15 Creative Home Designs That Will Inspire You

15 Creative Home Designs That Will Inspire You

– [Reacher] If you want
something a bit more adventurous than the cookie cutter homes
of modern day suburbia, then we have some options for you. This is Reacher with Minds Eye Design and here are 15 crazy homes
you need to check out. (subdued electronic music) Number 15: Building a home around a
tree isn’t a new concept but there’s something about
this first entry on the list that makes it stand out from all the others that have done so. The tubular shaped structure is designed to wrap
around the entire tree, enveloping the trunk and branches. Metal columns support the
floor-to-ceiling windows with concrete and wooden flooring separating the four
levels of living space. A spiral staircase allows
access to every level as well as adding to the
effect of making the tree the central focus of the tower. The estimated price of $325,000 may seem a bit high to some people but those 360 degree panoramic views may just change your mind. (subdued electronic music) Number 14: The design of this contemporary home is based on the pit dwellings of early Japanese architecture. The pyramid shape contains three levels with the communal floor
set about three feet below ground level. It’s composed of a living
room, dining area and kitchen with windows running corner to corner on all four sides. The upper floors contain
the bedrooms, bathroom and office space. Each level is connected by a staircase that rises through an open
center space in the floors. The floor space adds up to
a modest 1250 square feet. The modern minimalist interiors are a sharp contrast to
the ominous black exterior and its lack of windows. Number 13: If an architect from the future designed the great pyramids of Egypt this is probably what they
would have looked like. Not much is known about the structure other than the basic details. It was originally
designed and built in 1982 for the architect’s personal use. The two-storey single family dwelling has roughly 3600 square
feet of living space which includes four bedrooms
and two-and-a-half bathrooms. The home last sold in 1995 for $375,000. It’s currently valued at around $814,000. I’m guessing this house
is immune to depreciation. Number 12: This house is claimed to be
the thinnest house in the world measuring just four feet
at its widest point. The triangular shaped
structure is a 150 square feet in total area and sits on stilts between
two existing buildings in a space roughly five feet wide. The house is accessed underneath using a retractable
staircase that also serves as part of the first
level’s floor when raised. A bathroom, kitchen,
dinette area and living room make up the first floor. A wall mannered ladder
leads to the second floor where the sleeping area
and study are located. There’s also a third floor attic
area for storage if needed. Number 11: This home looks like a big
chunk of the death star landed on earth after it exploded. If you don’t know what the death star is then you can safely
assume we aren’t friends. This isn’t your run of the
mill dome house though. The designers intended it to
look like an incomplete puzzle with some of the areas scaled up and down just enough to retain the original shape. The floor plan has a
bedroom, kitchen, cellar and main living area with the deck and gardens on either side. The upper floor has three more bedrooms and a secondary living area. There’s also a rainwater collection system that provides water to the gardens. Who knew the empire employed such devices? Number 10: This split-level home
should be the blueprint for all future silo projects and it’s all contained in a
340 square foot living space. The owner took approximately 18 months to complete the project while designing all the furniture and cabinetry from scratch. A sliding door opens up to a main floor
that has the full kitchen, a bathroom, dinette and living room. A spiral staircase leads to a loft that houses the bed and storage areas. The skylight sits where the
silo’s oculus would normally be. There’s also a floor-to-ceiling window that spans both floors with the lower half serving
as the main entrance door. All of this adds more
than enough natural light to make anyone feel right at home. Hey everyone! Be sure to hit that subscribe button and click on the bell icon to keep up with all the latest
videos from Minds Eye Design. Number nine: The owners of this three-storey home were going for eco-friendly
and self-sufficient when they built it. Not only did they build a cob house, they took it one step further and covered the house
with a geodesic dome. The dome does more than just protect the house from the elements. It also provides an area for gardening that can be used throughout
more of the year. The airflow in the dome is maintained using a system of underground pipes. The constant temperature of the earth ensures warm air in the winter
and cool air in the summer. Wenson windows in the house allow air circulation
through there as well. It sounds like a lot of
work to build this setup. But just imagine just
laying on that top deck, watching a thunderstorm through the dome. Number eight: Not much is known about
this little one-room house but the story goes that back in 1968 a group of friends thought that a rock in the middle of the river would be an ideal place
for building a house. So that’s exactly what they did. The materials for the building
had to be rowed to the rock. Then everything was built by hand. It’s claimed that the tiny shelter has withstood the rising tides
of the river all these years but you can see from the photos that modifications have
been made to the house including a new roof and paint job. Although it’s accessible
