3 Simple Ways to Whitewash Wood

3 Simple Ways to Whitewash Wood

today we’re going to show you three
simple techniques to whitewash wood all you need is some white paint and few
simple tools with this technique using equal parts paint and water the paint
becomes semi-transparent and allows the wood grain show through first mix your
paint and water next grab a rag and apply liberally finally go back over and
even things out once it’s dry apply another coat or two and you get your
desired finished look this technique is best for new lumber
and smooth surfaces it creates an even and controlled look with just a little
bit of farmhouse style with this technique use wax to mask high points
and grain in the board before painting using the side of a candle roughly rub
wax along the entire surface of the wood working quickly and sporadically this
leaves an uneven coat of wax on the surface apply paint with a paintbrush you’ll see some of the waxed spots repelling paint
after the paint has dried too tacky consistency take a rag and scrub over
the board to remove even more paint just dip your rig and a little bit of water
and keep going until you like the look this technique really only works on
rough or reclaimed wood with a lot of texture
first pour a bead of paint down the center of your board then take a plastic
putty knife and drag the paint across the board to fill in the grain one coat
of paint should do it but you can always add a second for more coverage whitewashing is an way easy
to get a rustic farmhouse look in any room in your home it’s not an exact
process so give it a try and see what works for you stay tuned for more from
the family handyman

5 thoughts on “3 Simple Ways to Whitewash Wood

  1. I am going to do this to my old dark oak farm house kitchen table! Do need to sand first, or apply a poly seal afterwards?

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