16 Doable “Double” Home decor ideas

16 Doable “Double” Home decor ideas

Because 2 is better 1. This is 16 Totally Doable DIY Projects That All Solve More Than One Problem by Ashley McGetrick 1. This darling divider that doubles as a mirror: Change your clothes and check yourself out, all in one shot. General instruction: Take all necessary precautions to build this mirrored changing screen safely. Work on a clean level surface, free of imperfections or debris. Always use straight boards. Check for square after each step. Always predrill holes before attaching with screws. Use glue with finish nails for a stronger hold. Wipe excess glue off bare wood for stained projects, as dried glue will not take stain. Last important thing: Have fun, take a note and a pencil this time. Just like the old time. No guessing work required, everything you need is already prepared for you if you follow link under this video. 2. These planters that double as house numbers: For the mounted trunk: step 1: Layout where you want the mason jar to be. The lip of the jar needs room so screw in a small piece of wood into the wood slice. Next nail two thin nails into the slots of the hose clamp into the piece of wood step 2: Take a hand screwdriver and tighten the clamp around the mason jar until secure. Add a picture hook to the back of the wood slice for hanging. step 3: Take some sandpaper and smooth out where the number will be. We had a package of vinyl letters and numbers from Home Depot. Peel off the numbers needed and stick them on the wood slice in the desired arrangement. Last step: wrap a few artificial or real flowers in burlap and place them into the jar. I had a little burlap bag leftover from a wedding that was perfect. Now hang up your new sign and enjoy some cute spring porch decor! Next, for the large provide minimum 30 minutes of your life and 5 minutes to read full instruction provided by shanty-2 chic. if you don’t have blank space on your wall by your front door, you can try this idea to breath new life or object to talk to in your backyard. 3. These hanging folding chairs that double as storage when they’re not being used: Your garage will thank you later. Four folding chairs are hanging on the wall, flat like a painting, without any function. By handling, folding and positioning them, they start to fill the space in a playful way and turns into object with surprising functions, which goes beyond sitting. 4. This headboard that is actually a wardrobe: Business in the front, sleepy in the back. if you’re curious with this idea, you’ll find more than 1 way how to fake a headbord. for example: this is On the grid A headboard that doubles as a statement wall. Form and function. Bookworm bias. An eclectic collection of resourceful titles contribute a layer of depth to a minimalist space room. With a View. Fab fitness. Vintage leather gymmats steal. the spotlight in this ultra chic space The exotic escape. Disguise an unsightly background with a chic Moroccan wedding blanket or rug. Through the looking glass. An oversized mirror with an antique finish adds an elegant touch to a classic space. Hang Free And this one where you skip the headbord all together and opt for a whimsical wall with a charming tassel garland. 5. This creative way to stash pens. Perfect way to disguise them from pen thieves lurking around your office. A simple decor project that won’t blow your weekly lazy weekend. 6. A coffee table that transforms for playtime. Company coming over in 5? No problem. A train table and tons of extra storage. (Even if you didn’t have kids, it would be a great place to hide a blanket or your laptop or magazines or whatever else tends to clutter up the living room.) And even if it was just that, it would be beautiful. But the exciting part is when you remove the top and reveal.. And if that weren’t enough, I took advantage of the fact that the removable inset had a large flat finished surface on both sides, and I also threw in a LEGO table in order to guild the lily. 7. This armoire with a hidden work station. Because sometimes work just needs to just be tucked away. featured with chalkboard on the right side functioned as reminders. Custom paint. A cute fabric covered mousepad with some scrap fabric a fabric covered corkboard with the left side door for pinning calendars or other miscellaneous papers. and little tip how to remove oil based primer/paint from your hand- the easy way.. 8. These ottomans that are secretly filing cabinets. V chic. V organized. Check link to find video tutorial crafted with voice over and demo. 9. This crafting table that folds away into wall art. Imagine all your crafting supplies in *one* place? Dreams really do come true. It is a great option for a super-compact home office or crafts space. Since it folds, this Murphy table can offer you a little extra space when you are not using the desk. It is multi-functional, too, as it can serve as a chalkboard or a even mirror! You can modify the shelves and the size of the entire unit to suit any purpose. Need a sewing table, a crafts table or a laptop table? This versatile DIY furniture can be all that! Credit goes to ryobitools project. 10. An outdoor table for the whole family to enjoy. Because ain’t nobody got space for Not bad for a homemade coffee table frame from the 1960’s, scrap wood, leftover paint, leftover cushion foam, and a little rogue thinking 11. A big planter that serves as an outdoor end table by putting the ceramic dish on top instead of underneath: A little coat of paint will have it looking store-bought in no time. 12. This peg board kitchen decor that features your most used pots and pans. Easy access, easy decorating. Like it. It requires two pegboards and five pieces of bracing wood that were the same length as the pegboard. beyond this, it was just fun. While working on it and also after the job done. 13. This coffee station that stashes all of your morning necessities. Crafty and caffeinated.. 14. This toilet paper holder that knows you bring your phone into the bathroom with you. You know, sometimes scrolling through Instagram just can’t wait. 15. This decorative book that also disguises your network devices less than beautiful router. Technology eye sores be gone!. The idea would work with a 50 cents vintage book and a trusty blade. It took me less than a minute to cut the pages out and bend the spine to widen the overall fit. Once the cover was placed over the router, you’ll see the true brilliance of this idea. a simple but effective idea to hide blinking light culprits like the cable modem and home security system. 16. This window pane transformed into a photo collage, shelf, and message station. So lovely. Done.. Hooray for decor that multitasks just as much as you do! Before you leave, Give this video some love with your like or share, Or comment it this video make your heart sing, See you again next time with more surprises and press subscribe button if you never knew visit this channel before. Thanks for watching…

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  1. I love the Murphy table but want to make mine as fold away couch, just need to reinforce it well & bolt to wall studs!

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