21+ Home decor ideas for renters

21+ Home decor ideas for renters

Your home doesn’t deserve to be
as boring as your landlord. This is
21 cheap and easy decorating ideas for renters by Christina Lan 1. Open storage is another way of aesthetically
displaying your stuff. We have five different ideas for this point.
3 DIYs and 2 product ideas Showcases only.
This first idea come with tons of words and lots of photos.
not for type of guys who get mad easily when reading instructions manual. The second one will make your kitchen happy. Third idea will cost you $498. I have to be honest, that price tag hurt my soul too. fourth idea is much simpler compare to our first idea in this point. and the last one is meant for those who can’t burn more than $96 for a garment rack. 2. Mix up the way you add plants to your home.
In addition to placing different plants on surfaces around your home,
get creative with how you hang your plants. the main takeaway is
You don’t want to over water them though, because overwatering is worse than under watering.
Just pay attention to them and once they get dry
(use your finger to check if the soil is moist) give them a drink of water. Change up the containers you use,
from watering cans to lightbulbs. This one comes with a nice video tutorial
under 7 minutes you can replay at unlimited amount of time
until youtube shut down or delete it. And aside from containers,
you can use a variety of plants, especially tiny ones like this.
it will add little pops of colours in your interior
and absolutely fits most people bill. 3. If you can’t paint your walls, add some
color to your furniture. If you don’t want to paint their entire
piece, you can always accent parts with either spray paint or regular paint.
When painting wooden furniture, make sure to
1). Clean off any residue, 2). Sand everything down,
3). Prime it, 4). paint at least two coats with a foam roller,
and 5) protect it. 4. Add a few pieces of unconventional furniture.
DIY some simple stump side tables like this or get a speckled ceramic lamp or officially
named Hanne table lamp for $50.. 5. Repurpose boxes and crates for modular
bookshelves and eye-popping storage displays.
For this idea, you pretty much only need SKOGSTA Box from IKEA ($9,99),
, your favorite paint, and Stationery clamps or double tape
or Gorilla wood glue to finish the job. Anything else is
pretty much self explanatory. Attach, stack and enjoy 6. Line the insides of your shelves with patterned
fabric or wallpaper. You can use either cotton fabric
or peel-and-stick wallpaper like this. instruction:
1. Cut your fabric to the approximate size needed, leaving an inch on each side.
Coat your surface and the back side of your fabric
with the rubber cement and let it dry completely. Starting with the middle of the fabric, place
it on the middle of the surface and smooth outwards with your hands
(don’t worry if you put it in the wrong place, you can peel it off
and place it again if you desire). 2. Once the fabric is smooth, use the X-Acto
knife to trim the extra fabric off the sides.
3. Enjoy your new looking shelves! 7. Or use wallpaper to bedeck other pieces
of furniture and really anything else. From your cardbox, drawer to your fridge. This bright storage boxes repurpose
your unused boxes and wrapping skill, This may not be a revolutionary DIY, but it
goes to show: Those ugly boxes have got a second life
as beautiful and useful storage boxes…. ….and you would saved our landfills
from a few more bits of cardboard!! WIN WIN!! How to add dancing foxes wallpaper to your
dresser?, 1.Apply the paper one drawer at a time. Use
a foam brush to apply Mod Podge
to the fronts of each drawer. The key here is to make sure that the Mod
Podge is applied very smoothly and evenly.
If you have too much Mod Podge, or if it is heavier in areas,
it will cause bubbles and ridges. Take the piece of wallpaper that you have
cut, and apply it to the drawer front. Work from one side to the other, smoothing
as you go until the piece is completely flat and smooth.
Use your squeegee to work over the entire surface
and really make sure all bubbles have been smoothed out.
Repeat this step until paper has been applied to all drawer fronts. How to make your fridge POP like this?
Could you clean it easily? Will it make you mad if you want to it take
off? Would it be easy to put up a new speckled wallpaper
on top of it? All of These questions are answered
(along with detail instructions) by auntpeaches. 8. Make a few of your own decorative pillows. DIY fluffy shag pillow and sparkly pillow. for renters with
some sewing skill and the machine. 9. Try a variety of hanging solutions,
including tapes, command hooks, and strips. Here are two different methods of hanging
clocks or art without damaging your walls.
