3 Easy Ways To Stop Heat Loss From Your Home

3 Easy Ways To Stop Heat Loss From Your Home

3 ways to stop heat loss from your home hi it’s AlaskaGranny winter is here and I thought I would share with you some of my top tips on how I keep my house warm in these cold winter days do you have any out of the way windows and you are worried that it is freezing cold outside and you are trying to warm your house and keep the warmth inside your house I take a piece of bubble wrap and cut it the size of the window then I am going to put the bubbly side against the window and the smooth side toward the house this is how I do it I take an old spray bottle and put water in it then I spray the water against the window and I spray on the bubbly side of the bubble wrap then I just snuggle it in there I press it and make sure it is all in there it is going to stay for a long long time it will stay up there as long as you want then when you want to be finished with it just pull it off it won’t leave any marks on the window just clean the window and it is back just as good as new put the shade down and then your extra insulated and help keep the heat in and keep your house extra cozy are you still trying to warm up your home and it just seems like on these cold cold winter days there is still too much cold air coming in well if you look down at the bottom of your exterior door exterior doors maybe you need a Cinch Door Seal these you just measure your door trim the Cinch door seal peel off and stick it to the door you don’t need any tools as far as permanent attaching them so if for some reason you don’t like it or you are not allowed to attach something this will work you don’t have to put screws or nails or anything like that into the door just peel and stick it to the door bottom stick it to your door I am going to show you how to do it this door is letting in way too much cold air look the bottom of the Cinch Door Seal has 3 layers of plastic or rubber that are going to sweep against the door and keep the air out first thing I want to do is measure how wide the door is just measure the door itself not the door jamb this door is 3 feet or 36 inches wide now I am going to transfer that measurement to the Cinch door seal open the package take out the cinch door seal you can see it has a piece of metal here and a rubber gasket then it has some tape here and you are going to peel off the tape that is what will stick it to the door I want to figure out where the 36 inches are I am going to measure it put a mark with my pencil look it practically fits perfectly already so I just need to trim it a little bit and I am going to use this handy dandy saw hold my tape measure and when I come to where my 3 feet or 36 inches mark is I am going to put a little mark you can see there is hardly any that I have to trim off take a hack saw and simply cut this part off get down here and make sure that it fits and it does you want to make sure it is straight and then you want to hold it where you want it peel off the tape and then stick it to the door cozy up your exterior door or threshold with a Cinch door bottom seal and you will be comfy cozy in your home look for these electrical outlet and switch plate gaskets you can buy them at the hardware store for 10 gaskets for about 2 dollars put them behind the switchplates in your home it helps prevent leakage of air in and out of your home you would be amazed how much air is flowing in and out of those little electrical boxes so let me show you how to do it the first thing you do is unscrew the face plate next you take the gasket that matches what you have here which is an outlet and punch out the little parts out then place it right over the outlet and you can already immediately feel that it is blocking any air you can’t believe how much air is coming through these things then replace the switch plate cover and screw it back on a light switch has 2 screws so unscrew both of them from your switchplate then take the gasket cover that is designed for this switch and punch out the little hole and the 2 little holes for the screws then slide it over wiggle it around and screw the face plate back on it is very simple and it is amazing how fast you can feel it is stopping the heat loss in your house try some of these see if they don’t help you stay comfortable in your home learn more at alaskagranny.com please subscribe AlaskaGranny channel

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  1. Like the bubble wrap idea, but here in the UK we have brick construction, not too many timber-frame, and that tends to be much better insulation. Your switch-plate gaskets wouldn't work for us, and wouldn't be needed because we don't have cold coming in that way. A couple of other ways, though, might be your bath-tub, where you could keep the plug in; also, do you have chimneys, or some kind of flue? We have a chimney without a gas-fire installed, and it snows in the grate!!

  2. Thank you for your tips. I don't live in the cold like Alaska but in the Northeast, so I also added thermal/darkening curtains to my windows to retain the heat of the day in the house. As the temperature drops in the early afternoon, I pull shades down over the big bubble wrap on my windows and draw the darkening thermal curtains. Perhaps its just my sense of privacy, but it does feel cozier, but the thermometer does show the temp drop is slowed down quite a bit. My house is in the woods facing south, however it is a 2800 sq ft house and conserving heat is a challenge. The curtains are a very big help.

  3. Thank you. I never would have thought of cold air coming in from the electrical outlets. I am crocheting door guards to keep the drafts out so this was a timely video for me to find. The one thing I can't imagine doing though is covering the windows the way you did (even if it would help keep our apartment warmer) as our cats would be very unhappy with us blocking their view of the outside world.

  4. Wow Granny, those are the same tips that a million other videos have pointed out and they did so without your annoying voice. Kudos for being unoriginal and annoying!

  5. OMG I was looking for this kind of video and found this… This is amazing, specially door one cause I've 2 doors which opens outside and because of that my house isn't warm enough.. I just ordered door seal stripes.

  6. To make those preventions cheap -go to any dollar tree or dollar stores ..the craft pads from the same materials ,would cost you only a dollar ,with pool noodles and any fabric of your fancy -easy to make door draft barrier on both sides of the door ,bubble wrap is great idea ..but isolations by pool noodles -the same effective and much cheaper … It would also prevent to air conditioning a street ,in a summer ,or overheat pipes in a hot and freeze in a cold . But ideas is really good .

  7. What a brilliant video! I am going to implement every idea presented here in our rental houses (we pay the heat!). Thank you so much!!!

  8. Fantastic ive tried using something similar to cinch of course i couldn't figure it out so thank you for this and bubble wrap im going to be really busy with these projects this weekend i live in the Midwest so our weather is sometimes wait and see but thanks again

  9. Gonna be moving into a small old house some time soon. Thanks for the helpful tips! I'm looking for ways to help keep a house warm in winter haha.

