[Music] [Music] [Music] hey guys welcome back to my channel or welcome if you are new today I am sharing another after tower clean with me these are always some really highly requested videos on my channel so I’m going to be sharing what I am currently doing for my nighttime cleaning routine I’m also going to be adding a few extra things in here that I don’t typically do every night just because I’m also going to be including a few cleaning hacks that I really wanted to share with you guys tonight and some of them are ones that I use all the time and others are just ones that are really really neat that work really well that I wanted to go ahead and share with you guys so I hope you guys enjoy that and without further ado let’s get into the cleaning so on this night guy was working and so for that reason I was getting started a little bit later I usually don’t do my routine on the nights that Kyle is working until after the boys go to bed but once the boys go to bed I will get all the dishes put into the dishwasher and all the counters cleared off and you dinner put away and I feel like I always start in my kitchen just because that is the area that really motivates me to keep going and that’s the area that I really notice the biggest difference in it once our kitchen is clean it just feels like the whole house is ten times cleaner [Music] before we get too deep into my cleaning routine I wanted to let you guys know that this is a collaboration with one of my friends Brianna Kay I’m sure a lot of you guys already know who she is but if you do not know who she is you guys have to go check her out she is so amazing and so motivating she is incredibly organized and she has some of the best con Mari videos you guys have to go check out her channel she is going to be sharing her weekly cleaning routine and just kind of sharing the things that she does to reset her week and keep everything running smoothly so I know that you guys are going to get so much benefit from watching her video and she is also going to be sharing five hacks as well so between the two of us you guys will hopefully learn several new packs and several new ways to clean your house easier and better so I will leave her video link down in the description box so be sure to head over there as soon as you are done watching this video and also let her know that Amanda sent you when we were younger we used to sit on the grass I’m on the flowers we just let the days pass I will always run our dishwasher at night it is just so nice to wake up to a clean sink and no dirty dishes so that’s why I always run at night and then our boys usually unload that first thing in the morning we used to sit on the grass and go down I don’t wanna grow I wish I’d turn back time we didn’t [Music] so jumping right on into my first cleaning hack is to add vinegar straight into your dishwasher you can do this with no dishes in there of course but a lot of times I just don’t have the chance to do that because I feel like we always have dirty dishes sitting in our dishwasher or clean dishes waiting to be emptied so you can also do this while you have dishes in your dishwasher and just run them on a regular cycle but just flip a bowl right over and add about a cup of white vinegar and then just do your normal wash cycle and this will help for two things this will help if you have kind of like a funky smell in your dishwasher and it will also help especially if you have hard water issues [Music] [Music] we had to move life ran away from [Music] if I could go back be 17 again yeah I would just to see all my friends next time just cleaning off our pots and pans and our knives and things that can’t go in the dishwasher and while I am doing this I just wanted to mention to you guys the giveaway that we have going on so both Breanna and I are going to be doing this she is actually doing this all during the month of October so if you guys are not already following her and not already taking a part of these giveaways for her be sure that you are because she is doing this for every single video this month but like I said we are both doing this so if you go over to her channel as well then you will have two chances to enter one on my channel and one on hers all you have to do to enter is just follow the link down in the description box and that will take you to create a registry which is basically just being used as a wish list so the one I have linked is a baby registry but you do not have to be a mom or be pregnant anything this is basically just a wish list and then you can add whatever you want onto your wish list once you have your registry created and filled out then just comment your first and last name and also your city and state along with what your favorite Halloween candy is and then after this video has been up for one hour I will be picking a winner and just choosing something off of your registry to go ahead and get for you so you will get a surprise in the mail I am so incredibly excited for this I think it’s a really fun idea for a giveaway so let me know if this is something that you guys would like to see me do in the future and I would love to continue doing this here and there for you guys when we were younger we used to sit on the grass and go damn I don’t wanna grow [Music] on the terrace we enlisted [Music] possible mate there as we were [Music] stealing smoke from your Paris sometimes where whole new scare them we VP we were 17 [Music] my next cleaning hack is something that I have shared so many times but I feel like it’s just worth sharing with you guys and that is to add in any essential oil just pick your favorite and add that right into your sink drain and it will make it smell so much better any kind of funk you have it will disappear immediately my third cleaning hack is an amazing way to clean your microwave and that is just to use a whole lemon so first you’re going to add about a cup of water to a microwave safe Bowl and then just roll your lemon on your counter a few times just to help release those juices and then you can cut it and squeeze all the lemon juice out I have found using a fork to help squeeze lemon juice out make such a big difference I didn’t get a lot more out of it and then once you have your lemon juice you can just place both halves of the lemon face down and then place that in your microwave and microwave for five minutes and you’ll just see how easy it is to just wipe everything off once it’s done this is a really great alternative as opposed to cleaning it with vinegar where it kind of leaves that vinegar smell which definitely smells like it’s clean but it can be a little bit overpowering so this is just another alternative to do that and it works just as well so clean my microwave is one of the things I do not do every single night but I did want to share that hack with you guys but it really didn’t take me much extra time so while my microwave is on I am just wiping down my counters I love to do this every single night that way I wake up and it feels so clean in our kitchen and I know that we can get right to breakfast and I don’t have to start in with wiping down counters and cleaning any food that was left off so I feel like just taking the extra minute or two that it takes to wipe down your counters is so worth it to do at night and I’ve also mentioned this in the past but I feel like my nighttime cleaning routine really sets me up for the day and I think this benefits me even more than doing my morning cleaning routine I just think the nighttime cleaning routine is so incredibly important [Music] [Applause] [Music] by the time I was done wiping down all of our counters and our chairs the microwave timer had gone off and now you can see all of the mess and just see how incredibly easy it is just wipe it off [Applause] so I’m just going to be using one of my eat cloths that is just wet with water and then I literally just wipe everything off I don’t have to use any extra products in there I don’t have to sit there and scrub with a scrubber or anything it just comes off so easy and it even smells good because I just cleaned it with lemons [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] sure will only say love and you saw this made of and then once the kitchen and dining room was cleaned I just moved into our living room and that brings me to my fourth cleaning hack and that is to get a designated toy bin that you just keep in your living room all the time or your family room or whatever your main living area is in a perfect world our kids would keep their toys in their bedroom or their playroom or wherever you keep them but in real life they constantly are bringing them out and just kind of spreading them around the house and it’s something that really makes the house look really cluttered and it’s such a pain to clean up all the time and pick up those toys especially when you just have to bring them back to the areas that they’re supposed to be in anyway so having a bin in your main living area will make such a big difference it makes cleanup such a breeze so quick and easy and it also makes it really quick and easy to bring those toys back into the rooms that they’re supposed to go in so if you do not already have a toy bin in your living area I strongly urge you to go ahead and do so it will make such a big difference in your life [Music] you’re a born survivor and you’ll never find yourself for love you’re wise in love I got troubles I’ve got scenes I’m my worst enemy but it still got together so I said the next thing that I will do pretty much every single night is clean our floors some nights I will sweep but a lot of nights I just use my vacuum and that will also bring me to my fifth cleaning hack which is to add in some essential oils into the canister of your vacuum you can do this and basically any vacuum that you have whether it’s cordless or a corded vacuum but I’m sure that you guys have noticed that sometimes your vacuum has a bit of a funk it just kind of has like that yucky smell sometimes and so if you add just a few drops of essential oil right into the canister of your vacuum as you vacuum your house you will just start to notice the smell but it will also last for quite a while in your vacuum so you can pick your favorite scent and just get a little added benefit of vacuuming Plus then you don’t have to smell your vacuum kind of stinking this is something that I have done for a really long time and I actually don’t think I’ve shared it in too many videos so I wanted to go ahead and share with you guys today [Music] [Music] [Music] the next thing I want to usually do every night is to take care of any laundry that I used to get folded but before I do that I wanted to show you a bonus hack of something that I just recently discovered they are these little cleaning tabs I will link them down in the description box if you guys want to check them out but if your washer ever starts to get a funky smell and just kind of starts to smell up your clothes a little bit these little washing tabs make such a big difference our clothes were starting to smell and I had tried using vinegar in our washer and nothing was really working and I used these a few times and the smell came right out it does not smell funky at all anymore and these tabs are also really affordable and I just could not recommend these enough to you guys [Music] maybe in a way so like I said the last thing that I really like to do is to make sure that all of my laundry is folded now honestly this does not happen every single night there are definitely nights where I put this off and I don’t end up doing it till the next day but I do like to try and stay on top of it and so especially on nights that Kyle is working I’m a lot better about being more adamant with my nighttime cleaning routine and just getting everything done and so on this night we had towels obviously and I just wanted to get those folded up and put those away and that way I didn’t have an extra thing to add to my to-do list in the morning [Music] there’s a way to get to you to get to you right before we go to bed I will usually just take all the pillows off our bed and just get it kind of ready for us to climb in and that is the last thing I do every night I keep it very very simple usually sometimes I’ll do a few extra things and sometimes I will not get around to everything but generally this is what I like to do every single night just to kind of set me up for the next day [Music] so I hope you guys enjoyed this after dark cleaning routine and a few of the extra hacks like they’re in there for you guys do not forget to enter into that trick-or-treat giveaway I am so excited to be giving back once again and also don’t forget to head over to Breanna case channel you guys are going to love her video I will leave it link down in the description box and also up in an I card don’t forget to subscribe down below if you are not already and I will see you in my next one bye guys [Music]


