2 BHK Apt interior design| Cost effective design | Simple and beautiful | Kams Designer Zone Pune

2 BHK Apt interior design| Cost effective design | Simple and beautiful | Kams Designer Zone Pune

All English I’m a controller Yeah, and my mother-in-law Actually we went to access a lot of interior designers or an internet awesome reviews from my friend and My Ally finally shortlist two or three interior designers So I find camp designers I discussed the concept with them I find them very reliable and they were able to You know able to very clearly tell What what are the requirements we have? What kind of house we require they were clearly able to understand that the average while? So actually and we do this out We already had up some furniture with us lacking with out of the house when we shortlisted designs with common and enough she We will not show what to do with all the furniture that we have. So I think size of people who are working with them really come of it by unity us they be laminated a little stuff and Your work I expect you for the matching themes that we have in our house, right? So we were able to pretty much use all the furniture that we already have They made sure that it will be produced with the new team that we have selected Well, this house was a total surprise for us because our children gave us a total surprise as we entered this house because I my daughter was expecting and I came for that and my son-in-law told me we have bonus and flow I said fine buy separate weird. Are you taking us? She said mom, I’m your mama I just just returning and he took brought us to this house a moody one to do or I said wow What a lovely house is like a five-star who has done it. I don’t think you you have done it It’s a job of interior decorator and I think you are the best interior decorator one can ask for lovely combinations color combination a Beautiful. I won’t say House says room, which is very comfortable Where you find everything is in its place amazing. It’s awesome Wow and it’s hats off to face lovely So our basic requirement with Candida was that I want to build a child room Which has ample space or covered study table? That’s a table. And I’m still they will be able to plane them so so Cumberland when actually came up with the idea of willing band and we really like the idea and You know, it has advantage that when I whenever you are not using a bed just by a simple pool. You can move the bat Towards the wall and it gives an ample space for the kids to play You just have to pull it like this it’s very simple easy you don’t have to apply much force ah There it goes in And if you want to Move it out. You just have to put it like this. It doesn’t come off just like that. It will stand here Weird it will come back very easy. It’s very safe for kids to Hi, I’m Alicia and With cams designers. It’s been a wonderful experience. We were on a very tight budget and we had very less time because when a baby on the way But they really understood our requirements very very easily and we wanted a trendy cool warm cozy room and they delivered it to us in In a very very short amount of time and they are wonderful to work with Meenakshi and kummel, they are very down to earth and They really are able to Understand what we really wanted out of this, you know project so thank you so much for turning our house into a wonderful cozy hoop and We look forward to many more projects with you. Thank you so much

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  1. Hello Sir..
    Aapn Ratnagiri mdhe project kru shakta ka? …I am so impressed on our project… I am planning sweet home..

  2. Supb design… For 10L budget how many things you provide to customers it includes all hall kitchen bed furniture, painting and wallpaper sofas all you provide withing that budget Or it need extra amounts.

  3. I love your designs and watch every vedio of yours.
    Can i know where you bought the entrance mirror set???Pls reply sir

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