to anyone with a raft, the home is actually private property that is still used by one of the builders for a vacation getaway. Number seven: Like most others on this list there aren’t many details available. But what is known is that
this business owner decided he’d build a house on top of this factory due to overcrowding because China. The multi-room houses look
nice and very well built from the ground level. They even mirror each other in their form with balconies overlooking the city. Unfortunately, the houses
are going to be torn down due to design issues and safety concerns for the workers in the factory below. Usually the boss can do
whatever they want, right? I guess not in China. Number six: It’s not actually livable
but this upside-down house is definitely a piece of creative genius. It looks as if it is balancing
on the apex of the roof. The car in the driveway and the tree beside the porch
are an added touch as well. The house is open to visitors and can be accessed by
walking on the ceilings. The living room has furniture, a fireplace and even a Christmas tree. The kitchen has plates of
food on the dining table and you can even go into the bathroom and look up into the toilet bowl. If you sneak up into or should I say down into the attic, you’ll find an assortment of
toys scattered everywhere. Before you leave just make sure to take
some really cool photos doing your best imitation of Spider-Man. Number five: Would you believe this
is actually a real house and not an oversized play place for kids? The owner not only got approval for this but was able to stay within
building codes in the process. The house looks like an oversized VW bug. And though it looks crazy it’s actually very
functional on the inside. Aluminum spiral staircase connects all three of the floor levels which provide about 900
square feet of living space. Large windows allow natural
light and ventilation which add to the energy
efficiency of the home. The owner spent a little
over one million dollars building this thing. Then he turned around
and built a restaurant inspired by the house. How’s that for carchitecture? Number four: This house was built during
the flying saucer craze of the 60s and 70s for
a reported $250,000. The designer built it for
his son on a place called, check out this name, Signal Mountain. A retractable staircase allows access to the
2000 square foot home. In addition to the three
bedrooms to two bathrooms, the house has most of
the original fixtures and lots of retro furniture. There’s also a balcony in case you need to make a quick escape from that alien with that probing thingy. Although a standout when
it comes to quirkiness, the house hasn’t managed
to retain its value. It last sold for about half
of its original cost in 2008. Number three: Don’t let the name of this one fool you. This entry isn’t about architraaz or that famous wrestler who thought everybody could
smell what he was cooking. The official name is Rockland Ranch. But it’s referred to as The Rock by the people living there. It’s actually a series of homes that have been blasted and
carved into a sandstone rock near Moab, Utah. The sub-terrainian caverns
were created in the 70s. Then modern homes were constructed inside and over time have been
furnished with amenities such as electricity, running
water, and internet access. Currently, there are
about a hundred people still living there. Number two: This former water tower clocks
in at almost a 100 feet high. Around 2007, it was renovated and turned
into a single family home. A total of seven levels
are used in the home that includes a two car garage,
a guest room, an office, a bedroom with a domed ceiling,
a living room, kitchen, dining area and a bathroom
with a 15 foot high shower. There’s also a steel
bridge on the fifth level that leads to a terrace with
360 degree panoramic view and an outdoor shower. And yes, if I lived here, I would go on the roof
and throw water balloons at passerby on a daily basis. Have you found your future home yet? If not, this last entry on the
list might be the one. Don’t forget to comment after the video and let us know what you thought of these off the wall choices. Number one: This 914 square foot house has a spacious interior
composed of 21 floor plates arranged at various heights. They’re attached to a wide
steel-framed structure with glass walls and a glass ceiling as well as areas that
are open to the outside. Although minimalist in design, there is a lot of furniture due to every level having a purpose. Moving from one area to another is easy due to the intuitive nature of the design as well as stairs that are incorporated into some of the floors. The lack of walls is supposed to make it easier to connect with the other inhabitants,
promoting co-existence. So if you think you’ve
got nothing to hide, then try spending a few days in this one. You might just change your mind. – Hey guys! This is Cassie. I hope you guys enjoyed this video. Tell us in the comments below what you found to be the
most interesting and why. Also, if you haven’t done so yet, make sure to hit the bell notification next to the subscribe button to stay up to date with
all of our latest videos. Thank you for watching! I’ll see you guys next time. (upbeat rock music) ♪ Here’s tomorrow and I’m holding on ♪ ♪ Search for the lost ♪

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    So enough with your anti-China propaganda! The fact of the matter is the USA has become, in many respects, more oppressive than China! Trying to go across the US customs at an airport or seaport could take hours. I never have to wait more than 15 minutes dealing with the Chinese customs and they are always warm and welcoming unlike the US customs that always treat you like youโ€™re a criminal and always test your patience and personal privacy limits as well as trying to find something to lock you up with!

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