30 Art LIFE Hacks to create Texture in Mixed Media-handmade TEXTURE ideas

30 Art  LIFE Hacks to create Texture in Mixed Media-handmade TEXTURE ideas

hi everyone its Keren here with a brand
new video on how to create texture for your backgrounds for your mixed media
projects craft projects artist projects whatever you’re doing just many
different ideas that I thought of that I often use in my projects but that I
wanted to share with you in case you may be having part of some of those so these
are just great ideas I did incorporate every single one into a project but I do
show you the idea of the material that I use and some of them are very
inexpensive household items all the way too expensive mediums that I use and I’m
showing you the whole broad spectrum on how to create texture if there is
something that you can think of that I didn’t think about or I didn’t show
today I would love to hear from you in the comment area just leave me a comment
like sharing your good ideas for textures and maybe I’ll incorporate
those into a new video coming up where I could do part two of the same texture
video and show some more ideas to share with the viewers thanks and enjoy the first way by a most common way that
I like to create texture is using stencil and I have lots and lots of
stencils and you can see a video before is one of my favorite tools the stencils
and you’ll see a video by my top 10 favorite tools for mixed-media and this
is one of them so I have just showing you that you can create this type of
texture this texture but you of course you need a medium and what to create it
so you could create using paint using modeling paste using gel using gesso
basically in these are just amazing for everything and all you have to do is
just run them through you can see in lots of my videos I will link below
where you can see how few stencils in many different almost every single video
that I have uses stencils and how do I create texture with them so that’s my
number one way to create texture in a background in my mixed-media project a great way to create creating textures
with fabrics so I often use things like cheesecloth to create the texture in the
background or this kind of raffia kind of like burlap pieces lace that can
create really nice texture if you have some really nice old lace doilies that
have been woven so I’ve kept my grandmother’s and I’ve incorporated them
into different elements of my artwork so this is a great way of creating that
texture in the background so save up your things like that as well another way of making texture is having
some cardboard I’ve mentioned it in another video as a hack and this is a
great way cardboard can be used for so many different things and one of the
main things is that you can create this sexually you can actually peel somehow
this one is not peeling oh but you can actually peel this really nice layer and
you can get this really cool texture ribbed texture in the background and you
can use pieces of it or actually have patience like I don’t have and and
ripped all of it off and then have that ribbed texture or even have something
like that which looks like peeled peeled wall or something or something to that
style so it’s really nice to have that really cool texture in the background I
also thought this was a really neat cardboard box that it was inside of a
cardboard box and I saved it because I thought it was amazing to create some
texture I still haven’t use it for anything but I saw this as well how cool
is this and I really love and I say that maybe I’ll keep it for a future project this is one of my favorite things
this is drywall tape and it comes in two different forms this one I can get on my
local home depot here in Canada and this one I had to get online from Amazon and
I’ll link the link below where I got it and it kind of looks like function Ella
and it’s really nice because like it first of all it has like it’s adhesive
but if you’re not you can just rip a piece of it and basically use it to
create this really neat texture in the background this one is definitely a
laconic like a tape and it’s a different type of in different type of texture and
you can get this really nice texture and you can rip it as well or cut out
repertory cut it as well so you could cut this and create this really nice
texture effect if it’s so easy to cut and you create this really nice grid
effect on your background so this is another nice thing to use and I really
love using this to create texture in my background another cheap way to create textures
using old strips from like things you cut out from different papers these are
the strips that I kind of set up when I’m making card just things that have
been left over and just you could just you basically glue them on a paper or
create something with them so I mean it’s just really trying to find cheap
ways or non cheap ways to create texture which is really fun to do and you know
just to give you some ideas another cheap and inexpensive way to
creating texture in the background is using either paper towels could be
napkins anything that has a kind of a ridge pattern on it and you can even
separate this you can get like two out of them because paper towels are two ply
or three ply sometimes and I’ve used napkins a paper towel story that I’ve
already been changed but like you can basically create its route that you have
this really nice texture but it’s already colored or you could use this
such as that as just a background you could like to use some gel or Mod Podge
and just stick it to your canvas and that creates a really cool texture well
as well so that’s another way to do it so play around with it as well and you
can see some of my videos on this topic as well and as I’ve created other
projects using paper towels another great way to make texture is
using tissue paper and this is really good
because it’s really thin and you can wet it or you can use it in it when it
crinkles like this you can make really cool texture backgrounds using gel you
could like stick it on a background and you all the veins kind of come out and
create that really neat texture that is perfect for a background or you can
