2 D.I.Y. home decor ideas made out of buttons

2  D.I.Y. home decor ideas made out of buttons

>>Hi and welcome to a new D.I.Y. video Today I’ll show you how to upcycle buttons in two different ways. The first project consists in creating a framed decor just like this one which is perfect for the kids rooms or as a gift. Here is what you’ll need for this first project: some patterned paper, some buttons in different sizes, some hot glue, a frame, some twine, some dimensional stickers, some cardboard, some felt, a pen, scissors and a round lid or a compass Let’s start by disassembling the frame let’s set aside the glass, which we will not use anymore and the cardstock which we will reassemble later. Now let’s use the frame illustrative sheet as a mask to cut our patterned paper in the right size, just like so. It’s time to reassemble the frame laying down the cardstock and the patterned paper. Et voilà! For the next step we will use cardboard and using a round lid, or if you prefer a compass let’s draw the base of our hot air baloon and let’s cut it out making sure the size is right for the frame. Now let’s draw on scratch paper the baloon basket then let’s cut the shape out of the paper and use it as a mask to do the same on the cardboard. just like so. Once our 2 baloon bases are done we can start decorating them. Let’s start with the round part on which we’ll hot glue the buttons until it’s fully covered just like so. Here is the result! Now let’s decorate the basket, let’s place the cardboard base on the felt and let’s cut it leaving at least 1cm on the edges. Then let’s fold the adges and hot glue them to the back of the cardboard. Et voilà, done! Now let’s grab the twine and let’s hot glue it on the back of the baloon. let’s cut it in the right length and let’s repeat this procedure to create the strings that connect the baloon to the basket. Now let’s tie together the strings and let’s hot glue them to the back of the basket. now let’s cut out the exceeding bits. Et voilà! Let’s finish the decoration by hot glueing some strings and a button on the basket, just like so. Now that our baloon is done we just need to adhere it inside the frame using dimensional stickers, like so. Here is the finished frame You can have fun and choose buttons in a different size, or color, you can change the background or change the shape, it could be a good idea to create a heart. And this was the first project, the second is even easier, we we’ll turn the buttons into magnets just like these ones. the project is super easy and here is what you’ll need: hot glue some buttons and some magnets. the procedure is really easy you just need to hot glue the magnets on the back of the buttons. Et voilà, the magnets are done as I told you this project was supereasy we just used buttons, magnets and hot glue and the result is cute. Ok, that’s it for today, as usual I hope you liked this tutorial if so please give this video a thumbs up and to share it, or the blogpost with all your friends because every share helps my channel and my blog to grow. That’s it for today, I wish you a good life and IU’ll talk with you again in my next video…ciao!

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