21 Ways to Hide and Organize Things in your House #1

Take those eyesores from ugh to ugh-MAZING with these 21 Ingeniously Easy Ways To Hide The Ugly Stuff In Your Home by Peggy Wang. 1. Build a window cornice to hide ugly drapery rods and add a touch of polish to your windows. Instruction: – Design the cornice to fit your home choose the wood type, molding style and finishing you want to use. – Select materials and collect key tools. If you plan to paint your cornices, poplar and aspen are good choices for the box materials.. – Assemble the basic box. Every cornice begins the same way, with cutting and assembling the three-sided, lidded box. Then you add the trim of your choice and finish the cornice. – Apply the trim. When mitering the trim for the box, always start by first cutting and mounting an end trim piece, then the long front trim and finally the other end. – Smooth and finish the cornice. Fill nail holes and prime before painting. Finish highly detailed natural and stained wood with spray lacquer, shellac, or polyurethane. – Mount the cornice over the window. No 2. Conceal your router in fancy storage boxes. Just use a fancy storage box or other container, make cable holes at the back and put the devices inside. 3. Or hollow out an old book. Take the book inside, then use the book cover to cover your router inside. No 4. Hide unsightly pipes in the basement behind mini-blinds. You don’t want to be staring at those while folding your laundry. This will make the whole basement feel revamp. No 5. Cover up an AC unit with a chalkboard cover. You’ll have to build a wooden frame, but if you have any carpentry skills whatsoever, it’s oh so worth it. Directions:
Step 1: • My A/C unit has a frame molding around it – this frame will be how the box/cover will be attached to the wall. • I measured the top and bottom and added 3/4″ x 2=1 1/2″ to the measurement. Step 2: • Drill 3 holes on the ends of the TOP and BOTTOM pieces with a countersink. • Layout TOP, sides, & BOTTOM piece, and fasten with some wood screws and a screwdriver. Step 3: • Cut Plywood to fit TOP of the assembled frame. • Mark each corner and sides with a pencil. • Pre-drill with a countersink bit. • Fasten top with wood screws using a screwdriver. Step 4: • First cover the A/C unit with a thick trash bag and secure with duct tape. Attached the cover to the frame to make sure it all fits. Step 5: • Take the cover off and place Insulation inside the cover, this will protect from an unwanted draft during the winter months. • Paint the cover with chalkboard paint. Let dry according to manufacturer’s instruction. • Use a drill with the countersink bit, drill two holes on each “SIDE” closest to the wall. • Place the cover onto the frame and fasten with a screw using a screwdriver. Step 6: • The TOP of the cover makes for a great shelf! No 6. Similarly, hide a thermostat or home alarm with a canvas on hinges. All it takes is a flip to access it. – Just find some canvas art that you like, for perspective, this canvas artwork is 24×32 inches. – Then attach the hinges, we felt that three 1-1/2 inch hinges make the “cover” sturdy enough to be opened frequently without compromising the artwork or drywall. – Screw the hinges into the artwork first. – Then figure out where you want it on the wall, do your calculations, mark the spots where the screws should go, and screw it into the wall. No 7. Wallpaper the fridge. They make removable wallpaper just for this purpose. Or paint it all up 8. Or give it a coat of chalkboard paint. A great place to add decorative doodles, grocery lists, and to-do lists. No 9. Cover up those cheap-looking wire shelves in a pantry or closet. They did this for only $28. PROJECT NEEDS: – 3 1/2″ wide molding (to cover over wire shelf cups – our only expense) – Pre-Cut to specifications at Lowes (or HD) Instruction: – Cleaned out the space and cut the molding with the measure specification. – Then remove wire shelves clean them, as well as give the space a refreshing coat of paint. – Paint shelf pieces separately outside before putting together. Let dry well in the sun. – When adding molding, run a bead of glue – than use finishing nails to hold together. – Camouflage nails (or hammer marks) with wood filler, let dry and lightly sand. – After shelves installed, give shelves a quick refresher coat to cover marks & clean up. – By simply utilizing the existing wires shelves as the new shelf bracket – fit new shelf shroud over the top of the wire shelves. More ideas.. No 10. Use clear Muji bottle dispensers as an elegant way to store your not-so-pretty beauty products. Your Cetaphil and dandruff shampoo don’t need to be broadcast to the world. Empty the product into one of these lovely Muji pump bottles. 