1. Using painter tape from scotch blue, frog tape and Tesa.
(Tesa which is made in germany is my favorite). Press it for 5 seconds and
it will hug anything up to 1 kg of item. as information, 3M’s took a long
time.. around 30 seconds. 2. This second trick using Tesa Hook and Loop
tape/velcro. it will bind your hanging art, pictures or
assembling photowalls or gallery with your walls without damage it. 10. Use clothespins to put up an elegant display
of artwork. Nothing is too complicated here.
if your drawing skill make you sad, you can print and slap your favorite instagram
pictures on your wall. Any stranger instagram photos will do fine
too. Have you ever though that? 11. Or mount your art with hangers. 12. If you don’t want to lean your artwork
directly on the floor, then prop it up on a stand.
This is a great trick for large artwork that may be too heavy to mount. 13. Invest in rolling and/or movable furniture.
Mobile furniture offers a lot of versatility for short-term rentals.
You’ll be able to use the same table or cart around your home for multiple purposes. You can also use this idea to create a short
end table, a medium cart, or a tall bookshelf in a variety
of widths and depths. Your only limitations are the pre-cut wood
(if you don’t own your own tools) and plated slotted angle sizes available to
you. 14. Sew, braid, or paint a few eye-catching
rugs. One really cheap option is to make one out
of a large drop cloth. Dun dun dun duuuuuuunnnn! Insert a Floor Cloth.
A floor cloth is basically a reinforced piece of fabric that is sturdy and looks so great!
No sewing DIY: 1. Position your fusible webbing on the back
of your fabric (paper side up) 2. Iron on the paper side (don’t use steam!
Just heat and pressure). Wait until the fabric is completely cooled
down before you peel off the paper. 3. Notice how the webbing is also on the fold
that I ironed. You don’t want to miss that part!
4. Now iron your drop cloth right side down onto your fabric/webbing combo.
I am doing it right side down so that the thick edge
doesn’t leave a big gap between the 2 materials. 5. and done Second idea is, sew this stuff according to
vintage rivivals manual. 15. Craft ladders for shelves or racks for
a more striking look. Or, purchase one to cut all the hustle and
leg work. 16. Easily install an inexpensive curtain
with fabric and a tension rod.
learn how to find a simple and affordable window treament
for your bedroom with white curtains with tie-backs here.
FYI, this white curtain is from IKEA and they sell it $29,99.
The total weight is 1.70 kg and to hang it safely you need to buy a tension
rod around $7. As you can see in this image, I wanted to
see how the tension rod held up before I hemmed the curtains into long cafe
curtains. So far So good. It has been two weeks and the rod is able
to support the full weight of the curtains. 17. Zero in on the small things, like these
DIY pineapple magnets. First up, your plaster mix.
Add cold water to the dry mix until it reaches a nice creamy consistency
and then pour it into the mould to set. if you don’t have the patience of a saint
I recommend using a pineapple ice cube tray -that way you can pour a dozen of these magnets
at once! After You’ve poured in the plaster,
give the mould a few sharp taps to remove air bubbles and wait
for the plaster to harden. After your pineapples have set pop them out
of the mould and grab your spray paint!
paint those little babies gold and wait from them to dry
(it doesn’t take long.) Cut your magnetic tape to the width of your
pineapples, Peel off the adhesive backing and stick them
onto the back! Finnally, you can get busy arranging your photos
on your fridge! I’ve used mine with my mini polaroid instagram
snaps.. 18. Not only organize with trays, but decorate
your walls with them. The best part of hanging your plates/trays
is that you’ll have more storage space
and you’ll also be able to access your trays more easily.
All you need is— and you are going to love this – a toothpaste.
Flip the piece around and dab some toothpaste on
the spot where the nail will go, then hold the piece against the wall exactly
where you want to hang it. Then push.
Hard. Hard enough that the toothpaste will come off on the wall –
THAT SPOT is where you put the nail. After the nail is up you can wipe away the
toothpaste with a wet sponge.
Or not. It’s toothpaste – won’t hurt anyone 19. Opt for brighter washi tapes that make
tape look less tacky. Just info, you can Buy some neon-colored at
wishywashi. 20. Go all out with your bed’s headboard.
If you want to get real fancy, investing only $70 instead of $700,
you can build your own geometric wooden headboard via theweathereddoor idea..
Or, try something as simple as outlining an imaginary headboard with twinkle lights. Last,
21. For a luxurious look, opt in these removable and reusable wooden planks. That’s all,
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