1999 Class A renovation transformation!

1999 Class A renovation transformation!

This week on The Roads We Roam Are you ready to see our fixer-upper?
Come inside and I’ll show you around! Before, there were dated valances…
yellowed and broken blinds and wood colored cabinets. We wanted a fresh, clean look, so we painted the cabinets a really fun teal color, ripped out the
valances and updated all the blinds on the walls. We used a peel & stick shiplap
wallpaper to tie it all together. Moving on down the hallway, which was before… a very dark area, we painted all the cabinets and the fridge a bright white
color to brighten it all up – it took about three coats using this Nuvo
cabinet paint kit. Onto the main living area…. originally there was a dinette with
two benches and two sofas in the living-room area and a twenty-year-old,
very green carpet. We needed to address our need for more space and create a
work area, so the first step was to pull everything out and update the flooring.
We chose a laminate flooring that we were able to install ourselves in just
one day! We built the custom bench along one wall that provides a lot of storage.
In addition to plenty of seating we went for a fun beachy vibe in the living area
and incorporated a blue fabric weave peel and stick wallpaper for all of the
walls. We continued to paint all the cabinets white and added in fun prints
on the walls and the pillows. One of our favorite features is a dedicated dog
station. This cabinet stores all of their accessories, food and bowls. Where one of the sofas used to be, we now have Russ’s workstation as
well as a very nice large trash bin. When we are ready to eat or in need of more space to spread out and work, we have a folding table that we can quickly set up and
seat up to six people if needed. We want to know what you think…. please leave a
comment below and if you have any questions about any of the products that
we used we have them all in the description. Feel free to get a hold of us
at any time at www.theroadsweroam.com Russ and I would like to give a big
thank you to this week’s super chat donors…..
BlueWave Odyssey, Stacey Forrest, Travels with Delaney, RV Nomads 365 and Donna Delahanty. That’s all for today, Bye!

50 thoughts on “1999 Class A renovation transformation!

  1. Looks fantastic! Love the colors. So cheerful and the flooring looks so good. Much, much better than carpet. The dog station is genius! Way to go guys!

  2. you guys did a phenomenal job with your RV!
    What paint did you use?
    We painted ours but I think I have to retouch certain areas that have gotten scratches.
    Love the colors and feeling of your RV

  3. Funny you put this up today. My wife was just asking me last night “where’s the video tour of their RV with the renovations.” Looking forward to watching it tonight.

  4. Kerry and Russ it is so amazing. What a transformation! I love the white cabinets and the L couch. And the teal in bedroom! Kerry I loved that you got some pillows. What a great job so open and light.

  5. 🌟WITNESS!!🌟 So well done and in such a short time! I couldn't believe how much more room you created in that renovation and finding the space-saving items that you did to create such a light and airy environment – truly transformative!! PS: Abbey is so photogenic, and clearly loves her new lounge…👍😁 Here's to beachy decor! Love, love, love it!! 💜💚💙

  6. LOVE your beachy theme!!! We had thought about doing it too but realized we had so much southwestern décor that we'd have to spend a fortune! Love the wallpaper and shiplap [spelling?]… would love to see it in person someday! Thanks for the shout out!! Safe travels!!

  7. You definitely brought the finishes into the current decade. What about the sink and kitchen counters? Love how Abbey demonstrated how comfortable the new bench/couch is!

  8. Beautiful reno. I can't make up my mind if I want to paint. We are already thinking of redoing our slide AGAIN! Maybe that will be when we paint.

  9. Totally agree with white cabinets.. makes things look bigger, more modern and just crisper. Adore the sofa material you chose. Just Jealous of the big bed you guys have offer all… But Hey we gotta make concessions since ours is a Class B.
    The floor color is also the one we want. All in all.. when our welding work will be done.. and we start the esthetic stuff ..our color scheme will be very similar. Thanks guys

  10. Love the way you put the colors and feel together. Now it looks like something that you can call your own and no one has a duplicate of. I also like how you made the space feel much bigger as well. Good job.

  11. WOW, that was major! Great job, VERY impressive! You two could go into the RV design business. You have more space and a much better look. Congrats on an excellent job!

  12. looks awesome wow my video doesn't look this good at all you guys are teaching me alot lol might have to change a bit hmm lol

  13. Love the teal color on the cabinets. LOVE the colors and it looks amazing! Thanks you so much for sharing! 👍👍

  14. It doesn’t even look like the same RV on the inside!! Absolutely gorgeous job of renovating it. We can’t wait to see it in person.

  15. I really like the teal against light walls and it all goes well with the dark woods. I bet that was a lot of work to make all those changes despite the minimal space and surface area. Ironically it seems more complicated to do a remodel in a small space than a big space. You two did very well. BTW, make sure to re-seal your windows from time to time. Take the windows completely out after 10 years age of the rig and put in new putty, then re-mount them then quality silicon around, using a clean razor to cut off excess. This will ensure you never have issue with water ever coming in. That butal tape/putty material ages quick, starts cracking and water will find it's way in.

  16. Just beautiful! The colors are joyful and serene at the same time, and I love that the turtle ties it all together. I think the dog feeding station is a terrific idea, too. 👍👍

  17. Cool video and channel!  Love it!  Left ya'll a sub…welcome to visit ours anytime 🙂  Have a great Sunday

  18. Kerry/Russ, the renovation of Boone turned out beautiful. What a difference from before to present. Great job guys.

  19. I have to say that I really like how the bench can be used as a sofa or with the pop up table it can function as a dinette. Two movable chairs and more on the bench. Our new 5er has chairs instead of a booth style dinette but after having it a while I wish it had a half booth with two chairs somewhat like you have there. But that may be a project in the upcoming years ahead. Really like the colors and how it turned out. Are you going to do anything like custom paint on the outside? New stickers or perhaps a new logo on the side for your channel? Just wondering…

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