21 Home Painting and room color ideas

21 Home Painting and room color ideas

If you’re looking for some new cool ideas for a DIY paint project, you’re at the right place. Whatever your experience level, these are some fun and easy ways to improve your home using creative paint projects. This is 21 Paint Ideas for Your House. Number 1. Denim Faux Finish Paint Tutorial. Check out this awesome denim-looking wall cover using paint. Using a different style of painting pattern, as well as a few different products, you’ll end up with this very unique wall finish…perfect for a country house or casual theme. 2. The “Mountain Mural” Bedroom Makeover. In this breathtaking paint project, you’ll use the creative side of your brain to paint a mural of mountains on the wall using varying shades of paint. The result is an absolutely gorgeous mural of mountains, which adds depth and character to any boring room. Check out the video too—the time lapse is a lot of fun. 3. Use Paint to Make a Drippy Wall. This one just screams artist. Or, it at least screams something at you! Because it is bright, vibrant, and bold. In this short DIY tutorial, find out how to use paint in syringes to make your very own creative corner by adding a “paint drip wall.” 4. Use a Broom for a Cool Paint Pattern. Witches aren’t the only ones who still use hay-style bristle brooms. In this easy guide, you can follow along as they take you through the step-by-step guide on how to use the bristles of a broom to make a really unique wall paint pattern. Your guests will never guess how you did it! 5. Play with patterns. Ok, we won’t say you can’t make a mistake (because we’ve seen plenty of BAD mistakes using wall paint), but don’t be afraid to get creative. It’s usually best to try it out on a small paper or object before applying it to the wall. But this image shows you how to keep it simple on the wall and get a little pattern-happy with your furniture. 6. Paint a White Board Anywhere. Check out this video on how to make a white board anywhere. Of course, we realize you’re probably not going to be computing math equations in your kitchen (at least, we hope not), but this is a cool way to add a to-do list to your wall without having to purchase and mount a pricy (and bulky) white board. In this quick video, see how to measure, tape, and paint a new white board. You’ll be glad you did it, whether you’re adding a fun area for the kids or a to-do list for adults. FYI, this DIY required IdeaPaint CREATE Series 50 sq. ft. Kit – Whiteboard Paint from AMAZON. 7. Painting Stripes Made Easy. Stripes no longer have to be a fear! Using a few simple tools and lots and lots of painter’s tape (seriously—be ready), you’ll be on your way to a beautiful chic striped wall. You can make a few simple stripe accents for a specific area, or do the entire room as pictured in this guide! Whatever you decide, be sure to check out the guide here so your stipes will be super simple. 8. DIY Painting Project for Everyone. This is a super simple DIY project that resembles one of those expensive prints from the department store. The good news is you only need a few very basic skills and tools. Using a layering technique, you’ll paint on the colors and then add the tape in any fashion you choose. Then paint a coat of white over top and after it’s dry, pull off the tape and your masterpiece is done! 9. Learn how to paint over dark colors. In this quick video, you’ll learn some hacks on painting (successfully) over top of a darker color paint. It can be tricky, and it can end up being a huge mess if you don’t follow the right steps when painting over a darker color. They’ll explain in this video the importance of a few coats of primer, which is one of the keys to making this a successful paint job. 10. DIY Wall Shelves From a Shoebox. Sticking to a budget? So are we in this cool and fun DIY project. Everyone has old shoe boxes that can be used in this creative way to make some unique and fun wall shelves. Although we don’t recommend putting your heaviest possessions on them, these do make nifty shelves for the bedroom. 11. Opening Ceremony Tokyo. This one creates a specific and modern atmosphere as it plays with patterns and light colors. This could be difficult to pull off unless you have a specific look or theme to your room and living quarters. But it’s definitely a fun twist on paint patterns! 12. DIY Wall Art: Dreamy Letters. Get dreamy with your favorite saying or quote in this fun DIY art project. You can easily add colors to the canvas, and after they dry you’ll paint over it using a carefully crafted design so that when you peel it away, the colored letters are there and full of color! 