【SUB】当归Vlog.66 | One Pot Seafood & Asparagus Pappardelle | Prawn Potato Omelet | Home+ Kitchen Haul

【SUB】当归Vlog.66 | One Pot Seafood & Asparagus Pappardelle | Prawn Potato Omelet | Home+ Kitchen Haul

what’s up, little princess? My vases do not match it well (maybe I should buy more vases…) It’s a raining day, very dark outside so I turned on the light in the morning fry the prawns to medium-well (I didn’t cut the back but have deveined them already) Onions, potatoes and eggs can absorb oil very quickly so need to put a lot of oil in. Half butter and half olive oil can reduce the calories relatively and prevent butter to be overcooked. ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ — I watch it every few months just to know the storyline This latte art is… unique looks like free style (chatting with friends) (running to escape the rain, sorry for the shaking camera) I bought nice T-shirts and a very tight top Friend: their curry pie is really nice but very oily too Me: the coffee art we met today are all very… simple Friend: yours is better than mine (chatting) what are you doing here baby? huh? why are you stay inside baby? huh? why you hide? come out, come out quick quick For fresh prawns, you can take out the head and devein them directly without cutting the back put salmon and prawns in before the oil gets too hot. Otherwise, it splashes I found this Indian comedian Vir Das’s talk show very interesting and funny. Highly recommend if you like stand-up comedy and have a Netflix account why are you here? little silly (murmur) come here come~ alright bye~ I am going to bed goodnight~ what’s up baby? huh? Is that Fiat? I like it, so cute But I am too tall for it Bought a dress just now Haven’t been to the supermarket for a week I always get things for my parents too (that’s why I get two bottles) Hello This is a quick share of my shopping list recently I organized the things that I bought for daily life share them together with you guys I haven’t been sharing my shopping list for a long time since last November till now I guess I will record another video later for the shopping during this time anything that I feel interesting or I think you guys would be interested I will organize it and share it in one video later sound off below if you want to see it Today is just for daily use most of them are kitchenware except for this first one, it’s a perfume it’s from BYREDO, Blanche I bought a shower gel of Blanche before It has a very simple smell, like laundry liquid but not very suitable for perfume I got this gift from Celine for the spring festival I am not sure what it is called maybe aroma paper for closet? The smell is very similar to Blanche’s perfume I have put a few in my closet the paper looks nice, with the Celine’s printed logo It also smells like soap very comfortable when you are surrounded by this smell kinda obsessed with it, so I bought the perfume I am planning to use this perfume for my closet after I use up the papers I can spray it on these papers, or on other things in the closet like fragrance for clothes It definitely would be a good perfume too if you want to use it on you They are slightly different. This one is more ‘laundry liquid’ smell This is more like a soap For me, they are in the same criteria I have perfumes quite a lot and I cannot use them all up But I am not feeling guilty as long as I keep using them so it’s not a waste then comes to the containers you have seen them in Vlog.65 when I was making Tiramisu and when I was making scones too they are from MUJI they might be the baking tray I forgot the name It doesn’t come with the lid originally Then I found this one that comes with a lid, same size let me open it up I like this design well-sealed I measured it and it is around 7cm, quite deep too. no matter you want to bake something like I put two layers of scones in it or use it as the baking tray they are all very convenient I have to admit the kitchenware in MUJI are not cheap but they are really nice I prefer the one with the lid This is the mini handy mop from MUJI I used vaccum before but I need this one for my room I have tried the simple mop, like the one you can change the top but this one is more environmental-friendly for me cause it is washable It has different sizes I think very flexible and you can adjust the angles very handy for some places that are difficult to reach and window-blinds you can extend the handle to this length so it is a very convenient and small cleaning tool MUJI’s products all look very simple and clean I feel comfortable to look at it even just put it aside I have my own order for colourful things in my room so something like cleaning tools I don’t like them to be too colourful and flashy And I went to a spice shop they have some interesting things I bought two vintage plates I cannot resist buying those things if I like them like non-stop and they are affordable This is the size for dessert, like cake Vintage plates like these, I have dozens of different sizes and patterns It is like a collection habit for me It is an art for me to have it in the kitchen, makes me happy they are beautiful and that’s all I wanna say I like that spice shop even though they are selling many spices that I do not use This is the vintage merlot salt extracted from Merlot wine I guess It is purple and has the wine scent I can use it as seasoning or decorations Then I bought two jars just like plates, I keep buying those things for the kitchen they are glasses, with the red lid made in France here is the logo It is quite big, can use as a jam jar It can also use as a container or a large yogurt cup with everything you want or you can put knives and forks in here you can use it in many different ways you don’t have to follow the labels or instructions