100 thoughts on “3 AirPods Tricks You Should Know

  1. You spent over 5000 dollar on just AirPods I wanna cry because 5000 would make so much better for my family and you spent that on headphones I can’t believe sheeesh 🤕

  2. You’re not very good at explaining, you kinda gloss over important things. You didn’t explain how to use the “always listening” feature properly or how it works.

  3. Those AirPod covers with the hooks are supposed to make them so they don’t fall out. You’re supposed to push it into this little thing in you’re ear and it makes it harder for it to fall out. I usually only use them to mow the lawn and when there is snow tho.

  4. Who looses AirPods. i lost them once in my life and had to have my dad threaten my school counselor to have people give them back… lmao im not buying another $150 headphones a second time…

  5. When your watching in October of 2019 and your like why do you need a wireless charging case then you realize this video was made in January SMH

  6. Guys I could get airpods for my bday which is in two weeks but I just need to know if it’s worth the money and if I could jog with them (btw I have an iPhone)
    Pls let me know!!!

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