20 Smart Small Apartment, Interior Design Ideas

20 Smart Small Apartment, Interior Design Ideas

Hello! Welcome to the channel RunmanReCords Design! Today you will see 20 small apartments and interior design ideas. Bright apartment with a tiny bedroom and a kitchen. A small apartment somewhere in Paris. Incredible, small apartment. Compact black kitchen. Bright, stylish apartment. Small loft with a tiny kitchen and hallway.

61 thoughts on “20 Smart Small Apartment, Interior Design Ideas

  1. why does EVERY  design w/a desk always turn your back to people? turn it to the side, folks! in the dark blue bed ensemble, leave a walking space between the edge of the bed and the stair at the edge.

  2. Funny how all elevated beds EAT the space. Much more sq m of storage if bed is on the floor and storage is simply above it and below it and behind it and in front of it.

  3. These are nice, some seem… sterile. The one with the white cabinets and orange cushions was too modern. Reminded me of a doctors office. Also, these are great if you allowed to modify the apartment. Where I live you are not allowed to modify the interior at all. Plus most people move so often that there is no point to spend all that money on a temporary living space.

  4. What you present here ARE NOT SMALL APARTMENTS, they are humongous rooms that you divide them with custom furniture.
    When you work on small apartment is not much to do other than bunks or couch/bed.
    WORTHLESS !!!!

  5. Что это было? Идиоты как вы не поймете что нужны не маленькие квартиры а большие вилы!!! В противном случае в конце собачья конура!!!

  6. Blanc avec sièges de coffres orange de rangement appréciable comme tout meme si ça démoralise en attendant d’accéder même en étape transitoire avant sa propre maison. Noir assez classe aussi. Tout espace de yoga en mouvement c’est précieux aussi

  7. 0:32 – Seriously? I've seen smaller classrooms.

    Also if your Murphy bed isn't blocking anything when it's unfolded, there is no reason for you to have a Murphy bed, just get a regular one. So 3:12 is justified, 2:07 is not and 4:12 is straight ridiculous, it looks like the minimalistic living area of a party boat where a dozen people are expected to party but only two are expected to stay when the party is over.

    All in all there are really few actually good examples here.

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