build things with this which I’ve done in the past where we’re using gels so
that’s a really great another place M material to make texture is very cheap I
mean you can buy it at a dollar store but you can also like get at you know in
gift bags when you get a when you get gifts from your kids or for you or or
anything like that so it’s a really great cheap way to making texture along with tissue paper that actually
comes in many different like designed as well that you can buy or you can get the
cheap one from the dollar store like this this one is not from a dog this is
a really nice script one that I used sometimes in my project besides that you
could use things like tissue paper like you know like for your mouth what you
use to blow your nose or you know clean scene which is really great to create
that kind of texture or toilet paper has nice designs but also really good to
create texture to build things with so those are things that I also like using
in my project of course one of the most common ways to
create texture is with stamps and I love using this method I use this a lot with
different inks and lately I’ve been stamping also inside modeling paste and
gel to create this really nice thick texture so I will link those videos here
below as well so you can see how I actually put a push the stamps in to
texture and create into modeling paste or gel and created its really neat
texture in the in the actual paste but even just stamping with regular ink
that’s a great way of creating texture and you can see a lot of my videos here
you’ll see how I’ve used the different stamps and I show how I use them which I
usually hold my stamps this way so I could stamp well on them and if you
create this really nice effect so for example and I will show an example here
so this is one of my favorite stamps and what I do is I hold it like this because
if I want to get a distress texture all I do is hold it up and then I’ll get
that really nice honeycomb effect and this is really neat to do because you
get this really cool effect that is not straight same with this one for example
right so you get you can get a really neat effect or even the script stamp
which is one of my favorites as well and you can you know make this and I’ve used
this one a lot lately because I’ve created these really nice distress
old-looking papers so this was stamp what’s perfect for that so just go
through my videos and you’ll see where I’ve used this stamp as well so that’s
another great way of adding texture to your background one of the most amazing ways to create
texture is with little stones or glitter or microbeads mica flakes so these are
all things that obviously you have to purchase so buy some of these things for
example these ones I’ve gone from the dollar store and you can make really
nice texture with these so that’s really cool I’ve used these for many different
things and you can create this really nice 3d texture these other ones I mean
glitter I mean this is a Prima marketing leader but you can buy glitter this type
of glitter or even the center one in again the dollar store or anywhere is
cheap the same would be so you could something
that you could you know create this really nice texture yeah I would suggest
mixing this with gel or with gesso or with paint or with anything you want
basically all you do is you mix it together this is the microbeads are very
thin and they’re very life you know very micro mini mini mini and they’re really
good for creating this really cool texture and then we have I haven’t even
opened this one then we have the mica flakes which are like pieces of them
called mica this is the silver color I’m opening this so you can see and they’re
just again give this really cool texture they’re very very fine and they give a
really nice texture as well one of my favorite products so from this past year
where they are stones and these are actually very very light people are
always surprised how light they are and they are great for creating that really
nice texture mixing these I mix these a lot with gel and create this really
beautiful texture see maybe here you can see how I used it in this project for
example you see here I created this it has a lot a lot of texture and there it
is the stones and and here I’ve used other eye things as well right so this
is really the stencils in the background pieces of wood this is wire or string
that I’ve used so the texture is there and all you have to do is just basically
add the so so this is a great way of adding
texture by mixing this with different products so you would be mixing it with
with gel like the gel that is soft or with a 3d gel you could mix this with a
modeling paste okay you could mix it with modeling paste you can mix it with
gesso so heavy gesso or light just soso you could basically mix it with anything
and it will create this really rich texture along with the beads and the microbeads
and everything else a great way to make textures using sequin I’ve used this a
lot also in my different projects I love using these they’re really fun you can
keep them in this color or you can cover them completely and this is really cheap
you can get it anywhere this is from just my craft but any sequin would work
it’s really fun to create texture with it another way of creating texture is using
basically bubble wrap paper and there is two differences different sizes of it so
you could use this really sick one or you could use the thinner one I’ll just
demonstrate how to do it with the smaller one there’s two different ways
you could do you could be a texture just by stamping with it and let me just show
you what I mean so you could just think on it and then stamp stamp with it so
that’s a good way of creating texture you could also incorporate it into your
artwork and create this really nice bubbly texture and I’ll show you one of
the projects that I made on how I incorporated this into my artwork here
you see this there’s incorporated this into my artwork and you can see here
this is a perfect example of the room of our of a project that I created a lot of
texture first of all there we have a stencil in the background with the
