so peaceful now. At the moment, YiBo is sticking a picture on the camera, right? He has gone. YiBo quits. The screen is still working. Right. YiBo comes back. YiBo. When you heard the name Lan Wang Ji, how do you think? That time, why didn’t I try to practice the excavator more? Because in this show before, i used to try the excavator. If I try more, I may be able to help Lan Wang Ji to drive “Lan Wang Ji” myself. Right, Lan Wang Ji drive “Lan Wang Ji”. Lan Wang Ji, this time, We don’t want to take your time anymore. Even you just have 15 minutes to sleep. It may be my biggest desire. Thank you Mr. Wei. I hope, on behalf of these people of “Day Day Up” and viewers in front of the television, thank your great co-workers very much. Thank you. Thank you Mr. Wei. Thank you Everyday Brothers. Fighting. Thank you. Fighting. Finally, I wish patients from Wuhan, and Hú Bei will come over soon, come back to their families soon. Thank you. Thank you Everyday Brothers. Thank you. Thank you Mr. Wei. Wuhan, fighting. Thank you. Goodbye. Actually, not only people inside our country strongly support, to help this disease end as fast as possible. But also many international friends are trying as much as possible. Including our good friend Koji in Japan. Let’s invite Koji. Right. Hello. Gao Tianhe. Hello. I know you. Hello Zhang Wei. I don’t know Qian Feng YiBo. Qian Feng. Hello brother Koji. Are you Qian Feng? Qian Feng, who I know, isn’t fat like that. We can see Koji, it’s really fun. Koji, last time, we saw each other on Weibo, Yano Koji donated 13000 masks for nurses and doctors. That time, how did you have 13000 masks? Why did you come up with that idea? Because I know the situation of the disease. How to say? It’s really sad. My grandparents are in Chongqing and many friends are in Hubei. Right. I’m really worried. After that, I’m in Tokyo, there is a friend, who I used to cooperate, can buy lots of masks. Then I made a deal with him to transfer those masks to China. After that, he transfered them to China. Right. Koji, did you go to Wuhan for shooting before? Yes, I did. I’ve been there before. But that time, we just shot for one week. I ate lots of delicious food. Duck’s neck. Duck’s liver. And dumpling. And hot dry noodles. And three layers of bean husks dish. Bean husks. Right, never walk but eat lots of food. Yes, I ate lots of delicious food. Luckily, I’m not fat like Qian Feng now. Everyone knows that, Wuhan is a beautiful city. It doesn’t only have good food but it also has lots of education sources. Right. Everyone knows that, Wuhan university has peach blossoms. Right. You see. Brother Han, actually that time, I didn’t have time to see peach blossoms. So, I’ll come back when it’s fine again. Right. In this epidemic, Japan donated lots of materials for China. Moreover, those materials all have many paragraphs, it’s very warm. Different rivers and mountains, the same sky. Who doesn’t have millitary uniform? Willing to fight together. Snow melts in Liao He. Flowers blossom in Fu Shan, friends from any ethnic, fight against the disease. Friends from everywhere, who is the passenger? Different rivers and mountains, the same sky. Qian Feng, do you know what it means? I know. Everyone is under the same sky, has to help each other. Right. Koji, are you in Japan at the moment? Can you feel, the love from japanese people showing during this epidemic? I’m in Tokyo, Japan, Ikebukuro area. On the road, there is a girl bowing down in order to ask for donation for China. Where I was born in Osaka, there is road, it’s very famous. it is hung many poster “Wuhan fighting”. “China fighting”. Actually lots of chinese friends also care about the epidemic at the moment, in China, in Wuhan. Because at the moment, lots of japanese friends understand about China, like me. They know a lot about the resilient spirit of China. Moreover, the citizens of two country are exchanging tourism, a lot. Right. Right, I usually meet chinese people in Japan, say hello to me. They all recognize you. They all recognize me. Hello Koji. Why are you here? I said I had a shooting in Tokyo. Really? Fighting, Koji. Very sweet. Right. Although in Tokyo, but the feeling is the same as China. Very warm. Anywhere, I can always feel the enthusiasm of chinese people. Very touching. What do Koji want to tell people in Wuhan the most at the moment? This time is very difficult, i’m still thinking, what i can do more. Later, if i have a chance, i may do something for Wuhan. Actually China and Japan, are neighbors, help each other. Two countries should help each other more. Right, right. To teach more. We try together. Right. Persistence