[Music] [Music] hey guys welcome back to my channel so today I am going to be sharing a fall target dollar spot haul I went to one of my targets recently actually I went to two different targets and I kind of lucked out and they had lots of different things and so I picked up a few things and I figured I would go ahead and share it with you guys and I also wanted to let you know I am going to be giving back to you guys again in this video I have been having several giveaway videos recently and I feel like especially around this time of year I just really want to show how thankful I am to you guys and just give back to you guys I’m going to have a few minutes of a storytime so if you don’t want to hear the story time that’s totally fine I will put a little timer here on where you can jump to where I actually start the haul but basically this used to be kind of like a hard time of year for me I’ve always loved decorating and just like wanting to make my house like feel very homey and stuff but when Kyle and I got married 10 years ago we were just starting out from scratch he went off to the Air Force and then a few months later like seven months later or something we ended up getting assigned to our first duty station at that point I was about four months pregnant with Luke and we went to North Carolina which was our first duty station and the first thing we were there our entire you ha got stolen so not only were we newlyweds still were several months married but we were still kind of newlyweds we really were starting out from scratch like we didn’t have much to start with anyway and then we had everything that we had taken and so we really were literally starting out from scratch we did not make that much in the beginning of his Air Force career once Luke was born I was a stay-at-home mom and so we just kind of were getting just the necessities and just things like we absolutely needed like beds and furniture and things like that and we’re getting it very cheap but with that I remember going to friends houses and just seeing like oh they’re Mantle’s are decorated and oh they have such pretty decor here and it just it just made it feel very homey to me and I loved seeing that but at the same time it would make me feel a little bit sad sometimes like going back to our house and just like our mantle was there there was nothing on it we had like no decor anywhere just because at that point in our life like we couldn’t afford to get anything like that and so and I also don’t feel like the Dollar Tree either I didn’t realize it or the dollars who just didn’t used to have decor like that so basically I just I know at that point in my life like I would be so grateful to have the opportunity to go get decor and make it feel kind of a little bit more homey and so especially during this busy chaotic financially hard time of year I really want to give back to you guys I really wish I could give back to everyone but I just wanted to give a chance for you guys to win another gift card so that you guys could go get some decor for your home or if you guys need other things go ahead and use it on whatever obviously but I will be sharing how you can enter to win that gift card a little bit later on in the video so let’s go ahead and get on into it okay so this is in like no particular order but the first thing I got was a little scientist as autumn leaves and pumpkin please and it’s actually a set of two signs this was five dollars they’re not they’re not too big of signs but they’re pretty cute you can just kind of set them aside like a man till you can put them on the wall I thought they were super cute of course you guys know I love buffalo check and this is just really simple so I loved it I think I might put this one in our bedroom because I think I’m gonna do like some Buffalo check in our room for the decor so sticking with the Buffalo check I saw this cute little pumpkin it’s I’m guessing it’s like styrofoam or something inside and then I just wrapped in like a flannel Buffalo check this one was three dollars and then they also had this little guy so kind of like it’s still Buffalo check it’s a little bit different I really love the big one but I thought this was really cute too and I love like the diverse sizes and stuff so this one was also three dollars the next thing I got was it’s kind of like an orange II peachy like felt pumpkin super cute this one was also $3 and this came in several different colors I think they had like a really dark I want to say it was kind of like a dark light greenish blue I remember all the colors and I don’t think they had all of them out still because it was kind of picked over still but I managed to get a few things and so anyway I really love this when I just love like the bright pop of this I think I might end up putting this on our Ottoman and just like in the living room just break a little pop of color in there I have seen people hauling these for the last few years I always miss out on them and I love them I think they’re so cute they actually line up in the bottom they do I just couldn’t get it but see like they kind of light up they’ve this one does it too I think they have another one too but mine didn’t have all three of them and then they also have like the bigger houses these ones a ceramic and they also have like a metal one with like a black tin roof those are super cute too but I decided to