modeling paste and then you have something like a tissue paper here you
have beads which is another it’s a great way of making it texture which I’ve
already shown here is cheese cloth which is fabric okay so that’s another way
that I’ve shown how to make texture so just in this is I teach this project by
this is just really nice this is also another right wave rope okay so that’s
another fabric that could work with it so basically this project encompasses a
lot of the products that I’ve shown today that can create the texture which
is the bubble wrap the fabric which is these two are fabrics and then the the
beads micro beads regular beads and the art stones oh the regular big beads like
pearls and stuff like that so and look I didn’t use like old lids which I recycle
is really really great so this is just a great way of using things to create the
household items to create texture so there’s another one which is the bubble
wrap another way to create texture is using a
glue gun and that’s a really fun way to create texture on a background like I
did here I created this actual butterfly with a glue gun just by going around a
stencil in the background so I did this on an acetate piece and you can watch
this video of my life show that I created this with and I created this
texture with the gel but this texture with actual with a glue gun so there is
another idea that I thought of that would be excellent for texture another way of creating texture is using
saran wrap and that’s really cool I’ll show you what I mean so for example
there’s two different ways we could do it so for example I could put paint on
my background and then take saran wrap and kind of create this really neat
pattern into it so sorry you can’t really see that because it’s too short
too small of an area but if I put a little bit more paint this one is stuck
on so if I put a little bit more paint which is not happening hold on okay
so now I have more of a thicker paint okay I can create really cool neat
patterns with my saran wrap and at the same time if you put the paint on the
saran wrap and go and you press with it you can create that really nice texture
as well you could just move it around and create this really nice really nice
texture another way to create texture is with a
palette knife and I’ll show you how easy that is to do and it could be done on
modeling paste gesso paint anything you want so here is some paint I’m using
some different color now so you can actually see and all you have to do is
just Pat it on and it creates this really neat texture on your background
so it’s really really really simple I know I’ve been experimenting a lot
with this one piece of paper but I would just want to show you the different
types of texture another way of creating texture is by using texturizing
materials and these of course are not freezes so you would have to buy these
but they’re just really cool there’s also some paintbrushes that already have
two texturising part on the back these are the Prima sin of air and texturizing
brushes now this is the same one let me find you a different one so you can see
and they create really nice texture so you can like you know create lines or
you could create some you know thicker lines and with this one it’s the same
thing so for example you can create these really neat textures in the
background so these are really neat this is by low and corner low and kornel this
is faber castell this is a premium marketing cinavia
wands come with it’s a dual brush it comes with that and the texturizing at
the top so these are great and I’ll link those below as well if you want to be
looking to how to do texture this is a great way of doing it so there’s just so
many nice cool products with it and this is one of them well these are all different things and
can create texture as well things like thread or wire okay metal wire or this
type of wire and you could just you know as you saw before when I showed it that
you can actually create this create these really cool patterns with it as
well you can wrap it you can tie things with you can begin you can use like
regular thread sewing thread another really great thing to use for texture is
metal pieces so things like not simple you can save all different things from
from your you know garage and you could use them to create textures so there’s
just so many ideas and I’m sure there’s a million others that I haven’t even
thought about and that mean so if you want to feel free to share if there’s
any other ideas that you can think of that that would be good for texture
share them below in the description area and maybe I could make a second video
regarding textures that like textures for projects if you dabble a little bit in crafting
or scrapbooking you will have a lot of these things lying around things like
grabs and eyelets and different buttons or little beads or things that just use
collected over the years that you never use I am and those are really fun to
incorporate for texturing and different things metals in general I talked about
before or even wash washers really great for that so you can go into your garage
and pick up a bunch of things so these are really fun also to incorporate it as
texture in your project another find an easy way to create
texture is using tape masking tape or any type of tape and there you can use
this washi tape or just anything cheap you can find that our tape related for
examples here going back to my sheet again you should just stick tape on and
create these really cool lines and sorry this is not cutting properly yeah make
sure you always keep the tape in the way that you can open it up after but again
you see like it rips and you can treat it’s really neat design or you can
create like I resist technique with it like backwards so then the it really
masks everything so you could just create this really neat texture in the
background just using tape another fun way to create texture is
with moles and this is just one type of mole there’s so many different kind and
you can just use in different mediums inside the moles to create these really
nice textured embellishments that you could apply to any of your projects