to restrict its usage Next is the new measuring cup from Falcon with clear measurements you can use it for baking or cooking or you can put kitchen tools in it as a storage cup like this spoonula another function for me is to put flowers in and use it as a vase I like it cause it’s totally white without the exclusive black edge making it like a vintage item, rustic style This is the spoonula from William Sonoma I have a yellow one to spread the avocado. they are from the same collection But yellow one has been discontinued I think They have red, white or something special like Happy Potter printing I do not like prints It‘s like a shovel and it’s heat resistant so I can use it for hot meals I like to make jams these days So I bought it cause the others I have are all flat I bought the whole yellow collection before with a small spoonula like this but after a long time, the handle broke cause it is woodenor maybe I cleaned it too often. so I bought a larger one This one is from this spice store As they do not provide any bags for customers, I bought this one This kind of reusable shopping bag very cute I think They use the classic symbols of Australia and New Zealand as the design Others are cute too but I think Koala is the best Koalas suffered a lot recently it can be fold to a very small size very handy for shopping and groceries it can fit in your bag easily, even you have a small bag Then I bought two cups from William Sonoma Nothing too special. I just like the pattern can be used as a dessert cup vintage vibe you can also use it for wines and drinks This is the grater for shredding, cutting, slicing, etc. I was not a big fan of this kind of box grater but I think I do need one, so I bought it I haven’t tried it yet so cannot tell if it is good or not but it has many options you can choose like slicing, stripping, shredding or a thin wave if you want This one… I haven’t figure what shape it would come out maybe for cheese? This one seems like a two-way grater, which makes me confused this is for mashing this is what it looks like I chose it because of the hollow handle, simple design and looks nice too but somehow it is not very stable whatever I can return it if it is not good And then, I bought this ice cream scoop you can use it for ice cream or when you are making some desserts, you can scoop the mixture like the batter for waffles and souffle and it makes sure you have the same amount every time I got a large one I need one for my home Since I love baking now I got two cake pans I do have many baking trays but I don’t have this type of shallow pans This is 8-inch 22.8cm X 5cm I just made some strawberry jams so I want to make Victoria Sponge Cake This is also from William Sonoma they have two collections for cake pans this golden one is a bit more expensive AUD$32 each but the golden one looks nicer with a non-sticky coating, it is a bit heavier too And, I bought a machine a blender from Bamix I did some research and it is called ‘blend stick’ in China it can smash ingredients very easily and quickly This one is the premium do not have much difference to other blenders if you want to make soup it can crushes and chops into a very thin paste I have a High Speed Blender but when I only need to smash a small amount, it cannot work very well For this one, I don’t need to care about the amount and it is more convenient if I want to do it in the pot directly you can also use it to chop the nuts it comes with this small blade for nuts I think it can be used for mince too This is a wall stand but I don’t need it and other two different blades (three in total) This is a Swiss brand and this brand has a long history So many professional restaurants cooking-lovers are using it I saw many brands have fancy blenders now with multiple functions and accessories but this one is classic, many top chefs in the world are using it to make dessert or make dressings for mousse or baby food but it is not very popular in China yet you can use it for pudding, cake, ice cream, sauce, etc. Anyway, my increased passion for baking made me get those new tools maybe the passion is just temporary but buying tools will continue This is the restock Dishwasher tablets from Ecostore the reason why I buy it: first, as I mentioned before, it is an environmentally-friendly company all the materials they use are not harmful to the environment good for the earth second, I tend to use the dishwasher more rather than hand wash now a few years ago, I thought dishwasher wastes more water than hand wash cause I live myself then I gradually know that dishwasher saves more water than hand wash because when you are using dishwashing liquid you have to use a lot of running water to clean it inevitably particularly for families, 3 meals a day or 2 meals a day like my family we will use a lot of cutleriy and kitchenware so when we clean them, we can save them up and put them into the dishwasher after 2 – 3 meals filling it up will not waste too much water (but if you only have few dishes to wash, then no need to use dishwasher) I use it cause it is environmentally friendly another reason is that normal dishwasher tablet selling in the supermarket will polish the dishes but this one doesn’t so it won’t harm your dishes and cutlery In fact, some things are not suitable for dishwasher like an expensive fragile porcelain cause polishing will harm it and some metal like stainless steel, dishwasher may scratch the surface this one has a good cleaning result and no polish to protect your cutlery and to protect the environment so highly recommend alright, that’s all for today I will share some clothes and accessories in the next video hope you will like it that’s it, bye bye~ goodnight~

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