🏠House Vlog: Kitchen Renovation Part 1 🏠

🏠House Vlog: Kitchen Renovation Part 1 🏠

– Hello and welcome back to another renovation vlog. And today is gonna be basically revolved all around the kitchen. Our idea for the kitchen was to kind of play on the white kitchen, but kind of add in some
other types of elements, for example island cupboards or cabinets, they’re not cupboards, cabinets, they’re going to be black and with what is it called,
calcatta laza stone on top, and then an actual
perimeter of the kitchen it’s white cabinets, lower and upper, with black countertop. I think it’s like a
leather granite countertop, we actually looked at it,
we like the idea of it, we love the texture, we liked kind of mixing and
matching the colors together. And how we’re doing this
kitchen within budget is, we’re ordering the cabinets and
they’re coming to our house, and we’re actually putting
them together ourselves with the help of Andrey’s
twin brother Mark. So basically, I wanna run you through what we did, how we put it together and kind of where we are in the process. So, last week, we actually
got our cabinets in, for the perimeter of the kitchen, we got the lower cabinets,
the upper cabinets and then the upper, on
top of the upper cabinets. So we’re doing, making sure we’re going all the way up to the ceiling, pretty much with the upper cabinets, and Andrey and myself, we actually put the lower cabinets together in two days, so the first day we kind of
started late in the evening, we just wanted to put a
couple of cabinets together, just to see the process, se
how difficult it’s going to be. So the next night, we put
all the cabinets together and I will show you guys right here. Honey, what are we doing? – We’re putting kitchen cabinets together. – [Milana] Nice. So, we’re actually
putting our third cabinet. We already made several
drawers over there, now we’re putting 15 inch,
we put a 30 and then a 24. So this one is a drawer with doors. You excited? – Yeah.
– [Milana] How is it going? – It’s pretty good, I
mean it’s time consuming but it’s relatively easy. – [Milana] Yeah, it’s
actually not too bad. And we’re done with our 15
inch cabinet and drawer. – [Andrey] All the drawers.
– [Milana] Yeah, the drawers are actually drying right there, so these are all soft-close,
which is so nice. There it is.
– [Andrey] Wait for it, there you go.
(Milana laughs) – [Milana] Yeah, we have, pretty much like 40 more of these to put together. We got this, babe.
– Mm-hmm. – We got this. All right, it’s the next day
and it’s actually night time, it’s dark outside. We just finished putting all of the lower kitchen
cabinets together, Andrey and myself, and it feels so good. Honey, how does it feel? – To finish some of it up?
– Yeah. – It feels good.
– It feels really good. Let me quickly show you guys the progress. So, we mostly have all pull-out drawers, but I think the smallest is a 24 inch, and I believe it’s going right there, and then we’re gonna have a 30, a 30 and then here we have a 30 inch, this is the corner piece,
this one actually took us a little over an hour to put together. We didn’t put the inner shelf
in before we closed the top, so basically Andrey had to unscrew this and basically had to take it apart and shove it underneath inside, and then put the back
and the top on again. So, yeah, everything
is done for the bottom, and all the shelves or all the drawers are actually drying down from the glue, these ones are ready from last night, these already dried and
then these are from today that we did. So, yeah, it’s kind of
a crazy mess in here. But, it’s a good mess. And then tomorrow, we’re gonna
start doing the top shelves, we’re gonna cover all of those holes and the top shelves are going up and then the bottom shelves or
bottom drawers and cabinets, they’re getting installed. How are you feeling? – Tomorrow we’re gonna
have something hanging. – [Milana] Yes, something so excited. You excited? – Yes, it’s kind of started
looking like a kitchen. – (laughs) Yeah. That same night it was getting late I was getting tired and Andrey
actually started putting some of the upper cabinets together, the very, very upper ones. We have different heights in the kitchen. It’s roughly 10 feet, but
it’s a little below 10 feet, it’s like 9 feet and 11 inches. So, it’s a very awkward height, so we had to make sure
we measure correctly of how high we want our cabinets to go. We still wanted a little
bit of space at the very top to add a nice thick molding. There was a lot of planning
involved with this kitchen of how we want the cabinets to sit, how many cabinets we want to sit, so we kinda came along some, some setbacks. So, because we wanted to add the upper cabinets to the top cabinets, we had to make sure
