20 ideas how to makeover Small house

20 ideas how to makeover Small house

If you are tired with the look of your small house now, you should try to implement one or some of these 20 small house makeover ideas to give your house a new atmosphere. Without further ado, here are the ideas of house makeovers you could try for your small home: 20. Add Some Incense Do you feel bored with same atmosphere and smell that you breath in every day? If you do, then you should burn some incense in your house. This won’t change your home physically but it will surely change the atmosphere and smell of your house. Incense comes in variety of fragrances and each is definitely soothing. Also, it is easy to find and the price is pretty inexpensively. Adding some incense into your home will make you feel relaxed than ever before. 19. Pictures on the Wall If you planning to do a home makeover on low budget, then it is suggested to hang some pictures on the wall. But, don’t hang photos randomly; you should consider strengthening the atmosphere in your house by adding family photos, photography pictures, arts, or other mural. These pictures should be enhanced with beautiful frames in different sizes but same color. Also, add typography on the wall to enhance the atmosphere coming from these pictures. Make sure you don’t mix different kinds of pictures together. 18. Make it Simple and Tidy Do you have a small house with various kind of furniture in it? Well, this kind of house would look narrow and the view won’t look as good. Therefore, you should reduce the furniture and decoration. Make sure that the furniture that will stay in the house are the ones you will be using every day. The decorations also should be reduced and you should leave the ones that give accent only. This way, your house is simple and tidy. Also, the atmosphere is fresher and there is more space for you to move around. 17. Simpler Fireplace Unit I’m sure there’s some times that you think that the old fireplace must go. Traditional fireplaces won’t fit if you’re trying to make your house to look modern. Therefore, you should replace it beforehand with ethanol fireplace. This fireplace would make your home to look so modern and minimalist once it is set. Also, it doesn’t use any logs to start the fire; it uses ethanol instead. It is cleaner, more practical, and simpler than your traditional old fireplace. 16. Go Rustic If you sought a traditional and country–like home makeover, then you should go rustic. You can change your whole interior design with wood (wooden furniture, wall, and floors) to give your home a rustic accent. You might want to leave your sofa and couch as they are though if they already comfortable. If you think wood is expensive, you should try using pallet wood. 15. Add Greens Are you often feeling frustrated in your own house? A house is supposed to be the most comfortable place so if in there you don’t feel comfortable, then it is recommended to start adding some plants. The green color on the plant is known to be soothing and relaxing. You can either pick artificial plants or the real ones. Just make sure you have enough green in your home. 14. Repaint the Ceiling Ceiling is one thing that is responsible for your house atmosphere and accent. If you ever feel bored with it, then what you should repaint it. But repainting it with random colors won’t do you any good. So, in order to change the atmosphere in your home you should match the color with less dominant colored furniture in your house. For example, if the couch is blue then the ceiling should be blue as well. 13. Store the Unused Do you have any unused stuff that worsens the look of your house? IE: A pile of magazines and books These magazines and books should be put in boxes then you could donate them. If you are seriously want to home makeover then these books need to go. Why is that? Well, a new look means fresh start, doesn’t it? That’s why everything should look simpler & more tidy If you want some books to stay then choose the ones that will be useful for you. 12. Keep the Electronics Updated To enlighten your home, updated electronics are also needed. You don’t want to make your house look old and outdated, do you? Therefore, you should buy some electronics like new TV, refrigerator, and kitchen appliances. This will make your home look more new and modern. as long as you can afford it. 11. Shabby Chic Accent If you have a modern home and you want to give your house a new look, then it is recommended to replace your furniture with older furniture. This will give your house a shabby chic accent that will make your home look old and traditional. The furniture should have white or other bright colors and the same for your walls, floors, and ceilings. 10. Dress your Tables If your tables are not dressed, then you could start dressing to give them a new atmosphere in your house. But don’t pick random dressing; make sure it fits well and the colors match each other. Besides, this table dress is pretty useful so your table won’t get dirty easily. Even so, you might want to buy some sets so it can be changed occasionally. 9. Change your Knobs. This may sound simple, but changing your door knobs can bring a new atmosphere and look to your home, not only your doors, you should change the knobs or handles on your cabinets as well. Doing this may require skill in installing the knobs. Also, you might require to repaint both sides of the door once again. Make sure the knobs match your house design. 8. Change the Curtain Have you ever thought of changing your curtain? Well, you should rethink it In fact, it is recommended to give some sets of curtains for each window that installed in your home. This small change is guaranteed to create a new look and atmosphere in your house. For the set, you can take an inspiration from the seasons. Or you can just stock some sets randomly. However, make sure the colors will match with your home interior design and furniture. 7. Build a Nook Do you have space near your window? If yes, then you should build a cozy nook to it. It may require craftsmanship in building the bed frame; but when it’s done, it will make your home feel cozier. It doesn’t have to be big; its purpose is for relaxing; not sleeping. Try to give your family member a surprise by building this. A cozy nook will surely change the atmosphere in your house. In addition, place a bookshelf near it so it’s not only for relaxing but also as a place to read book comfortably. 6. Purchase New Pillows. If your house has accent already and there is a dominant color, then you should add more colors into it by putting new pillows on the couch, nook, or bed. You might feel bored for your house’s plain look; Therefore, you should try this idea. Purchase pillows with different patterns and colors to brighten the atmosphere and look to your home. If you have a chair on the porch, then add one of the pillows there to give warm welcome to those who visit your house. 5. Organize your Stuff If you have multiple racks and shelves to organize your thing, those are surely taking too much space. Therefore, you should reduce the shelves and racks instead of your stuff by purchasing an organizer that can organize all of your thing in one place. This is more practical and it saves more space. If you have this organizer, you can store your shoes, clothes, jackets, socks, etc. It would be better if the organizer can take all the things of 2 people. 4. Seasonal Atmosphere What seasonal atmosphere means here is an element that shows the season, for example; fruits. Place some fruits that grow in particular season in a bowl or wooden plate and place it on a coffee table or island. The decoration might be small and not too bold, but when it’s placed on the right spot. it will change the atmosphere immediately. 3. Make DIY Decorations. Do you have unused things that you are about to throw away like unused jars, wire basket, or broken dresser? Well, don’t throw them away because it can be transformed into decoration that can make your home to be lively. From the jar you can transform to flower vase or small organizer, to the wire basket you can turn it into a table, and from the broken dresser you can turn it into an armchair. 2. Build a Patio This might seem difficult; but with planning, right materials and tools, and enough people, it can be done. You don’t have to make it big, a small one should be enough. One thing is for sure though, you should try to buy more chairs and tables. This time, make sure the chairs and the tables will fit nicely on the patio. This way, your house not only gives a new look and atmosphere, but also a new feature. And last, No 1. Refresh the Exterior Look. To refresh the look of your home, you must replace the exterior look of your house. You might need to replace the door, the windows, and the paint job. It would be better for you to choose an accent first. For example, if you want your home makeover to look rustic then you should add some wood panel on the wall. Also, you might want to add “more green” outside of your home to make it look cozier and more relaxing. You can also repaint your exterior wall to refresh the atmosphere and look. The key point of a makeover is to create a new atmosphere and look to your home. To do everything correctly, be sure to do some planning first. before you start. That’s it, Good luck with your new makeover plans my friends. 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    Easy to make space in small houses that way !
    If you want more space in your small house… buy a bigger one !
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