13. Rubik’s cube chest of drawers. I mean, who doesn’t want a Rubik’s cube chest of drawers? Before you begin this project, check the materials list twice so you can be sure you have everything that’s necessary—nothing more annoying than having to stop and run to the store. After some pretty basic prep work, you’ll. begin installing the slides for the drawers Then you’ll assemble the cases using some common boards that are sized to fit. When you get the bulk of it assembled, you can cut ridges in the outside of the unit so that it gives the illusion it will spin. Eventually, you’ll end up spray painting your stickers and attaching them to the outside of the assembled unit. You’ll also need washers and dowels as well as some parts fitted to make a lazy Susan. This will give some movement to your unit! When it’s done, you’re going to be amazed. This project is fun and has each step outlined in the tutorial listed below. The handy thing about this project is that there’s a downloadable PDF document with all the directions on how to make this cool Rubik’s cube chest of drawers. Not to mention it is summarized in 16 easy steps! 14. Painted Wood Wall Art. This DIY project is cool because it utilizes those old scraps of wood you have lying around the back yard or garage. You can paint them nifty colors and fit them all together in an artistic pattern. Then, using liquid nails, you’ll fasten them to one larger board and viola! An awesome wood art piece for your wall. 15. Painted Wood Crate Lights. As pictured in this guide, you can easily make some really vintage looking light covers using some small old crates, some wood stain and paint, and a few other basic tools. This gives a fun and energetic look to any room. 16. Exciting Collaboration of Colors. This guide gives a cool and unique perspective on colors and how to transition mid-wall from color to color. It has some really interesting and modern takes on color patterns and sequences. You’ll want to check out the details with how these cool collages of paint came into being. 17. Ombre Painted Dressers Put Color Into Perspective. Ombre isn’t just a trendy hair style—it’s a fantastic thing you can do with objects around your house like that set of chest of drawers you hate. 18. Tutorial DIY Herringbone Wall. This is a great way to add some character to any room. It’s pretty funky, so hope you can keep up! Grab your yardstick and a level and get measuring! Add the marking to the wall where you want the lines and then tape it off with some painter’s tape. Lastly, paint! You’ll be glad you did this according to the guide. 19. DIY Triangle Pattern Kitchen Tabletop. Want to dress up your boring or standard kitchen or dining table? Here’s how to add some cool triangle multi-color pattern to the table top for a more modern and color-filled look. As always, begin by sanding down the old paint job—best to start with the basics. Then you can get more crafty when putting the tape down in a creative pattern. Use a cool color sequence (or one that just goes with the color scheme of the room) and then peel the tape away to reveal a cool finish. 20. Handwriting Statement Wall. You can’t get much simpler than this…add your personal touch to any wall for a modern and fun look. The fun thing is that you can write, well, whatever you want! It can be some cheesy love quotes or a favorite passage from your favorite book Just be sure to trace the words onto the wall before applying paint, since that can get tricky. The only trick to this one is getting the lines of words to go straight across and not at a slant (like SOME of us write naturally)! And Last, 21. Make a Statement Wall with Paint Pens. This cool and trendy statement wall is such an understatement! Just kidding—it’s actually pretty nifty because you can do anything you want. The sky’s the limit in this fun DIY project. The best thing is to first make a cardboard cut-out of the pattern you’d like to use on the wall, then trace it on! You’ll use a thick paint pen. White is what was used in this tutorial, but you can get creative with the colors you want to use. Just make sure whatever cool geometric shape you use is even and doesn’t create any problems when you pull the carboard away from the wall. Get busy with one of these cool DIY projects to make the painting masterpiece you’ve always dreamed of in your home. Be sure to like this video and share it with friends! Feel free to leave a comment below! And as always, press subscribe button before you play another random video on your right side. Thanks for watching

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