that we had enough space to fit cabinets in there. So for the top cabinets
we went with the 42 inch and then on top of it we went at 18 inch. So we wanted to go with
24 on top of the 42, but then we could only
fit 23 and 1/4 I believe, so we couldn’t fit the
24 cabinets up there. So we decided, you know
what, let’s just make it a little bit less, go with 18 inches and have a little bit of space left to add the molding. So, that’s what we did. So then we finished, they started putting
the kitchen actually up. They first started with
the upper cabinets, the top cabinets and
then the upper cabinets, just to see how it’s gonna sit, where we wanted the 42 inchers to sit, how far from the bottom and then they went in
with the bottom pieces, both Andrey and Mark. So the next part was trying to figure out how to install the range cooktop. just because we have a gas pipeline, and it’s on one specific side, and we can’t really move it, so we’re like you know what,
we’re gonna make this work, – [Andrey] All right,
so it’s the next day. So for we got and now we have an issue, we have to chop this cabinet up to make this stove top fit. So that’s first task for today. So I had to cut that out, then we’re gonna have to fit
the vent and gas line into it, so we have to cut it
more out on the bottom, and then we’ll have to fit
this downdraft system in, so we’ll have to cut
this guy up even more. Andrey hacked up the
bottom of the cabinet, and we basically shoved it
up, well we didn’t shove it, we did it very gently, and he made it fit. And it looks really good. It’s kind of sticking out a tiny bit, but it looks kind of like statement piece, so I think I’m actually
really excited how it looks, I think it looks really cool, I’m really happy with how it turned out, – That’s when they started
going with the island. We’re actually going
with a waterfall island, with the countertop, just because I don’t
really want the sides open. And then we’re gonna extend
it out a good foot I believe, 12 inches, so we can sit and make it a bar, so I’m really excited about that. – [Andrey] This is approximately how big our island’s gonna be. – Do you guys like my island? Wow. It’s so nice. – [Andrey] It’s going to be
such a huge island actually. – It looked smaller when we mapped it out. Now that it’s actually
up, it looks crazy big I love it! There’s not any custom cabinets, they didn’t have a cabinet
for a farmhouse sink, which is unfortunate, but we knew that before going in because we looked at their catalog, and we just ordered a 36 inch cabinet because we have a 36 inch farmhouse sink which is beautiful, by the way, I’m so excited. They hacked it up again, they had to basically put in some supports on the inside of the cabinet
so the sink can sit in it, because the sink is gonna
sit underneath the stone. And yeah, it looks so great, it’s really coming along, I’m so excited to see it, and when the first couple
of cabinets went up I was just kind of like, wow, that’s actually looking like a kitchen. And I’m really excited for
the other side of the kitchen, like I mentioned, it’s
gonna be some counter space, and then instead of the how
like this old desk area before, so instead of that, we just
built in some pantries, from top to bottom, and I’m excited because we’re
gonna keep in those cabinets, basically a lot of the kitchen
appliances I wanna keep, the standing mixer in one of them, I wanna keep in the other one the tea kettle and the coffee maker, and just kind of keep it out of sight, keeping it in it’s own stationary place I will have to keep moving back and forth, so I’m really happy about that. And they are going to bring, or it’s already installed, but they just have to open up the space for the outlets, for the appliances. So, yeah, the kitchen’s coming along great and it’s been a work in progress just because we are
doing this all ourselves. Honestly, it’s a really good
experience it’s really fun, and that’s how we’re able
to save a lot of money. It’s been a really great blessing
that we’re able to do this and tomorrow they’re actually coming to do the template for the countertops, so excited about that, definitely
gonna vlog all of that. So, this is kind of like, the first renovation of the kitchen, of actually putting some
type of cabinets on the walls and on the floor, an just making a layout. So, I’m gonna show you quickly
what it looks like now, to this date, before they
come in and do the templates, and then on the next
vlog, I really wanna show how they do the templates, how
