3 Amazing TRASH TO TREASURE Upcycled DIY Room Decor Ideas!

Welcome to Designed to the Nines I’m
NataLee Callahan and if this is the first time we’re meeting, welcome to my
channel! Today I’ve got three upcycle DIYs for you that I’m really excited
about and I placed them all in my craft room here but these DIYs you could use
in any room in your house so let’s get started for my first DIY I went and I picked up
a frame at Hobby Lobby it was normally $79.99 (US) but it was
90% off on their clearance aisle what that one may have been a
little overpriced to begin with but at $7.99 (US)
it made a lot more sense and what we’re going to do here is we are going to
convert it into a shelf I had some leftover trim from my board-and-batten
wall makeover and I thought this would work out perfectly for our shadow box
style shelf so I took that and measured and cut to fit inside of the frame I
pre-cut all of the pieces that I need to fit inside including two additional
shelves then I start to build with a primed part facing in while I do use an
electric miter saw and I’m using a finish nailer you could easily use a
simple miter box and a hammer and nails to do this project I start out by
building the outside part of the box nailing as I go because I am NOT going
to be displaying anything heavy these nails should be just fine once I
have the outside of the box built I add two more shelves in the center making
sure to evenly space them out after finishing our box we make sure
that everything is lined up nicely and then we attach our frame to the box with
finish nails putting on it back is optional but I think it looks a lot more
finished this way and I have some leftover beadboard from my built-in
shelf unit from a couple of weeks ago so I decide to cut this down to size with a
circular saw and attach it to the back this is something that you could
definitely have done at your local home improvement store if you do not have
something to cut it with yourself you also could use a thin sheet of plywood. I fill in all of the holes with putty I
let it dry in this instance I don’t even need to
sand it down I just take a wet washcloth and wipe off the excess and allow that
to fully dry before painting my original plan was to paint it pink because I
thought that at that side of the room needed a little pop of pink. I decided
against the pink sometimes that happens I thought it would be really fun because
we’re putting it over on this wall to have a little pop of pink but it just
looked like a pepto-bismol mess so I didn’t like it and that’s okay it’s just
paint so I went outside and I thought I was gonna spray-paint it out there but
it was just too windy so in the end we are going to paint it the same color is
the shelves we’re going to do it inside and it’s going to be great so now we’re
going to put some D ring hooks on our craft paint shelf and then we’re going
to hang it I like to tap them in a little bit first and then screw ’em in. Ehhh… maybe it will work… maybe it won’t this shelf could be used to store any
kind of decorative items that you can think of so that one is a very versatile okay so before we start my second DIY I wanted to briefly tell you about antique
candle company they’re a candle company that I’ve mentioned on here before and I
just love their scents they are so pungent and so wonderful and they come
in these beautiful antique looking jars and this month they sent me lavender
vanilla and it smells so good it is amazing now I’m gonna light this later
but the reason I have the shipping box out is because we are gonna use this for
our next DIY so they ship their candles in these beautiful boxes that are super
sturdy and they open up really nicely like that this box is so nice I put pies
in them at Thanksgiving time they are just wonderful and sturdy and I thought
we could use them as storage in here but I didn’t want to leave it as just a
plain shipping box so I picked up some contact paper from the Dollar Tree and
they have this pattern and color that actually matches really nicely with the
colors in here it kind of coordinates with a wall color a little bit and so
all we’re gonna do for this is literally just cover it in some contact paper and
then we’re gonna create a label on them and it’s gonna be great
basically their shipping box will take one plus just a little extra so we’re
talking a little over $1 for some beautiful storage boxes this would work
with shoe boxes or whatever I try to find some nice sturdy boxes and not ones
that are kind of flimsy so I’m going to start out by just removing the labels
off the box and extra tape before we apply the contact paper this is a pretty
no-brainer process we are just basically trying to cover up all of the brown that
shows on the outside of the box I start out by trying to
center this on the box and leaving a little bit of an excess to wrap around
the edge and then I just peel it back and wrap the boxing contact paper making
little cuts as needed which was a little different due to the shape of this box
if you just had a regular shoebox this process would even be easier than the
one that I am doing but I really did like how sturdy this box was and the
size of it and it really wasn’t that hard to do at all feel free to reinforce
with a little tape or hot glue any areas that you deem need it
no harm in that on the sides where it didn’t quite cover up I just decided to
cut squares to cover the entire side sections and that’s where the little bit
of extra from another roll comes into play I decided to make labels for my
boxes and I used some chalkboard paper that I had and I layered that on to some
regular white cardstock and unfortunately I didn’t film this process
but I did add some vinyl labels to the fronts you could also very easily
design something on canva and just print it out on cardstock to label them if you
do not have a Cricut machine I’m really happy with this
so this would have been just a box that got chucked into the recycle bin but
instead we have a beautiful piece of decor that’s functioning and is used for
storage so I can see myself doing this with a lot of boxes especially if
they’re very sturdy and you can open and close them easily so if you have a
shoebox lying around or a shipping box or if you ordered antique candle company
candles so this is a wonderful way to upcycle a box that you toss for about a
dollar so you can’t beat that okay so for my third DIY I have been
obsessing over these giant pink flowers that they have at Hobby Lobby forever
and of course I waited till they were on sale but I had an idea that I thought
that these would look really cute back here on the corners of my sign
can you see it? (giggling) But obviously we can’t keep the stem on them so we’re going to cut
off the stem and then we’re going to take some of the Whoops! okay try that
again these want to move everywhere we’re gonna cut off the bulk of this
stem and just leave a little tiny bit here because I don’t want to permanently
attach these to the frame because I may want to switch it up seasonally or I
made to decide to change out my decor I’m just gonna attach pipe cleaners to
the back and we’re gonna just twist tie them onto the frame and I think it
will work out just fine because the stem was so flippin ginormous I pulled out my
tin snips and started cutting away at all the layers but it was like a steel
rod inside so this is a little bit of a bandit so what you’re gonna end up doing
is folding it back and forth and back and forth until it finally pops apart like that I’m going to show it who’s boss
that’s gotta be kind of rough if you want to wrap some tape around that to
make it safe then go right ahead for me I’m gonna be hanging it up and nobody’s
really going to be handling it and so I’m just going to kind of leave it alone
so now we’re gonna kind of fluff out this flower I think that looks pretty
nice and then we’re going to take some of the leaves off of the stem and glue
them on we like a little greenery with it pull out our cordless surebonder
glue gun I got a big size and this is the mini size and I am totally obsessed
with it it’s cordless you just charge it and you pull it off as you need it… it’s
awesome I’ll put the link below because it’s so cool you’ll love it we’re gonna
just glue this on the back just put some hot glue hold it into place there we go
and then we’ll put a couple more on strategically I also wrap several pieces
of pipe cleaner that matches the actual stem around and hot glue them into place
so that we can attach them to the frame so I’m totally obsessed with my entire
sign to be honest with you but I love these beautiful giant flowers I didn’t
quite know what to do with a giant oversized flower but I gave
it a different purpose I’m sure that that was not what it was meant for but
look how beautiful it looks here you could find no place in your home to do
this as well and just bring like a sense of spring and summer into your life
year-round and it is a lot of fun to find out more information about antique
candle company I’ll put a link in the description box below well I hope you
found some inspiration in this episode today if you haven’t seen my craft room
makeover yet it’s a really dramatic before and after you can check out that
episode right here and until next time to all my DIY Niners bye!

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