30 Decor ideas from dollar store

30 Decor ideas from dollar store

More money, more problems, am I rite? This is 30 Cheap And Brilliant Dollar Store Hacks by Natalie brown 1. Pencil grips make crochet hooks more comfortable.
Instruction: Wrap the bottom of your crochet hook with
masking tape until it’s about the width of a pencil. Slide two pencil grips onto hook. 2. Turn pool noodles into waterproof garlands. Instruction:
1. Slice pool noodle into about 1/2 thick pieces. 2.Thread string/twine etc through the longest needle you can find. 3.String each slice of pool noodle.
and 4.Hang your garland! 3. S-hooks and binder clips as pot storage. Not THAT kind. 4. Use some picture frames to make a terrarium.
Directions. 1. Remove the backs and glass from eight frames. 2. Drill one hole near top and one near the bottom, through the larger frame and halfway into the smaller;
Screw together. 3. Arrange the two L’s you’ve created as shown. 4. Align a 2″ mending plate at each end of the frames, as shown. Drill pilot holes and secure with screws 5. Align the two sets of 5″ x 7″ frames as shown. 6. Line the resulting roof up with the base, as shown. 7. Trace the inside of an eave on paper. 8. Fit the cut wood into each end of the roof. 9. Smooth wood filler over the terrarium’s exterior, filling in the joints and covering the screw holes. Let dry 10. Paint the piece white. 11. Replace the glass from the bottom up. Place hot glue in the corners of each frame 12. Lift the terrarium’s lid to fit your favorite plants inside. Set by a sunny window and admire
how your mini garden grows. 5. Organize crayons by color with Popsicle trays. For those of you with kiddos or regressive tendencies. You’ll never have to wait for an orange again. 6. Manila folders + chopsticks=modern lamp. Can you guess what this stylish light fixture is made of? Give up? Manila folders and bamboo skewers! OK, the lightbulb kit may require a visit to the hardware store. Supplies Needed:
Manila Folders, bamboo skewers Tissue paper, Glue, Scissors Trim Manila Folders for large and small lamp pieces Glue Folders together overlapping to form open cubes Mark out Holes for skewer light-bulb support grid Decoupage tissue to folders and trim closely Add skewers supports glue with strong craft glue A Pendant lamp kit buy at IKEA for $5 or less Install pendant light in skewer grid Done ! 7. Pick your favorite plastic animal and turn him into a bookend. You don’t even have to cut them in half this time. 8. Sponges can be ergonomic keyboard things. You could cover them in fabric if you don’t dig the kitchen look. 9. Picture frames work as dry erase boards. Drop plain white paper in there if you’re not into the scrapbooky look. 10. Drop-cloths can be curtains, too. Yup, you got it right: Canvas drop cloths! 11. These wire easels want to keep your laptop cool. You’ll need two twisted gauge display easel
from a dollar store $1 each and Rubber bands Direction! Put the two unfolded stands
next to each other, then use the elastic bands to attach the anti slip foam to the top and bottom of the stand for a quicker and easier solution, pick up a cooling rack for cookies 12. Turn cooling racks and lasagna pans into
juicy steaks. Run to a Dollar Tree and pick up cooling racks and lasagna pans. The racks and pans were both 2 for $1. Direction: Assemble and Done. Grilling is ready 13. Cover oddly shaped kitchen items with shower caps. 14. Spray-paint and patience can turn beads into a chandelier. Pinterest-ers will be familiar with this one. 15. Get crafty with two colors of paint and some vases. Recommended to use Martha Stewart brand high-gloss acrylic paint for a perfect glass work. 16. Mercury-ize any sort of glassware you happen to find. Main supplies you need are:
Glass candlestick and
Glass bowl you can get at dollar store for $2. Direction: 1. Run a bead of E-6000 Glue around the top rim of the candlestick. Set bowl centered on top and allow to dry 24 hours. 2. On a covered work area, invert pedestal bowl and spray with a light coat of Krylon Looking Glass. Immediately spray with water or vinegar solution. Dab lightly with a lint-free cloth to distress. Allow to dry (the paint dries quickly). 17. Dino butts can help your phone stand up. You just have to ignore the plastic Dino’s screams of anguish as you cut it in half. This image is pretty self-explanatory I believe. 18. Aww…. Make a little magnet board with a burner cover. Well, this thing have eight directions waiting you in another site. 19. Cups can be custom modular storage. You’ll need a toolbox. Filled with
•3 packs of 8 small round bolt and nuts •7 plastic drink tumblers •Marker •Drill •Yarn •Scissors •Awl or nail and Wire Check info to get complete tutorial 20. Use contact paper as a laptop skin. A simple tutorial for turning your scratched and dented laptop into a fun and unique statement! Supplies: Wood-Grain Contact paper (found at most dollar stores), x-acto knife, scissors, and tracing paper. 21. Mirrors become little boxes. With just a little help from your good old friend, “The hot glue gun”. Here’s how you do it.
.. Oh! And, if you’re looking to set up the majority of the hours in a day while also making yourself crazy, try taking multiple pictures of a mirrored box. Classic… 22. You too can have a spa-like bathroom for only like $5. I smooshed down the glue then arranged the rocks. Not hard at all. In retrospect I think it would have been better to start in the center and work my way out. It’s also probably best to let the glue set for a good 24 hours before walking on it. 23. Never ever misplace your keys again… …as long as you remember to hang them in the teeny frame. A simple solution for “sometimes” a messy situation. 24. Keep your cold drink at hand all summer long. Gotta be a little handy for this. Step 1: Gather materials Step 2: Bend the Crook Step 3: Sharpen the Base Step 4: Attach the Cup using epoxy if you have to and last step: stick it on the ground 25. Fancy pants topiaries (assuming you can find moss). These will depend on your dollar store. 5 DIY instruction available for you after you click a pasted link under this video. 26. Highlighters=glow water. WHAT. So, I’m no toddler but I’m going to do this anyway. MAKE SURE THE HIGHLIGHTERS SPECIFICALLY SAY “NONTOXIC.” If using highlighter water in the bath makes you uncomfortable you can also substitute tonic water to give you a COOL BLUE glow. Tonic is 100% edible, safe for kids, and even meant for ingestion. One two liter will give you insanely bright water. Also, You can make RAINBOW glow water using non-toxic paint if you visit pasted link inside info. 27. Turn paint can lids into a pretty outdoor mirror. Also an Anthro hack. 28. Find a microfiber towel and sew it
into a Swiffer cover. 29. Turn a laundry basket into a pretty striped basket. from this.. to this by “Iheartorganizing.com”. And, 30. Binder clips that can hold your cables. The tutorial is in Dutch, but this transcends language. The easiest dollar store hack in this list. estimated you wont need a minute to get the job done. Before you leave
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  1. the store in your opening pic is not a dollar store, its a Family Dollar, which is NOT A DOLLAR store. When they named that store is was to trick people into thinking it was a dollar store and that everything in there sold for a dollar, but its a lie, They really need correct the name of their store. Its a rip-off. You need to change the title of this video too.

