10 Home Makeover Design Ideas Before and After

10 Home Makeover Design Ideas Before and After

Living in the same house for years can be boring. What makes it worse is the same furniture and its layout that you have to see again and again. You definitely need to renew the look of your home to get rid of the boredom. Whether you want to add a subtle nuance or do a total makeover project for a brand-new look, these 10 home makeover design ideas will inspire you to create a better place to live in. This list is compiled for you by simphome.com and you’ll find the link inside description area. 10. From Plain to Colorful Bedroom Downsizing the furniture and sticking to white when it comes to a small bedroom is your safe bet. It can make your small bedroom feel more spacious. But, what’s the point if you diminish the cheery look and end up creating a bland bedroom? You can still add some pops of colors though of course, but don’t go overboard and don’t keep the lights out. This bedroom used to bland and boring. Everything kept down to a minimum, so it had more space to move through. After being overhauled, it finally gets a facelift. More colors are added here without making the bedroom look more cramped. The key is sticking to light colours and kept it in checked and balanced. Rich colour stencil of the wall is another reason why the idea is included in the list. Lastly, two wall-mounted shelves are installed to incorporate additional storage solutions and host greenery that adds a dramatic backdrop to the space. 9. Vibrant Yellow Turns into a Tranquil Bedroom Vibrant yellow used to rule this bedroom a lot. Although yellow is the color of joy that can give positive vibes to the space, too many yellows especially the vibrant one can hinder you from getting a perfect sleep. Pale yellow would be a better choice. And when it is combined with wainscoting panelling, it can make a pretty good accent wall. Another brilliant change that you can see here is a sliding barn door that adds farmhouse flair. The floor-to-ceiling curtains expand the window visually and it makes the bedroom look a little bit bigger. 8. Old-fashioned to a Sleek Bathroom transformation This bathroom was old-fashioned with pink tiles and black accent tiles. The homeowner decided to refurbish the bathroom and the result is a refined bathroom that look sleek and modern. First thing that the owner did to upgrade his bathroom is ripping off the walls that separate the grooming area and the bathtub. White and black hues are used to provide a timeless charm and sleek look. He chose a large frameless mirror as a main centrepiece and it coupled with a framed mirror to accentuate and balance the style of the bathroom. 7. Tired Bathroom has Turned into Coastal-themed Bathroom The owner of this bathroom has transformed its tired look bathing area into a fabulous coastal-themed bathroom. The beige wall has been painted white with mosaic turquoise tiles that denote the coastal theme immensely. The cabinet and drawers have been replaced with a wall-mounted bathroom sink, allowing users to have more floorspace. A mirror cabinet is installed to provide ample storage space without taking up lots of floorspace. This is a good way to make the most of a tiny space. 6. Working to living room transformation idea This living room used to be a cozy place to work at home with only three armchairs and large table. But now, it has turned into a cozy place to welcome guests or just banter with family. To make a cozy living room, the homeowner decided to replace the large square table with a smaller one, so he can serve extra space to move through. He also replaced the black drawers with black leathered-sectional-sofa that is shoved against the wall. A rainbow-like rug lies on the floor, adding pops of colors to the bold armchairs and sofa. As a glamorous touch, copper pendant lights and fancy framed-mirror are added. Along with new wall décor and plants. 5. A Cozy White Living Room idea This living room was like a blank canvas, ready to be painted. And that’s what the homeowner did. By exploring his creativity, he has got a cozy white living room. This living room uses off-white furniture to bring serenity into the space. The white loveseat provides sufficient space to sit back and relax. A small ottoman can be used as an additional seat. A white sisal rug lies on the wooden floor, matching the decor perfectly and a planter with fiddle-leaf fig is used to add a lively lift as well as filling the awkward space in the corner. 4. From Old Style to a Farmhouse Kitchen style This old kitchen was quite practical, but it lacked style. Therefore, the homeowner added some twists to the fixtures, cabinets, and wall. He refaced the cabinets by replacing the old doors with shaker cabinet doors. Next, He replaced the pulls with copper cup pulls and knobs. Next, to enhance the farmhouse style, apron front sink is used to replace the old one. And last, wood pallet is used to cover one side of the walls which add a little bit of rustic touch to the kitchen and warmth. 3. From A Traditional kitchen design to Modern One One of the best ways to give a brand-new look to your home is by changing its style, just like what you can see in this kitchen. It used to be a traditional kitchen with classic furniture like wooden cabinets along with the trims and the old-school stools. But now, it has turned into a modern kitchen with minimalist look. The sleek gray cabinetry matches the flooring immensely, the black granite countertops lend an upscale look to the kitchen, and they lead to our backyard transformation topics. 2. From Bland Backyard to an Outdoor Entertaining Area If you have a spacious backyard, but you fail to make use of the space, you can try this garden makeover option. By adding a pergola and patio, you will get an outdoor entertaining area where you can relax and relieve your stress while enjoying the spectacular view. Adding a water fountain at the centre of the backyard will infuse a serene ambiance. Hanging planters jazz the pergola up while escorting guest to the patio. And If your backyard is larger, invest few seconds to find final idea of this list. Before we got number 1, I suggest you to press subscribe button if this this channel is new to you. Get new update automatically everytime I upload new videos. And let’s find out the last idea sitting on top chart. 1. A Beautiful Low-Maintenance Garden idea Are you struggling to create an exquisite backyard landscaping, but you are reluctant to do the regular maintenance? You can opt for a low-maintenance backyard landscaping like this one. You only need to replace the lawn with gravel and make a pond in the middle. You will also need to make a pathway as the access to the pond. You can add a bench if necessary, so you can relax by the pond. The great thing about this idea is you don’t need to do regular maintenance like mowing the lawn or watering the plants every day. Done. So, there are many ways to add visual appeal to your home. I hope some these home makeover ideas are new to you and they will inspire your home transformation. Turn it to become a better place for you, your family, and any guests you’ll meet in a near future. That’s it for now. Before you leave, like this video, if you truly enjoy it, comment it or share it with anyone close to you in your social media account. Or email lists. Browse and follow simphome website. For more home decor and makeover ideas. Lastly, see you again later with more videos like this in the near future. And until that time, thanks for watching.

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  1. With all due respect Slidehouse. You are either being dishonest about this kitchen update or you are coming from a place of ignorance. There is NO WAY this kitchen was merely just updated by changing the door fronts. This is a full kitchen remodel. That means they did a complete gut of the kitchen, redesigned the kitchen with a new layout, bought ALL NEW cabinets, appliances, countertops and fixtures (sink, wall treatments and faucets). The first kitchen had a 3/4" overlay door, was poorly layed out and gives poor storage. This kitchen costs about $50,000 to $70,000 to FRESHEN up! Big difference that just changing out some hardware……

  2. kitchens are not before and afterrrrrrr. They are 2 different spaces. especially that 2 kitchen. Not trolling but you should not mislead people in the kitchen dept.

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