20×15 Modular kitchen बनाने में कितना खर्चा आता है। Modular kitchen design with price ! Interior

Hello friends, Welcome to my channel “Marble Flooring Jitendra Sharma” in today’s video, I will show you a kitchen design this kitchen’s size is 20 X 15 feet I tell you this kitchens furniture cost, countertop cost and also its baskets cost I tell you all the cost in this video related to this kitchen also, you can get an idea from this video that how blue and white color furniture combination is look in the kitchen it is a modular kitchen design there is a LED light at the center of counter top’s front strip modern furniture shelf this type of shelf is the best for the corner this video is for your idea about a modular kitchen tiles design in kitchen wall kitchen chimney (exhaust fan ) kitchen burner its total size is 5.5 feet this countertop is for mixer, juicer You can also keep the oven here the total expenses for this kitchen furniture are 1,60,000 trolley, baskets are also included in 1,60,000 blue LED light at the center of the countertop this countertop has a different colour LED light Red colour LED light in it if you are new to this channel then please like and subscribe to my channel then you can see my all new latest vides The LED light in the kitchen wallpaper thanks, friends for watching this video please like and subscribe to it

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