just go ahead and get like this style and these would be so cute because honestly they can go for fall up they can definitely go for winter and they were three dollars each super super cute I apologize in advance if I say super cute a lot it’s like my thing I don’t know I Drive myself super crazy with it sometimes but how it goes the next thing I got is this little banner and I’m not sure if I’m actually going to be using this for fall I might hold off and use this during Christmas I’m not really sure yet and this one it was three dollars but it’s just there’s nothing on the back there’s no words or anything just like a super simple Buffalo check banner I love it if you’re really crafty you could actually probably put like some little letters on the front and write out like a word there too but I was just kind of like the simplicity of it but anyway the next thing I got these are such a good deal if you can grab these snag a few up they are like the little I don’t know what they are they’re really really soft I can’t think of that material but oh wait this is right there mini suede pumpkins so I just grabbed a few different colors I kind of liked this really subtle like fall colors but they have them in like blues and just tons and tons of different colors and dozens of shades and these are all just $1 each and I love this stem and then they’re like a black stem and they kind of like painted at white just a little bit how pretty is that it’ll of that and that burnt orange has me feeling like all the fall feels right now so those are just good to kind of like add in here and they’re like little pops of pumpkins little pops of color just kind of some fun stuff so I got a few of those B’s I thought were so cute these were only a dollar each they are just little wooden risers so I thought these would be so cute you could either like like put little pumpkins on it like if you just want like a little bit of height difference like that or these are perfect for like putting candles on it they all I think had like the brown bottoms and then somehow the brown tops and some have the white tops I really like I think I really like the white tops just because it’s a little bit different but I really like both of them and they were only a dollar each so I thought these are awesome you can use these all year round they are not breakable like the little mini cake plate so they usually have that you can use for like handles and things like that to which Noah actually broke one of mine the other day so these will be awesome for the bees drop from the floor nothing’s breaking I honestly tried to not get everything because everything was so cute but I got this it just says let’s stay home it’s a super tiny little one you guys know I love little things like that and it was only $1 so such a good deal I think they also had another one that was really really adorable it had like a mini little frame on it and it said fall and the fall words were three-dimensional like they were pushed out of the sign so it wasn’t just pain or anything but I just this one I am such an introvert which is kind of funny because I have a youtube channel but I don’t know it’s weird anyway I love staying home I’m such a homebody so I love this little guy and I like that you could actually use that one all year-round and I’m sure it will be the next thing I got are these little mini decor pumpkins they also have these in like I think black and orange it’s not quite white it’s like a cream and then they all have golden tops I thought these would just be so cute for kind of like little filler pumpkins I thought these would also go really good I’m gonna do kind of like a Halloween area like decorated for the kids upstairs so I wouldn’t include those there and these were $3 for the pack of four the next thing I got is a tiered tray I have always seen these get hauled and I’ve never ever seen one and I saw one and so I grabbed it I thought this could look really cute like maybe in our bedroom or something look at this a cute little tray with a cute little sign cute little pumpkins so adorable anyway that’s what I got this was five dollars if you don’t like it being black you can so easily spray-paint this like whatever color you want kind of make it your own and you can decorate this again this is not just a fall item I really love getting items that you can use throughout the year that way you’re not having to store everything all the time and you’re not just having to get like specifically fall items I don’t mind getting little things like this either because they’re easy to store it they’re not breakable but when it comes to like bigger things like this and bulky things it’s really nice to get things that you can use throughout the year so that’s another reason I like this one but I finally got a tiered tray after all these years the next thing I picked up was this little box I think these little boxes are super cute they also had a brown one but these would be so adorable to put like little sizes of like different pumpkins in here you could put little risers in here to kind of like build them up a little bit you could honestly even put like some tissue paper and there’s something just something to kind of like build it up if you wanted but this is again something that you could use all year round this one was three dollars so I felt like that was an amazing deal because it’s a pretty