🌻 Dandelion Cotton Swabs Painting Technique for BEGINNERS EASY Acrylic Painting

🌻 Dandelion Cotton Swabs Painting Technique for BEGINNERS EASY Acrylic Painting

100 thoughts on “🌻 Dandelion Cotton Swabs Painting Technique for BEGINNERS EASY Acrylic Painting

  1. Hey I just came across one of your videos and I've watched like 9 or 10 since then. You really are amazing at what you do. I can't wait to draw them myself and gift it to my Friend on her birthday!!! Thanks a lot ❤️❤️

  2. I just painted for my first time with some friends, and looking to do some more, I loved your painting and the colors and your style, I was hoping you listed the materials we needed, you were talking fast and didn't get the words, can you list them for me so I buy the right colors? Looking forward to seeing other painting from you, and I hope you list the materials

  3. I love your drawings you teached them very nicely I just made the duplicate of your drawing and I always love all of your drawings 😘😘😘😘

  4. I just found you… I LOVE your art!!! New sub here, and I can't wait to try some of these out!! Thanks so much for sharing…. 🌻

  5. I LOVE this painting. I made this my first painting and I love how it turned out!! Thank you for sharing your talent 💖

  6. Wow, this is beautiful! I wanted to paint a gift for my friend and thought this was perfect thank you!

  7. Wow thank you Your a great teacher. My printing turned out so nice. I'm a 1st time painter.
    Have a Blessed day.

  8. Just tried this tonight. It was a good tutorial and easy to follow. Thanks! My 3rd grader even tried it and did great! He liked putting together the qtips and now he likes saying "grassgrassgrassgrass' 🙂

  9. I decided I wanna delve into something new and try out art as a hobby. I’ve never really painted before, besides in like after school projects, so I am really scared and nervous about dedicating time and money into this and be horrible at it. (I’ve already spent the money- but have been too afraid of making mistakes to dedicate the time). However, after watching this I feel like I’m able to paint this- and I’ve never felt like that. You make it look easy, your instructions are very simple and easy to understand, and the artwork is beautiful…. and I am so excited to try this out as my first painting! Thank you for your beautiful videos.

  10. Hi..thankyou so much u teach so well..can u play help me with blending colors like this painting…n some guide on colors n paint brushes for beginners..m good in drawing but very bad in painting..plz help.

  11. I did this and I love it it's beautiful even that I just used normal kids poster paints. yesterday I tried a different one and it turned out terrible because the woman painting could not describe anything but you can. And by the way I kind of followed the way you did your grass but I had a different canvas so I ended up doing it my way because I had different paint brushes.

  12. does the mixing still works on Poster colour paints coz i'm just a beginner i'm confused is there any difference in acrylic and poster paint

  13. You just took down the one I wanted to do this morning with my clients!! Oh my goodness! The easy dandelion q tip painting — art music experience!!! Bring it back!!!

  14. You're the best. I want to know whether it is a nature so my kid can draw it for her art competition on 8th of july.

  15. what kind of painting is this? is it conservative art or abstract? pls. reply i really love your painting

  16. You are AWESOME!!! I am going to paint one of your dandelion creations but so hard to decide which one. It will be a gift for a baby boy's room. Will share when done. Thank you much! You rock! ❤️

  17. I am going to try this on a canvas I am just learning how to paint my hubby is teaching me!

  18. I tryed this and I was like..is this hard?..

    Me:does painting


    You just got a new sub. And. new like!w

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