oh, oh,help,help! What’s up youtube? – so my buddies at Vat19 hooked me up with so mad matter lots and lots of Mad matter so today I’m going to fill my bathtub with mad matter shout out to Vat19 check them out I’ll put a link in the description below and if you want to purchase some of these mad matters I’ll also put that in the Description below you find it at the Vat19 store. It’s so crazy. It’s kind of like a mix of like sand and Play-doh look at that that is so cool! Look at that. I’m going to try to stretch it and you can see the sand just like dissolve and reshape it form and if you hold it in your hand like this It’ll slowly fall down as gravity tries to capture it you see it falling down? there it is But then if you squeeze it it dense it up, you can roll it into a ball really quick I’m going to grab a giant chunk, and I’m going to show you how cool and crazy this thing is. Oh my God isn’t that cool. Oh? You see it. It looks so awesome wow Whoa? Oh your that, you can stretch it. forget fidget spinners mad matters where is that right now? This is so addicting There’s nothing else to do except fill my bathtub with this. So, let’s do this alright. So right. Here We go here is box number One look at this It’s like a block, but it’s not block is where you can tear it up pull it so oh my gosh That’s addicting to watch alright hold on here. We go. Box number one check this out. It’s like hard as concrete But then if you just pull it gently it pulls right out. It’s just so cool! Why is it so cool! Look at that! We go his box number, two. Oh my! Wow, look at this one this so much mad matter. Oh my God looks like a green giant kit kat Oh, wow that is so awesome whoa I’m gonna turn this apart here, whoa. Yooo! this is the Weirdest thing ever here’s another one oh my gosh! this is one of the funniest Bath videos I’ve done cause this thing is just so fun to play with man cut it right in the middle cool. Whoa whoa box number four? I can wear like a hat hows my hat is it cool. Oh, my hairs all matter-y man this is mad man What’s the matter – what’s the Mad? Here we go. Here’s box number five it just feels so smooth. I just wanna. I just want work that whoa gravity Box number six. Oh put this in my foot. Yeah, some right here too – nice sweet box number seven ah There you go. Let’s see this and wow look at it crumble wow, wow All right here We go last box he we go oh Yes, oh I’m gonna let it like hug me oh sweet I’m just gonna let it settle there you go if you want some mad matter let me know in the comments down bellow or let Vat19 know go to their site and get it. This is so awesome. Definitely worth for sure alright Let me just fix it up a little bit. Oh, let me just crumbling all right Give me one sec okay, so after having all this mad matter, settle through it looks like a this, this is a cool But it’s really heavy on the body, but at the same time It’s really peaceful like I could sleep here if I wanted to but I check this out like the best thing about this is you Can play with it while you’re bathing in it? Is that cool here. I can I can shape it So let’s pretend it a shark in the bathtub, okay? Let’s make some shark fins with all this mad matter there you go. There’s a shark in the water see Wow, see there’s a shark here. There’s a dolphin. You can be whatever you want, okay? I can make a sand castle right here in my belly if I wanted to do let me just make a sand castle Really quick. I made a little snowman with this mad matter it’s like Shrek’s house since everything is green like guava juice let’s give this video a big thumbs up for mad matter because this is so awesome wow So heavy – I can’t move I can take you with me. wait, hold on hold on, oh no. the snowman, the snowman fell and died! no! There you go his name is mad matter snowman that’s awesome dude the thing about the snowman is you can disassemble it quickly see check that out its disassembling But at the same time you can assemble it just as fast See this is awesome I’ll put this snowman right here Alright nevermind Let me show you something really cool real quick. So he see this pull it from this angle It makes a really cool like texture, but then again you can just crumble it like this It’ll be back to its solid state But then if you pull it apart like this very satisfying wow I made a mad matter cap. Oh wait is falling here We go, I’m gonna use all my force. This is pretty heavy in my end. Oh Come on. Come on push this away wow mad Matter What’s the matter man? I’ve been under that for like a while. It’s not even that messy at all man check that out This is called the mad matter Cannon ball here. We go three two one go It is so dense! Look it’s like quicksand, I’m like slowly sinking in you can see my feet sinking slowly Wow, that is so cool what so I have a flat piece of mad matter So let’s see if my face will be imprinted if I put my face in here. here we go. Oh Oh, kind of. You can see the nose this fells so good it feels like a blanket. Why does this feel like a blanket? wow Yeah, well your beauty gurus if you’re watching this try some mad matter on your face. It kinda feels good. It’s good foundation. this is so cool! what the heck? I’m doing a hand stand ! oh! That was scary. Oh my gosh check that out. My head rate. That is awesome. I can’t stop playing with it this is so fun, this is called the mad mattr backflip here We go. I can’t do a backflip. I don’t want to hurt myself here. We go. I’m just going to jump on it Let’s see how far of a deep divot. I could make Wow, this is very dense. This is like sand playdoh except it’s not mad matter look at that. So really quick I just want you guys to see this because it looks visually Appealing and it just feels good in my fingertips here look at all that mad matter doing it’s thing , man Look at the Ripples and all the things it is conguring out of it and once you push it it’s going to be smooth see Smooth again this is awesome. I love you so much alright. So how well does this work has a ball so we go? I’ll throw this in the wall right there It’s still a ball It’s still a ball. What if I throw it like Midway, not harden here. We go a it crumbled Well anyways thanks you all for watching! – Lets get this video to 100,00 likes for uh- Mad matter special thanks to Vat19 for supplying me with all this this is amazing This is so much, if you ever have a chance in your life Take a bath in some mad matter because it’s just fun probably going to leave this here for like a month Thank you, all and I’ll see you guys next time stay juicy Captions by The Artistic Troublemaker (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ STAY JUICY!


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