sturdy little box and like I said this also came in brown as well a next thing I got were these towels these I’m actually going to be putting them on my oven I usually like a really clean look in there but I just kind of wanted to try something new because a lot of times I can’t use like these really they’re like really thin towels because the towels that I use on my dishwasher if you watch me cleaning videos you know but I always pull that towel up and that’s basically my drying rack or like my drying towel and so I set all my wet dishes on that and these kind are so adorable but they don’t absorb water well and so I kind of feel bummed out all the time like I can’t get these ones or I don’t have like a reason to get these ones so I’m gonna actually try them out on our stove I think I’m gonna probably stack them so I’ll probably put like this one open all the way in the back and then kind of leave this one fold it over in thirds just so you can see like the front of it like this in my mind it’s gonna look really cute so we’ll see how it turns out but anyway that was a lot to say before I got a few towels these were just a set of two of course and they were only three dollars they had a ton of different ones but you guys know my heart lies with the little truck I just love it I actually happen to find pillows there I never seem to find the pillows you’re always told out before I got there but I think they were like putting them out or putting out in like a second round of them or something when I happen to be there so this one it has a green back and then on the front it just says hand-picked farm fresh pumpkins and it has that little pop of orange if you saw my fault clean and decorate with me I’m kind of doing like really neutral colors with pops of orange I think and so I just thought this would be so pretty I just love it it’s so durable all their pillows are five dollars each and also got this one this one is like my favorite it has the Buffalo check on the back and a buffalo check pumpkin I’m pretty sure this one is going to go maybe on my bed or something because like I said I am going to be trying to incorporate more Buffalo check into our bedroom because I love it but it’s not really matching like what I have going out on the living room these are not pillow covers which is like the biggest bummer to me about them but honestly like with this one if you wanted you could flip it around and all of a sudden it can be a Christmas or like like Thanksgiving like fall later on and fall after you know what I mean you know what I mean there we go we have fall we have Christmas five dollars you’re good to go I’m almost two at the very end these are not actually a decor item or anything but they were just an eight-count of blank books they were three dollars for the pack of eight and they just have like it looks like kind of like some card stock I think there’s eight sheets on the inside of each book but my boys always love like making stories and things like that and just kind of decorating them and drawing in them so I thought this would be a really fun a thing to like have the boys do when it’s really getting cold outside and they just need like somewhere inside things to do I thought would be a lot of fun to have them make up some stories and then we could also send them to some relatives and so for $3 I thought that was definitely something that we showed up very home last thing I got I thought this was adorable and again I think this is probably more of like a fall / winter thing it’s not just fall but I don’t necessarily know if it I think it could use this all year round anyway it’s basically like a letter board but without the little tiny letters on the back you can see they actually comes with like tons of little squared letters and so you can kind of like write your own thing out and just set them on these little like ledges right here this was $5 but I just thought this is a really good deal and super super cute especially if you don’t want to mess it’s like all the little letters of letter boards I love letter boards but it takes me so long to do them that I find that I don’t do them very often I feel like this would be a little bit more manageable so I’m excited for this one anyway that was everything that I got today I felt like I did get quite a few things but I didn’t go as crazy as I could have gone so I’m gonna call that a win but I wanted to mention really quick again about that giveaway that I’m doing so I am going to be giving away a $50 gift card to one of you guys and all you have to do is just of course make sure you’re subscribed because all of my giveaways are for my subscribers as a way to give back and say thank you to you guys so once you were subscribed then you were eligible to enter and all you have to do to enter is just like this video and comment on this video letting me know whether you would want a Visa gift card or a Target gift card either one it is totally fine but that is all you have to do if you share this video it would mean so much to me and I hope you guys have an amazing day do not forget to subscribe down below if you are not already and I will see you in my next one bye guys hey guys welcome back to my channel so today I am going to be a hair in my face or something okay I think that’s back okay so here we go okay [Music] you [Music]

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