10 Easy Home Improvement Ideas

10 Easy Home Improvement Ideas

Home sweet home. Everybody wants to live in
a place where they can feel the homey atmosphere. To get this ambiance, they need to refurbish
their home to become not only a safe haven, but also visually pleasing.
Whether your house is large or small, modern or classic, it still needs to be overhauled
regularly for the sake of your comfort. Next, I present you 10 easy home improvement ideas
that I hope can give you little improvement and activity inspirations that you can do
this weekend. As usual, this list is researched for you by simphome.com 10. Add Accent to Your Bedroom Door with Wallpaper One of the best and most convenient way to
give your home a face-lift is by repainting the wall or replacing the wallpaper. You can
go with wallpaper rather than paint if you want to add more textures and patterns to
your home especially your bedroom since a vast array of wallpapers are available now.
But if you think that covering the entire walls in your bedroom is arduous and takes
up a lot of your valuable time, you can try using the wallpaper to give an accent to your
bedroom or closet door. You only need to cut the wallpaper to size, and attach it on the
door, drawers, or the spots that you want to accentuate. 9. Organize Your Closet Regularly Winter is coming. Now, it is time to reorganize
your closet, so it will have more space for your winter stuff.
Reorganizing your closet is an easy way to overhaul your bedroom. It may seem trivial,
but you will find it useful if you do it regularly. By doing this, you won’t find a disaster
area in your closet anymore. You can begin with organizing your closet
based on the upcoming season. If winter is coming, you can pack your summer clothes and
bedding, and store them in some clear plastic containers. Then bring your scarves, gloves,
and long coats in from storage, so you can grab them in no time when you need them. 8. Replace the Bedding Another easy way to add a new look to your
bedroom is by changing the bedding. Beddings come in various materials, textures, colours,
and patterns, which make them your go-to easy and cheap bedroom improvement idea.
When changing the bedding, pay attention to your bedroom décor so it can bring harmony
into your bedroom. You can always go with the colour of your choice according to your
mood and brush over the interior design, though. But, make sure you don’t create a haphazard
look. Besides the design and colours, you will also
need to pay attention to what the bedding is made of for your ultimate comfort. Cottons,
especially Egyptian cottons, are well-known for their comfort and durability. Flannels,
on the other hand, can trap body heat, which makes them a perfect choice for cold winter
nights. 7. Add More contrasting Colours All-white bedroom can make your bedroom look
larger. However, it can look too stark and hygienic somehow, which makes you feel bored
easily. Don’t be afraid of doing some experiments with colours if you think your bedroom is
getting dull. The best way to incorporate pops of colours
into your bedroom without overwhelming it is by painting the lower half of the wall.
You can go with yellow, orange, blue, or any vivacious colours you like. It won’t ruin
your perfect sleep. It can refresh your bedroom look instead. 6. Replace the Bathroom Tiles or Simply Clean
the Grout Spending a few minutes in the same bathroom
for over a year can be stressful since you see the same tiles, vanity, and walls every
day. It’s boring, isn’t it? Give your bathroom a new look by repairing
the broken tiles or – even better – replacing them with the new ones. But if you think it
is time consuming and requires more money, you can begin with cleaning the grout.
You may not notice that the soap residue and dirt have been trapped in the grout for a
long time, making it look horrible. Cleaning the grout will make your bathroom super clean
and hygienic. You only need to mix ½ cup of baking soda, ¼ cup of hydrogen peroxide,
and 1 tablespoon of dish soap to make the cleaning mixture. 5. Do Something with the Mirror Frame The grooming area is the most visited spot
in your bathroom. You dry your hair, brush your teeth, and even put on makeup here. No
wonder you can feel bored with the look of your vanity especially the mirror.
To give your bathroom a new look in an easy way, you can try dressing up the mirror. Adding
frame to the mirror can add a nuance to your bathroom. If you are bored with the frame,
just ditch it to get a modern look. 4. Add Pattern with Stencil Like wallpapers, stencils come in a wide array
of patterns that will beef any room up, including your bathroom. Doing a wall makeover in your
bathroom is worth trying as it is easy and won’t make you short on cash.
The first thing you need to do is get the stencil you like. Then, paint the wall the
base coat, attach the stencil using painter’s tape, and begin to apply a couple coats of
paint onto the stencil using small foam roller. 3. Try Tin-Tile Backsplash Let’s move to the kitchen!
Backsplash is an important element in your kitchen as it has saved your kitchen from
stains. But, again, seeing the same backsplash for years can be boring. Therefore, you probably
need to replace it immediately. The idea is, Try tin-tile backsplash. They
are affordable, reflect light which makes your small kitchen look more spacious, and
you can clean them “mostly” without breaking a sweat.
Unfortunately, installing them is a different story. And for this reason, I suggest you
to visit link I pasted inside description area. 2. Easy-to-Peel Backsplash for Your Kitchen This is another good option for those who
are thinking about replacing the old backsplash with the new one. Easy-to-peel backsplash
is a simple way to make your kitchen look fabulous.
Just like its name, you only need to peel off the tile from the backing and attach it
to the wall. It is super easy and I am positive everyone can do it well even if they are not
a DIY master. Before we get to number 1, I suggest you to
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every time I upload new video and let’s find out last idea sitting on our top chart. Lastly number 1, Repurpose Crib into Rack Don’t store your pots and pans in your kitchen
cabinets as they can take up a lot of space. Try hanging them over your kitchen island
instead. You will be able to get them faster and at the same time they can adorn your kitchen
as well. You only need to find the railing of a crib,
suspend it using chains on both sides, and add some S hooks to hold the pots and pans
in place. So, those are brilliant home improvement ideas
that you should try. Most of them I believe are easy that you can do the home makeover
yourself like a pro. Happy trying and see you again next time with 10 Home Interior
Makeover Ideas video! That’s it for now, before you leave, like
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Thanks for watching.

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  1. I rent an apartment. Had a boring unframed large mirror in the bathroom. Doing a wood frame was not possible. Used burlap duct tape w a chevron design. Just taped the edge of mirror. Looks great & visually looks like a frame & removable

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