they install the countertops, and I wanted to go
shopping for some hardware, probably gonna buy
mostly all of it online, we’re gonna paint the kitchen, and, yeah. So, these were all of the lower cabinets that Andrey and myself put together, along with these. So, it is not that many, but
it does take quite some time, just because some of them
are actually quite big. But yeah, this right here
is the range cooktop. It was, I mean you can kind
of see like what he had to do. He had to cut this out, there
was a drawer right here, so the drawer is not gonna happen, and then we’re gonna put a
nice little lip at the bottom, same color as this, and then that’s the
inside of this cabinet. And then I really liked the pullouts, I really wanted to utilize them, and I’m so excited that I actually got the drawers versus the doors. And then we’re still missing
this wall unit over here. This is gonna be the double-oven wall unit which is, I think that’s the last thing that we have to put together pretty much, and then, again, the upper cabinets. But most of them are already put up, they’re just not installed at the top, and then we have this side. This right here is the other
counter space that I have, this is gonna be mostly for storage, and then this right here also for storage, and then again those, you can see a little
bit of space up there, that’s gonna go where the molding is. And this right here is that little, it’s not little, it’s a
really good sized pantry, and then there’s gonna be
upper cabinets at the very top to kind of finish it off. And of course, the doors. The doors are just not installed, they’re just, they still have to cut out for the outlets right inside there. Then here, we have the island. Excuse the mess, we’re
still a work in progress, but I kind of wanna show
you guys a quick layout of what’s happening. So I’m really excited that there is at least something there. So, you can see the black, but then we’re gonna
have the black baseboard, or the footboard at the very bottom and of course the doors and the drawers. So this is the sink, the 36 inch, and then here’s gonna be the dishwasher, that’s why it’s empty. We have a 15, is that a 15 or a… No that’s a 15, a 15 and
then a 24 on that side. So that’s what it’s looking like so far and again, a little quick, that’s how they had to hack it up and then add little supports on the sides to make sure the sink fits very evenly and very comfortably. That makes sense. ‘Cause we kinda had to lower it because it’s going to
sit underneath the stone. And then on this side, this is where they’re adding the 24 inch and then it’s gonna go all
the way to the other side. So we have a 36 on this side, 15, 15, 24 and 24 right here. It looks like a crazy mess, but at least we have most of
the layout of the kitchen done and I think that’s what’s
really exciting to me. I’m actually seeing so much progress and I’m so excited. So, several things like
I said we have to finish, we have to put up the wall
unit for the double ovens, we have to paint everything, all of the stuff that’s gonna be open, we have to put some mud
work on that wall right here, but all of this and all of that, that’s gonna be tile
work for the backsplash, and then we have to finish
this wall right here for the upper cabinets, and just basically put in all the little
spacings on the side. So, yeah, here’s what we’re looking like. I know it doesn’t look like much, but I’m very happy, I
mean it looks like a lot but it doesn’t look finished. I think that’s what I’m trying to say. So, I’m so excited and I’m so happy. Everything’s looking really good. It’s still a crazy mess in there, but listen, I have somewhat of a kitchen, I’m so excited, I think
that’s the best part. I’m so excited to make my
first meal in that kitchen, I already know what I’m gonna make. So happy. But yeah, you guys, thank you for watching,
spending time with me, and the first part of
the kitchen renovation and I will see you in the next one very soon. Bye.

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  1. Messy but worth it..I had a kitchen that had a lot of drawers and I loved it for pots and pans..It worked so well..I had a drawer for spices…and a place to put tall things like a mixer, blender that had a door I could slide down so they didn't show…I love what you are doing with your kitchen…Love the island…It is going to be beautiful when you are finished..Didn't realize Andrey had a twin…They are so handy…Hugs Loretta

  2. Milana: Our biggest challenge is putting together all of the cabinets…

    Me: My biggest challenge would be filling them. 😳

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