234 – Holiday Wall Art

234 – Holiday Wall Art

– [Voiceover] The Wood Whisperer
is sponsored by Powermatic. – On today’s show, we’re going to make these festive holiday
decorations that spell things like JO and OY and YO. – [Voiceover] Hit it! (upbeat jazz music) – Well, it’s the holiday season
and, in the Spagnuolo house, that means it’s time
for Nicole to come home with cheaply made, overpriced
holiday decorations. Recently, she came home with
things that looked like this. I looked at her and I said, “I could make those in
about five minutes.” She looked at me and said,
“Go ahead, I dare you,” and I said, “Fine, I will.” (upbeat piano music) Well, let’s get started, shall we? Hey, I said I could
build it in five minutes. I didn’t say when I was going to start. As you can see, there’s just
not a whole lot going on here. Just simple pieces of wood
with stencilled lettering, and a little hanger here on the back. Now you can use just about
any wood for this project. I’ve got some sycamore that
my buddy, Russell, gave to me that I think is going
to be perfect for this, and this is also a great
project for pallet wood. Honestly, the more
rustic it is, the better. I think it looks a lot
cooler if it’s got knots and imperfections in the surface, so let’s grab that board, cut it down and make us some sweet
holiday decorations. My board is a bit gnarly, which makes it the perfect candidate for
cutting into smaller pieces. I’ll rip it in half with the bandsaw, a tool that has no problem
cutting wobbly boards safely. The blocks are six by six, but I’ll cut them to just
over 12 inches long to start, making it safer to trim them
to size at the table saw. (Christmas holiday music) Each piece can be sanded,
but don’t sand too much. We really want a rustic appearance. Back at the chop saw, I cut
the six inch pieces apart, creating six by six squares. Each square gets its corners chamfered with a block plane to finish it off. To create something of an aged and brownish-gray weathered appearance, I’m mixing two Rust-Oleum stains, 50% Sunbleached and 50% Kona. (Christmas holiday music) To let a little more of the
wood grain show through, I’m also thinning the
stain with mineral spirits. The stain is then applied thinly
to all sides of the board. (Christmas holiday music) After a few hours, I
use a Scotch-Brite pad to buff the surface. This not only smooths things out, but also helps make the surface
look a little bit more worn. The paint we’ll be using is acrylic, and I’m concerned about it
bonding to the oil-based stain, so I’ll first coat each board with some dewaxed shellac,
specifically Bulls Eye SealCoat. Once the shellac is dry, I
once again give the surface a light buffing with the Scotch-Brite pad, and now for the fun stuff. Attach letter templates to
each block using masking tape. We also found some of these
cute decorative stencil decals. Dab on some acrylic paint
using a stencil brush, (Christmas holiday music) and let the paint dry, and
then remove the stencil. (Christmas holiday music) It’s nice to have an
assortment of brushes available for the more detailed stencils, and feel free to use as
many or as few as you like. (Christmas holiday music) If you get any paint
outside the stencil area, let it dry completely, and then
use a scraper to remove it. If the wood stain is
removed in the process, you can simply apply more
using a small paper towel. Our Merry Christmas stencil
got a bit jacked up, so I use a toothpick to
fill in the blank spots. (Christmas holiday music) We decided to add a
little more holiday flair using hot glue and small
pre-made decorations from the craft store. (Christmas holiday music) For the picture hangy dealy whackers, I marked the center line
on the back of each piece so that each hanger is perfectly centered. Needle-nose pliers serve
as excellent finger savers when working with tiny nails. (Christmas holiday music) Well, what do you think? A lot better than that
crap that you bought. – Huh (chuckling), yeah, but I wanted you to spell Hallelujah. (drum bongs) (jazzy piano music)

34 thoughts on “234 – Holiday Wall Art

  1. You and Nicole are hilarious. Great little project! Better make sure not to show it to my girlfriend though….!!! LOL!! 

  2. The letters of WISH aren't centered, and none more glaring than the "i".  Please burn that block of wood to put it out of it's misery.

  3. Wow.  I really got inspired this time.

    That stain/dye combination deal is exactly what I need for a very strange project I'm working on right now.


  4. Well it could have been worse… Nicole could have asked for Supercalafragalisticexpialadoshus.  BUT Seriously
    I think I will have to located those stains you showcased.  my hardware store doesn't have them. 

  5. To all the naysayers…  I saw things like this sell at a craft fair.   
    There's nothing wrong with "simple" sometimes.

    Happy Christmas, Marc and Nicole!

  6. Dear Mr. Mark,

    Warning this is long, but I hope worth it…

    My name is Lucia. I have been subscribed to your channel for almost a couple of years and have learned so much. It's great that Ms. Nichole helps you with your work. I am a student at Valencia College in Florida and there is a Professor in that college who just had his heart broken. He has been pushing the school to have a Wood Working Lab. The new FAB Lab is to be finished this June. He saved over a decade of Magazine subscriptions on woodworking to donate to the school. A couple of weeks ago the 3D Lab manager saw his collection stored in her lab and dubbed them useless. She had the entire collection thrown out without his knowledge. Another Intern and I tried to save what we could but in the end we walked away with only two books. I immediately thought of you and the the Guild. Could it be possible for you and several members to donate old books and magazines? I am collecting the from locals here and would like to present them to the Proff before Christmas Break in a couple of weeks. I'm sorry for this being last minute but I found out about the mishap last Friday. Any help would be appreciated; the school won't invest in Magazines of this genre. That's why the Proff was giving us his collection. If it's possible could you please contact me through my Youtube channel messages?

    Thank you for your time.

  7. Ha, I think your letter or two short of the wifes plans…lol.  Great holiday project and video as always.

  8. 1 hand on the pliers holding the nail, one holding the bracket, and one hand for the hammer….. TALENT: UNMATCHED!

  9. Never thought I would see you do this project, I am a lady woodworker down here in FL and signs have always been a good seller for pocket money. It has blown up so much that I rarely get time to build furniture and such. If you paint the lettering on first…then do a light touch up sanding…you can stain and seal right over your paint. If you have white lettering and dark stain just put a little paint thinner on a rag and wipe over the white to brighten it back up. 🙂

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