🧢Making a pocket hole jig guide/ GUIA tornillo oculto (MEJOR VIDEO KREG JIG)

How are you friends, I’m very happy
that you are there, welcome to this channel that That fixed by Dad, because you’re about
to watch a pure DIY video We start, in video. Well friends and
as always before starting the video I explain a little about what’s going on, friends
from Banggood.com they sent me this tool used to make
hidden holes and join wood in carpentry, is a tool of very
good quality and is an exact copy to Kreg Jig system …. you want to know more about him,
So stay and enjoy the video. Well, I want to tell you before
nothing i want to do about this machine the best youtube video out there, I’ve
seen several but I want to do the more complete … get close images
so you can see the quality of the product and I have also added the guidance system before I forget I want
comment that this is a chinese copy of Kreg Jig k4 system but you have to
take into account two things, one that this Chinese manufacturer manufactures with a quality
extreme and two, that when you buy this system would really be buying
two Kreg systems, which would be the K-4 and the R-3 also to make the video with the
wooden guide we would turn practically this tool in the
K-5 … Stay because the video deserves the shame and it’s very interesting, we start. Well once we have the board ….
keep in mind that always the idea a time I received this tool and saw
some tutorials was to make him a base board because the tool in
yes, having little support base works worse once
let’s put what board works best so if we make some
side braces here and we make some side supports at the bottom
once we place the board we are going To be much easier. The idea
in principle is to make a little base that doesn’t take care of me either
site, we put our tool in line with the board and I’m going to do it in
circle so that it occupies little site and then its sides here …. let’s start and let’s see How we raised it
Well as I commented once we have the base placed to
squad we mark the holes where it is screwed and once we have done it already
We can work much better. We must also take into account the end
in this case the end of the base, because it is what we
will indicate the end of
semicircle or croissant
then with this tool that I have marked more or less here with the help of a nail and a pencil …. we just press here,
we mark …. Well and we would have our semi-circle
done now what are we going to do the next step is trim it Y….. this step i’m doing now
same is the most important, since we have to place completely straight
our tool in the wooden base We have manufactured. Well, once we have our
XK-2 tool screwed to the base of wood, the next step i’m going to do
is to do the profiles at 90 degrees we mark this guide and we will mount some
profiles well as I usually keep traces of wood, I’ve
found this profile that will come to me great, because this height matches
This and this little support. Once we put the woods what
we will place this way I’m going to cut and screw them … and
it’s going to look pretty good, let’s cut it with the miter and let’s
place it Well, we already have our pieces
finished, would be placed in this position, we have to make sure that
they square perfectly and we would have our base finished, what
only thing we have left is pass the belt sander and a little
of sandpaper, let’s do that step and let’s In the end to see how it looks. – – – we disassemble and sand … – – – I leave you the review of this
belt sander in case you want to throw A look – – – Well, as you can see we already have our
guide completely finished, sanded topped off corners … it’s been perfect
and now the time has come to try it we are going to put the two levers
of aluminum that brings us, once the we have placed the
next step, I have prepared some woods with which
we can already support her perfectly and what what we have to do is measure the thickness
of wood, once we have the wood thickness, we have to
move here to this piece, where we mark the centimeters … let’s measure it and
Let’s see how much we put. Good
we have found a small flaw in the theme of guides and levers no, we
let them turn and adjust, as you see I will have to make a recess in this
side and other recess in this, because if I I put the wood
it will bother me to adjust it in agreement… and well, we already have our guide
modified the problem of the levers that touched us on the side guides …
we have it resolved making this solution to the guide, I’ve
been a little researching the subject of the screws and as I said at the beginning
this tool has enough, quite quality and the manufacturer has thought of
any detail, look at the subject of levers, as I said before
we can tighten them but if we stay in a position that
it didn’t suit us, the manufacturer has thought about it and as you see it has a
small spring each screw on which we can modify the position
of the lever we want to put. The truth has left me quite
surprised this detail now let’s do