  2. If I didn't have the visual clues I would have no idea what the voice was saying. Worst diction I have ever heard. Why do people waste our time with rubbish. All the hacks were old anyway and some so long that you could just go to a store and buy the real thing…terrarium for instance!

  3. I like all of these but would have like it better if the video was slower and more descriptive of each project.

  4. i thought they were all brilliant ideas!! thanks for the inspiration to declutter my own space and a place to even start! i was a bit overwhelmed! u rock!! btw, im totally gonna do the little greenhouse w/ pic frames! i wouldnt have ever thought of that! i have tons of plants in my home!! ill be sure to send u pics of my creations! 😊

  5. I very much enjoy your videos and cant wait to try so many of your great ideas! Thanks so much for sharing and I look forward to more!

  6. Just an observation….. If you have all that time to do all that stuff then why not get a job so you can buy what you need or want rather than have to make crap out of crap from the dollar store.

  7. Why in such a hurry while talking??! I can't follow you. You do need to talk in a proper speaking tempo if you want to show us something and want us to be able to follow you. Besides, not everybody is a native English speaker.

  8. Wish you could have a more paced rhythm, there's no need to rush away this ideas. Too fast to actually have the opportunity to appreciate all of them.

  9. just wanted to point out about the "barbeque," the baking trays are made of aluminum and aluminum gives off toxic fumes when heated!

  10. Not purposely being douchey buuut Familiy Dollar and the Dollar Store (Dollar Tree) are totally different. Either way, I appreciate your time!

  11. love All your ideas , one in particular when I was going to sell my motorhomethen glued ( r.v.) I bought two cute plastic bowls and glued the bottoms together

  12. Sorry I totally messed my comment up I was talking about my motor home that I did sell anyway, I glued two dollar tree bowls bottoms together glued a string of small gold beads in the middle where the bowls were glued together let all dry then put some colorful fake veggies in the bowl, the Lady that bought the r.v. Thought it was so cute asked if I was going to leave it in the r. v.I said you bet it's yours

  13. 2:02
    I've been trying to figure out how to make a shade for a floor lamp I have because none of the ones in the store work for a spiral light.
    This will help me!
    THANK YOU!!!

  14. Great video.
    Ignore the trolls who could have kept their rudeness to themselves.
    Some people LOVE to be negative and then hide behind, "I'm just being honest."
    No, you are being rude for no good reason.

  15. I’m laughing so hard. Bull dog clips as pot storage… not that kind, . Bwahahah. And just when I stopped laughing… Dino butts. Hahahaha. I’m like 3 today…

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