100 thoughts on “3 Halloween DIY You Need To Try | Home Decor | ANN LE

  1. WOW, you are very creative and everything in his video was awesome. I can't believe you created those mugs by hand especially the angry eye mug, it looks like something you would buy in a store

  2. Love the ideas and will try them out 🙂 btw…I don't think it's intentional but the geometric fox looks more like an upside-down pentagram….I may be superstitious but it may be one design to revise.

  3. loved the candle so fun! not sure why i didn't notice sooner but you changed your hair colour lol. where have I been lol. I'm so into the diy but i love the look and i can't wait for an upfate from you 😊 ths ks for sharing!!!

    ps I think the bug mug is Vincent's lol

  4. Pretty sure the skull candle is my favorite because 1) I flirt with skull designs & like them here and there (but not EVERYWHERE), and 2) the candle can be made with whatever waxes & scents you like.

    I sort of like the Sharpie mugs too, but the Sharpie ink fades & washes off easily. Gotta use those porcelain paint pens!

  5. You realize that holiday decorations don't have to match perfectly with your house theme right..? Like you leave them Up for a few weeks then take them down, they don't stay up year round..

  6. For the hoddie DIY can you do a wolf please I love Wolfs and I checked no one has done a DIY wolf hoodie it would be great if you could!

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