11. Use doormats and spray paint to make a decorative vent or electrical box cover. Instruction: Take a decorative outdoor rubber mat, try to find one that allows plenty of airflow, meaning that the door mat has a large amount of space in between the rubber sections. Cleaned if off a little with some Armour All tire cleaner. Then.. Just spray-painted the outdoor rubber mat with a metallic copper color. Then put in two screws and hung up the door mat. So easy! No 12. Use an inexpensive printed canvas from IKEA to hide your flatscreen TV. A TV doesn’t have to be the centerpiece of your living room. Here is how they did this: – They got printed canvas from IKEA which is very lightweight. – Then they took a trip to Home Depot and bought two L-brackets, and screwed them in to the canvas frame. – They add rubber to the underside of the bracket so it wouldn’t damage the TV at all. – They just hook it right over the TV! When you do it.. Ask a friend to help you hold it. No 13. Hide your cords in trim. This will make your television blend in seamlessly with your mantel and fireplace. This is how they accomplished it: Step 1: Draw a plan out on paper. Mount the television. Center it, of course. The important point is to screw the mounting bracket into studs behind the wall. Unmount the television. Then draw all over your wall lightly with pencil or chalk. Mark the center, mark left and right edges of the trim-work-to-be. Mark where your cords exit the television on each sides. Step 2: Create Vertical Channels. Make sure the vertical channels are WIDE enough to hold the cords you have, but NARROW enough, that a piece of lattice can cover the gap and overlap the channel enough to be nailed into place. Step 3: Create Horizontal Channels. You just need exterior lines to be perfect, because the mess of the interior will be covered. Step 4: Add Additional Channels for Balance & Interest. Nail the channel pieces and non-functioning cover pieces down to the wall, but only taped the cover pieces that would be hiding cords under. Step 5: Re-mount the TV and attach the cords. Make sure to pull extra lengths of the cords through the channels. Step 6: Take down TV and Paint it All Up! Use some spackle on the noticeable gaps between trim pieces. It is white and paintable. Done. No 14. Update a dresser to create a drawer for your printer. Your giant gray printer relic doesn’t exactly fit into your classic modern decor. Let’s get the instructions for this clever DIY: – The IKEA drawer fronts are attached with wooden dowels and two metal screws. Removed all the pieces allowing the front panel piece to be free-standing. – Next, the particle board bottom is grooved into the front panel piece so in order for it to be able to fold down and back up the bottom board couldn’t go into that groove anymore, so just used an x-acto knife and cut it off. – Use three 2 and a half inches utility hinges and a right hand and left hand support hinge. – Attach these all together and secure the hinge into place. – Final step is drilling a small hole in the back of the drawer (through the bottom) to feed the power cable through to the printer. No 15. Turn wires into wall art with these wire blooms clips. If you can’t hide it, put a bird on it. Or build an equally cute mini-fence. 16. Stash your laundry hampers in extra deep drawers. No one wants to see your messy, overflowing piles of dirty clothes. This how they did this: They build drawer fronts to put on the face of the drawer to match the doors. Then add lighting into the closet that automatically turns on and off when the door opens. 17. Transform a plain door with paint and masking tape. This easy DIY adds depth and class to any boring entryway. 18. For a window AC unit, hang café-style curtains on a tension rod. 19. This crown molding shelf hides your paper towels. And you can put pretty things on top like candles and fancy perfume bottles. 20. Put a styrofoam cooler inside of an IKEA wicker chest. Just because you’re having a party doesn’t mean you have to compromise your rustic decor. And last, No 21. Use a stenciled pegboard to cover up an ugly wall. In this situation, there were pipes on the wall so wallpaper or tiles weren’t an option. The pegboard also maximized storage because it make you able to hang shelves easily. Instruction: – Buy a large stencil that has better quality from the craft store. – Use paint to do the stencil on this pegboard. – Carefully measured every single thing you had to go around – The sink faucet, the window, the shut off valve behind the washer, and the drain spout over the sink. Make sketches when necessary. -Take small blocks and use concrete screws to screw in around the perimeter of where the pegboard should go. Put a longer, narrower block of wood right under the window sill. – Then, screw the pegboard to the small blocks of wood {with regular sheet rock screws} that are drilled into the cinder block wall. That’s it, See you again next with another 21 ways to hide ugly stuffs in your house.. Like this video before you go, or better yet, share it with your friends. Comment it if you have something to say and press subscribe button if you want find our upcoming videos in your email. Thanks for watching

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