11 DIY Home Decor Ideas: Upcycle, Recycle and More DIY Hacks

11 DIY Home Decor Ideas: Upcycle, Recycle and More DIY Hacks

Jacob and Emily just found out their
front yard was messed up, which is a shame because it took Emily quite a few days to set it up. Such a bummer! Hey kids watch where you’re kicking that ball next time! any chance you can salvage these wood pieces? I’m sure they can be used for something. There it is Jacob! Once you’ve collected the sticks set them aside for a second and grab yourself an A3 sized sheet of paper. Bend it in half and use scissors to cut out a heart symbol. Cut out the wood pieces and lay them down within the outline use hot glue to connect all the sticks together. Three wooden pieces should be strong enough to keep it intact. Add a short rope and glue the sides. Now flip it over need the paper anymore. Lastly use acrylic paint with a sponge and layer it on. Acrylic paint works best to color the wood and give it some personality. Good job, Jacob. You sink the day and really crafted your way into Emily’s heart. It’s a brand new day for Emily as long as the sun is out let’s get those flowers some vitamin D, shall we?! Darn that’s a bummer. How many light bulbs did you change this month already? it’s time to go eco-friendly! Meanwhile let’s put these light bulbs to good use. I feel like Emily has a trick under her sleeve. First you’ll want to deconstruct the light
bulb using pliers and remove the electrical footing now grab an awl and
make a couple of holes on the opposite sides we’ll use them for a wire hanger
now lastly just pour in some water and stack it with flowers inside that’s it
just hang them on your curtain frame using jute ropes nature and Technology
working together can be magical emma has been working on one of her old puzzles
she found under the bed unfortunately it looks like she might be missing quite a
few pieces it’s crazy how easy it is to lose them can’t find those missing
puzzle pieces don’t throw it out just yet Emma especially when you have the
frame laying in the bed although it’s all scratched it can still
do the job let’s combine these two items instead simply use some hot glue to
stick your cardboard puzzle pieces all over the frame
spray some paint outdoors and you got yourself a newly redesigned picture
frame fill the photo inside and you’re done
jess is going through some clothing ideas she found in various fashion
magazines oops so much for the newly set up cork board it literally got shattered
to pieces is all of it going into the trash I think you just came up with a
genius idea there Jess lay down the cork board and use a utility knife to cut out
a hexagon shape paint it but make sure to use sticky tape for some cool
outlines the best part about hexagons is that they fit together perfectly giving
you a unique visual on the table while having your friends over for some tea
well good morning Jacob how did you sleep
ready to grab your daily news oh wow it looks like your paper boy is getting
better with his throwing skills so much for customer satisfaction right let’s
salvage this baby by placing your broken pot in the saucer then fill in some soil
on the unbroken planter side and secure the remaining broken pieces within the
soil together with a couple of small plants
continue to add marble wooden or rock accessories and or pretty much anything
you have laying around ancient toy castle right on Jacob that looks way
cooler than the typical planner you would see in a garden the redesign pot
looks like a miniature fairyland hopefully no more breaking news Madison
is quite hungry and her mighty fridge surprisingly still has a sandwich in
there let see her one hour later tomato tomahto why not one more hour later
cauliflower that’s all you got left hey it’s moldy no don’t throw it away
just yet you can still use the other half right or at least save the day with
a cool hack first grab yourself a plastic bowl fill it up with cement
two-thirds should do the trick and add some water almost to the top find a spoon and give it a serious mix
this is where the cauliflower comes in flip it and neatly dip it into the bowl
leave it overnight and then the next day remove the vegetable flip the bowl and
drop out the piece at this point you might want to sandpaper the base go
ahead and give it a quick paint job perfect you’re done what an affordable
vase thanks to the cauliflower detailing feel free to fill it up with all your
drop in accessories I see those cross didn’t kill your appetite medicine
hey crafty pandas I hope you’re enjoying this video as much as jacob is let us
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below we read them all jacob found a new hobby for himself as a mini garden
enthusiast he’s been taking care of his plans for a couple months now sadly it
looks like one of his green babies just died and so did his light bulb obviously this has made him a bit too
emotional Jacob you need to relax wait don’t throw it out we would actually be
able to combine these two loss items to create something new using pliers and a
screwdriver we can carefully deconstruct the lightbulb broken glass can be
dangerous so be cautious and always use safety gloves to protect yourself grab a
screwdriver to remove the electrical foot next we are going to use our pliers
to remove the glass mouth the remaining parts can be emptied out
with some thorough shaky place the bull the top of glass or cup for supporting
during the next step use a funnel to pour some sand inside take something
like a chopstick to even it out once again use the funnel to drop a handful
of white gravel a bit of moss for that nature vibe lastly place our green baby
inside in order to bring our light bulb to life place the light bulb piece on a
driftwood for a lovely beach vibe perfect
Jacob reused his broken lightbulb to give his cute little plant a home anna
is a complete bookworm unfortunately it seems as though anna’s bookshelf can’t
handle any more books she obviously has too many books and
some of them need to be removed for example this look is a total waste of
time and these two are simply outdated all of them deserve to be reused for a
more useful purpose let’s grab several of these useless books and use some
super glue to build a book tower purposely stack them in a slightly
rotated fashion while still keeping the overall structure centered add as many books as you would like I
find 15 is usually a good number open the top look and using a razor cut out a
square shape through some of the pages paint the whole shelf light there we go
and I managed to reuse her unwanted books and created an eye-catching
nightstand which sets the mood perfectly for a bookworm reading session not only
can it be used as a coffee stand but it can also double as a secret place to
store midnight snacks now now every bookworm deserves a bit of sugar once in
a while Jacob is about to rock out to some vinyl at home that slight hiss is
just so soothing to the air unfortunately he dropped his cup and
damaged one of his vinyl records Wow Jacob classy move not sure if it’s
playable buddy maybe we can still put this vinyl to good use yes it’s definitely damaged using a
ruler and eraser create a single line on the outer edge of the inner circle this
is where we grab our lighter and light things on fire
just kidding be careful though melt the line and gently bend the record in a 90
degrees angle give it a minute to cool it off and
you’re done you’re bent vinyl can now be used as a
sofa coaster which is going to provide you with a solid surface for your daily
poppy no more pills this funky piece can also be used as a wall shelf to display
your favorite items or book it good job Jacob the show must go on hey panda
lovers I hope you enjoyed these packs let us know which of them you’re going
to use next in the comments down below if you want to learn more feel free to
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