the test, as I said before here I have a pallet bar
I’ve already measured it, but come on what we can measure again and as you see it measures
18 mm I’ve been doing some small tests
with her before recording this shot and you I have to comment that if for example the
ribbon as I said measures 1.8 here it has to be half that is
to be approximately 9 millimeters we lower our tool
up to 9 mm approximately we tighten the levers and now
We would have it ready. The next step is to place the drill the
we butt and for the tests that I I’ve done although there are other channels that
they say you have to put it about half a centimeter per
up, I think it’s much better only one millimeter raised, once the
we have positioned one millimeter above,
what we got that when we do the drill we don’t damage the
base of the same tool once I have the millimeter,
we put the ring to the drill and now if we would have everything ready
to make the drill we put our wood press, prepare the drill another detail is that for these
holes ejects all the chips that is taking out of the wood and we would have
the holes done, the only thing that we would have to loosen our
pressure bolt and as you see here the we have two perfect screw holes
hidden … as you see the proximity just for the screw to come out …. another
of the details that this manufacturer is that copy perfectly
Kreg screws the only variant is that here we use head of
star and Kreg has its own head and tip of the screws
Kreg if they have a little system more peculiar and this is a normal system
and current. Now we would place the screw in the
hole and practically what stands out of the screw, is what will come out of the
outer part I’m going to screw it on and you’re going to see what
excels That would be the part that would unite with the
another wood, I think it’s a stretch enough for a ribbon of 1.8 so remember
you have to put half the thickness that gives me the wood in the machine and
what is the drill you have to take practically towards the end a
millimeter above to not damage the tool and there would be perfect
we are going to take a wood of union we would place another screw and now the manufacturer what they give us are
these plastics but what are we going I personally don’t like them
to cover the holes and it would be such which, but I already tell you that I don’t
I like it and I prefer to cover it well with putty or do it in hidden places
where it is not seen as you can see the subject is quite good …
well although these woods well I say they are pallets and are not the most recommended but well the Union is quite good. And as you just saw our guide
with hidden screw system is fantastic
we have tried what the system would be Kreg K-4 which is the whole complete piece,
with the guide we have practically become the Kreg K-5 model,
but also the manufacturer of this tool gives us the possibility of
have two in one, which would be the R-3 system that would be only this piece ….
Now we will use it and I will explain a little how it goes and this piece would be the equivalent in
Kreg to R-3 …. ok then we forget
right now of this and let’s ride this other piece,
The call sign already brings us with the measure in this other piece and we go
to ride it, as I said with the palacas we can vary in the position that
we like more and we would have our R-3 mounted we have to measure the thickness of the wood
and give it half the thickness. If we had had the 1.8 mm one, it would be the half, which we move approximately up to 9
millimeters and we would have it ready, the spring
in case we want to support it in wood and Now let’s see once we had placed the
hole and the only thing we would have left Well, as previously do the drill
and ready, I would have no more history and so we could use our R-3 That we want to use it without a stop, well
we only remove the levers and we would place it
custom, would not have more history only
hold it back with the cat or sergeant and ready Well folks and let’s start the
unpacked as you see it comes presented in this cardboard box which is
of a normal quality and is reflected the XK-2 model
once the product is removed from the box as you see, it comes well packed and
protected now then pulled all the pieces and I show you This kit is composed of our
XK-2 tool equivalent to the K-4 a
bag of screws, both aluminum levers, remember that
are articulated, the neck of the drill which serves as a stop, an Allen key, a
elongated star tip and by course the drill …. and then you
I leave these images up close so that you see the great quality that this
product. Below in comments I leave the link
of the product to have a look and you will see that it is priced very
good. Well folks, I hope they give you a good
like this video since this year the reviews are quite different as
you are watching and I think I am working hard, well now the only thing
I have to say goodbye as always. Every Sunday a more and better video
and see you in the next one because you are made some handyman,

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