is success. China, fighting. Fighting. Wuhan, fighting. Fighting. We have to say thank you to Koji. Now there is another internation friend. Who is he? Let’s watch the video first. It’s coming. It’s coming. It’s actually, Mr.Bean. This time, you travel to Wuhan. How are you now in Wuhan I create a training program. I like to play Ukulele. Now there is another internation friend. Who is he? Let’s watch the video first. It’s coming. It’s actually, Mr.Bean. Do you know who I am? Yes, we know. You are Mr. Bean. Mr. Bean, nice to meet you. Hello. How are you? I’m fine, thanks. Lovely to see you so. Lovely to see you. First, let’s invite our friend, to introduce about himself. My name is Nigel. I’m an actor from the UK. The person who pretend to be Mr. Bean, the only one is chosen. Too similar. We want to ask you. When did you realize that you look very similar to Mr. Bean? When I was 13 years old. A lot of people said that I looked like an idol. And when I asked who that was? They said Mr. Bean. And I didn’t like it that much at that time. Because I wanted to be an entertainer noticed for myself. So I walked around and sometimes people would say “Is that your real nose”? And then they would get it. And then they would try to get it off. Yes. When I went to a friend’s birthday party, a little 7 years old child had come up to me, and he said a quote from one of Mr. Bean’s films, “When you went on holiday, you lost your suitcase, didn’t you?” And I said, “Yes, but I’ve found it now!” And the look on his face, it was golden. And I thought I must do this now, so I could create laugh, happiness for people all over the world. His voice is so similar! His voice is so very similar! Except from imitating Mr. Bean, Mr. Bean now has two programs for his own on BBC Channel in UK. He also has his own production company. Perhaps he is also considered in the same industry as us. He came to Wuhan as a tourist, then with the outbreak of the epidemic situation, he chose not to leave. He thinks that staying together with Wuhan friends is also a great support. Well, I actually originally came to China as a tourist. Because I wanted to experience your very special Chinese new year celebration. And I was very lucky to be invited by a family in Shenzhen to go to their family gathering. But unfortunately, just before the family gathering we learned the news. So, based on that I thought, if I got into an aeroplane, I might actually contract the virus myself. Because everybody breathed in the circulated air. But the main reason was because I didn’t want to run the risk, if I had contracted the virus already, I could be taken that from Wuhan to Shenzhen, that would be very selfish of me. He’s quarantining himself. Thank you Mr. Pea. Thank you! How is your life in Wuhan now? Right from the beginning, I realized that we’re experiencing lock down I had to create some structure to my life. So I make videos and I believe a healthy body is a healthy mind. So I created a training program, I like to play a guitar, ukulele, and also read and draw. Therefore, at the end our Mr. Bean wants to sing a song to people in Wuhan to encourage and support them. First of all, I’d like to say, Let’s once again show the highest respect from our hearts to the contribution of our country’s simple builders to great builders. Thank you! Thank you all! Thank you to those who are on the line fighting every second to save lives. You’re using your ordinary backs to to fight in the midst of this invisible battle, fight it at all costs. Thank you to the countless supporters, who came forward at this critical time. Thank you all! Every ordinary Chinese is grateful to you. Xi Jinping, the general secretary, said to fight this battle we must build up confidence we will definitely win. With these lovely people, we believe that after the snow melts, these spring days will become more splendid, more fascinating. Let’s once again say thank you to all friends who gave strength to Wuhan. We believe that eventually one day everyone can throw away the masks and start applauding. We will let the entire world hear the most resounding and proudest Chinese voice. Yes, that’s right! Thank you, 58.com for supporting our program. 58.com helps people who seek for jobs in the whole country by opening video interviewing function. Go to 58.com to find jobs, you can even have an interview at home. Ok, at the end of our program, we’re to use Yun Qi dance method together to make gesture dance for “Don’t give up” to send it to each person who’s been supporting to fight this disease in their different ways.

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