20 Cheap DIY dollar store decor ideas

20 Cheap  DIY dollar store decor ideas

It shouldn’t always cost a lot to have beautiful decorations. Even for a small budget, there are many options
to choose from. As a matter of fact, you can save money by combining a variety of decors with a small budget instead of choosing just one that gulps
money. If you want to try the variety option, Next, are 20 cheap dollar store home decor ideas that you can choose from. 20. Paneled Mirror.
It is not only a cheap option but also quite simple. You won’t need more than duct tape and glue
which will only cost you about $11. The mirror will look different from the regular
ones after you have finished paneling it. 19. Knock-Off Mirror You’ll need to get more mirrors for this one. You can use the mirrors they usually include
in women’s face powders compact. The round ones will be easier to use, but
any mirrors of any shape will do. In addition to the mirrors, you also need
to get a rounded base. The base case is made of any material. Only, it must be able to be hung 18. Mirror Boxes. You still use mirrors, but these must have four right angles, i.e., they must be either
rectangle or square shaped mirrors. To form a box for each decor, you will use
four mirrors. For the base, you may add one more mirror or any other material that can be glued to the mirror box. The mirror boxes can then be used as little storage containers or organizers for bathroom stuff, jewelry, or other things. They can also be used as vases. 17. Waste Basket. You can make a decoration out of a waste bin that is not used already for trash. Just twist the basket with some rope so that
it looks like an actual decoration. It is a very cost effective idea. 16. Fabric Covered Bins. Not all bins should be for grub. If you watch what you dump in it, you can
turn your waste bin into a home decor. Simply choose a nice fabric to cover the bin
with. You can get any fabric design for a low price
if you don’t already have one. 15. Candle Lampshade Glasses can be used for many other things beside drinking. For instance, you can use them to make a candle
lampshade. If you already have some nice glasses at home,
you will only need to buy some decorative papers. Just cover the glasses with the decorative
papers to turn it into a candle lampshade. To make it even better, use the same type
of glass. 14. Picture Frame Terrarium This is one idea to try if you like having houseplants. It has a similar concept with the mirror boxes, but the decoration here will have a bigger size. Buy some cheap frames and glue the insides
for the terrarium. Use the frames that are smaller for the top. The result will be a vase which you can then
place the plants inside. 13. Picture Frame Jewelry Holder With just a picture frame, you can make a jewelry holder. This time, first cover the frame with linen, then insert as many cup hooks as you want to contain all the jewelry that you want to
hold. 12. Picture Frame Luminaries This idea is to make your photo frames look more beautiful for your photos. It uses a similar concept with the photo frame
terrarium. Glue four photo frames that are holding pictures
together to form a box. Then put a luminous object like a LED candle
inside the box. 11. Magnetic Memo Board. If you are tired of your ordinary memo board, you can renovate it to something with a different
look. Get a metal burner cover that has a flat surface. Beautify it with some decorative or patterned
papers and spray paint it to your taste. You will need a magnet to hold the papers
in place on your new memo board 10. Mail Center. Turn your shower caddy into a beautiful mail post. Paint the caddy with bright, blending colors. You can also do something else with the caddy,
like put house plants on it. 9. DIY Wreath. Get some wreaths according to your budget. Next, take some plastic baskets and cut them
downwards by the sides. Then glue the wreaths to the baskets. 8. Enamel Painted Vases. This is simply applying enamel painting to vases to beautify them. Gather some old vases or get some for a low
price. Then apply a variety of colors to them. 7. Wall Decor for Master bedroom. Make wall decorations for your bedroom on paperboards. Place a glass cloth on the paper board. The idea is to create outlines on which you
can paint on. Spray paint the glass cloth so that the outlines
appear on the paperboard. 6. Decorative Tray. You can make your serving trays look more attractive. Simply apply some glitter to the trays and then
repaint them. Make the base of the trays equally as attractive
with photo frames. Cover the frames with decorative papers to
add more beauty. 5. Tray Chalkboard. This is another way to beautify your trays. You will be able to write or design anything
you like on your trays if you tape nice chalkboard surfaces to them. Put some ropes too, so that you can hang the
trays. 4. Pretty Pen Pots. Make a holder for your writing materials. Just use some decorative papers to cover as
many small cans as you can get, to contain all pens and stationeries you have to store
in there. 3. Bandana Pillows You can get creative with your pillows for a change, depending on how your room is decorated
and how you place your pillows. Try covering your pillows with bandana materials,
or sew the materials to make decent pillow coverings. 2. DIY Bottle Garland. If you considered having houseplants in your home, this idea will work great for you. Get some bottles, pour water into them, and
place the plants or garland. Then hang the bottles with wire, preferably
near the window. This will ensure that the plants get enough
sunlight to survive. 1. Letters for Home Decor. This involves using pieces of wood to form readable words or just letters. Ensure that you join the well enough to get
a neat and readable result. It is not advisable to use different kinds
of font so that the words can be very easy to read. That’s it for now
come back next time for another top 20 list, if you like or tried any of these ideas please let us know in the comment and please continue to like and share this video with your friend also press the subscribe button if our channel is new to you thanks for watching

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