  1. Hey family! I hope y’all enjoy this Fall After Dark Cleaning Routine with all the little extras added in! Be sure to go watch Brianna’s video to get more cleaning hacks & also tips on how to get your week running smoothly! {and tell her Amanda sent you} https://youtu.be/qjFP-maq210 I hope y’all have a great day! Love you guys!! XO ♡amanda

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  9. Answering one of your questions of which part of my cleaning routine is most beneficial: I like to always be caught up on laundry. I have a big family/run a daycare so I like to go around throughout the day and what I find dirty I put in the basket so by 7-8pm I can throw it in the wash and transfer into the dryer before bed, that way during nap time the next day it gets folded and put away. It’s been a BLESSING and saves me from doing a full weeks worth of laundry on my weekend.

  10. You can also use drops of oil in the water for microwave if you dont have lemon. We use to microwave a wet cloth and use it to clean the inside..( very hot use gloves)😂

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  25. Cleaning at night or in the evenings after dinner was always the thing to do in my home,since I worked out of my home,and for a good while,we (my older children and I ) were always traveling with our choir on weekends, and going to school during the week.
    As soon as my children were able to run around,just under 2 years old,they had to clean up their toys with my help,but independently from 4 years onward. This way,I could get right to the cleaning.
    Now that too they are grown and gone the cleaning is always done right after dinner time so bad we don't have to think about it in the mornings.
    Thanks for the idea of adding some essential oils into the vacuum cleaner, it will definitely help with the musky smell.

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