  10. Alaska Granny? they sure make’em young up there! so, i’ve been through ak several times, decades ago, going to and from the orient and southeast asia. and i would like to add, to block cold air from your home – move south!

  11. I jot my Bubble wrap on Amazon it has made an amazing difference to how comfortable my house is. Wow I love this tip. Now I am looking for the Cinch door seal. Thank You so much

  12. Any one know if for the switch plate thingies, do you only put them on outside walls or would you need to put them on walls that are shared with another room too?

  13. Alaska looks so stunning……when it's green and lush. I'd never make it through the Winter. Do you have any arthritic problem's how do you deal with it in the cold? I have bad arthritis and the east coast Winters are too much for me anymore.

  14. Thank you for such an economical and simply solution for winterization.
    By the way, you remind me of Melody Thomas Scott, (Nikki: The Young and Restless) ? Even your voice matches hers.
    Thank you for your expertise.:)

  15. Be wary of blocking every ventilation into the house. Someone visits you with a virus when you got no air exchange and you will get infected with it. In summer with windows open etc viruses can be blown out of house.

  16. I am from central Europe (the Czech Republic) and we sometimes have really cold winters here. Sometimes it is minus 35 degrees Celsius (well, not in past 5 or 7 years – they are only like minus 20 degrees maximum). And 95% of all houses are made of bricks and most of them have extra insulation put on the bricks. It can save you a lot of money spent on heating. Then we have windows that have 3 panes of glass (I mean 3 layers of glass). It is a standard. The old standard was 2 layers of glass and some older houses still have just 2 layers, but new houses have 3 layers. Also, most old window frames are replaced by plastic frames that are tighter. Or at least by new wood frames that are a bit more breathable. As for entrance doors, it is a standard that all houses have a small hall, kind of a mud room, where you take off your shoes and change into your slippers (it is considered rude to wear shoes indoors), and you also leave your coat there. Then there is another door that leads to a hallway from which there are more doors leading to the rest of the rooms – the living room, the kitchen etc. We never have entrance doors leading right to our living rooms or any other rooms. You first enter a mud room, then a hallway and then you get into a real room. This prevents cold air from getting into any of the rooms.

  17. I started using bubble wrap in my walk out basement door last year and it helped a lot. I use the same type of tape as the one used to winterize windows. When cold season ended, I just labeled where each piece belonged so I could reuse them. The basement also has two wall that are made of clear glass bricks to allow a lot of light in. I attached the bubble wraps to those and taped wide ribbon on top so instead of removing them I just roll them up by hand and tie them with the ribbon, to keep them out of the way for the warm season (7 cold months and 5 warm, if lucky, were I live.) I need to replace my front door which is 100 years old and hand carved because it lets a lot of air in, so I use wrap there today, If someone doesn't like my "door decoration" too bad because it made a huge difference with just 1/2 hour of work. I will replace it once I pay off the house in less than 2 year, now all extra money goes to the mortgage, the door can wait two more winters. My next project is cover the small basement bathroom's two walls that are next to the ground to keep the cold cement from cooling off the rest of that area. But for that I'm using the bubble wrap that come covered with Mylar film. $59 plus tax, plus adhesive is all that it cost to cover both walls. I'm so glad I found out about that use for bubble wrap.

  18. Our family room is so cold. There is a fireplace in the room and we always keep the flue closed when not in use. I just figured out that the air was being drawn from the fireplace and up the stairway even when we close the door to it. I put a blanket over the bottom of the door to stop the the air loss recently. What a huge difference it made in the comfort of that room! One of the Cinch products would likely work great! Thanks for taking your time to share these ideas.

  19. Oooo…I love the bubble wrap tip. Will it keep my house cooler in the summer too, just as good as it will keep the house warmer in the winter time ?

  20. Thank you so much for your bubble wrap suggestion. My bathroom has always been cold even with the radiator on. Since I bubble wrapped my window, my bathroom is actually staying warm! Thanks again!

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  22. I live in a rented condo with lots of heat & cooling loss. I bubble wrapped every window, including the sliding glass doors, covered all the switches & outlets & got the door blocker. I use double sided sticky tape as well to keep everything in place. Such a difference!

  23. WOW! I never knew this. my electric bill was a shock since this morning. I am going to try both over this weekend. my goodness.. how much money have been wasted on the leaks! Thank you very much for the inexpensive tips!

  24. When doing anything near anything electrical use an insulated screwdriver ,otherwise one slip and your in for a shock.

  25. card board on windows would it work.doesn't water freeze?on window.I found if I heated to areanear doirs the Rest of house didnt lose si mich heart.but its expensive if its electric Theaters.thst electric one is a New one!!bubble wrao also gives privacy!

  26. For the great tips you provided especially the bubble wrap idea for window, i would like to send you a good screw driver

  27. Amazing tips!!! And friends, you'd be amazed at how strong the drafts are inside your walls. Sometimes brick can even be worse because the drafts are trapped inside the building as the building doesn't breathe like plaster or wood. I am thrilled about the outlet covers because my neighbors SMOKE which flows through the spaces between the walls and into my apartment. Also, somehow the plastic coating around the wires loves to pick up smoke odor then the wires are warmed when the electricity is in use. Basically if it' colder behind your walls than in your rooms you will have cold air pressure. Thanks again, great tips!!!

  28. Hi, I have sliding windows – so if I bubble wrap each side the air is still coming from the gap in the middle where on window is overlapping another one . Any tips on how to block air from that gap ? Thanx

  29. Actually the eindow looks good with the bubble erdp on it ! Thanks for all the tips ! Ol man winter decided to sneak attack here on the mountain

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