whether it’s cars or layouts or even like you know canvases or just decorate
things and it makes things oh they’re very fragile but you can make things
really nice with them and just a great way to create textural as well another fun way to create texture is
with wax this is small wax pellets but any type of wax would work and you could
just smell these on different things to create really cool effects and resist
techniques that I’ve used before you can check my youtube channel for those as
well so these are really another fun way to create texture and it creates a
really nice smooth texture but also create little grooves and you can just
spread it around in your in your artwork this one is a very handy one I’m not
sure if you’ve ever seen this I mean if you buy canvases it is a great thing
that you could use this is this comes in the in the back of the canvas at some
canvases there’s little pieces of wood there like to makes it make pressure on
the canvas so it’s stiffer but I don’t use it so I just collect them all this
is really great to make embellishments or create or or use as to give something
3d effect or height instead of the cardboard that I said before or just
paint it and create put words on it or anything like that these are really
really handy as use them in my projects for collaging and it’s just really
really great and you know cheap comes if you already buying the canvases these
are really cheap to use another cool texture idea is using
plaster sheets I’ve used it quite a few times in my projects it’s in a bad
because it makes a big mess it has a lot of like white powder there but it’s
really cool I cut it into strips or just using it like this this is what they
used to me used to make a split and it’s really texture wise it’s really nice so
this is another way I’ll put the link below where I got this in Amazon and
it’s just really great another great way to add to make texture
is with salt you could like you know to use some coarse salt like a kosher salt
or basically just regular salt which is finer and you could mix this item put it
on your projects and then mix it or you can mix it with with some gel and it
will create some really nice texture so for example if you mix it with a little
bit of gel it will make this really nice paste so for example you could have the
treated texture almost looking like it almost looks like you know the salts
that you know like a scrub that you use for the bath so you close the gel will
help it stick to the background of your projects you can also use salt and I’ve
used this in other projects as well you can look in all my brush show videos
I’ve used salt to kind of absorb and creates a really cool technique where
you absorb the watercolor and it creates a really nice bubbly background on your
watercolor paper so that’s something you can look on my youtube and see how cool
you can use the salts for a couple of different ways but this is one of them
as well finally of course I want to talk about
like mediums that can create texture and there’s so many of them I can’t even
mention all of them things like gel or the soft gel okay that you can mix the
stones that I’ve shown before or the beads or just you run them through stem
so I mean there’s so many possibilities to do with the same of the modeling
place you can stamp inside of them you can create texture with the palette
knife the way I showed it before then there is things like texture paste with
white sand and where things like have their very gritty and there’s a black
sand and is a crackle paste so this is a copper color but there’s so many
different colors there is something like snowflake paste that this one creates
something that looks like snowflakes when you added there’s a rat paste which
makes things look really rusty and it’s really gritty as well
so it’s really nice so so many of the products out there can create texture
I mean it’s endless there is that them there is a vajazzle that can create your
to gesso can create texture if you use at the other of the right way and just
so many different things that really create this really nice texture that
we’re looking for in the background so I mean I cannot mention every single
medium that is out there but these of course are expensive so so you can go
ahead and buy a couple and then invest in them as you go along as you
experiment with the different techniques that are out there and you can feel free
to look at my youtube channel to see what how I use some of these products
because these are really good to add texture to your background here you can
see how one of the paste the crackle paste created it’s really cool texture
for this canvas in my background and I have a whole video that shows how to
create crackle paste but I actually have ten ways to create crackle paste as well
so you can see that I will link that below as well but I just thought this
was really neat to show how these pastes really work and this is just one example
of them thank you so much for joining me today
as I showed you all the products that I use to create textures for a background
for your mixed-media projects for things that I’ve used all the time that I like
using in my projects and I’m just sharing them with you today things like
common household items like cheesecloth or cardboard up to expensive mediums
that maybe are not affordable for everyone but I just wanted to show you
that there are other options for you to use in order to have these really neat
texture that you see out there in videos so I hope you enjoyed it and please
leave a comment and subscribe to my youtube channel but especially if you
want to leave a comment with another idea that you might have then go ahead
and maybe I will incorporate it next time when I do another one of these
videos thanks so much bye

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    In terms of the tape you could use to create a honeycomb like texture. my only concern would be removing the tape without ripping it. However you could use it without removing the sticky part or using the backing as a stencils. you can peel off the backing and use it as well in your projects.

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