30 Most Interesting Geeky Products | Best AliExpress Finds

30 Most Interesting Geeky Products | Best AliExpress Finds

Hello, my dear friends. If you are here, then you probably want to
see some interesting and unusual geeky products from AliExpress. If you like this list, make sure to visit
our website – this is the compilation number 11, and there is 10 more on the blog. I will put links to all these products, as
well as the website to the description of this video. So let’s begin! The TV backlight will transform the ambience
of the room, making it look more luxurious and spacious, not to mention futuristic. This $10 device consists of 2 separate LED
strips, each 50 cm or a bit less than 2 feet long, with a shared controller. There is also a remote control that will help
it switch between colors and change the color modes. It completely changes the perception of the
room overall. Also, it does not have to be used just behind
the TV – you can stick it anywhere there is access to a USB outlet, even in the car with
the USB cigarette lighter plug adapter. Don’t you just hate it when you just become
comfortable in front of the computer, but then you realize that you forgot to bring
something from the kitchen? A USB-powered single can-capacity fridge will
help you keep your drink cool and ready for consumption within the reach, of course if
the fridge is also placed within reach. The fridge can also be used for housing chocolate,
small tubs of ice-cream, and my ex’s tiny icicle of a heart. If she even had one. A feet hammock will help you keep the feeling
of relaxation while doing tedious tasks at your desk. It even has 2 slack mode suggestions, high
and low. Both equally comfortable. One thing that I feel should be mentioned,
as a person who spent the last 6 years of his life working an office job, it might not
be the best idea to take your shoes off at work, especially if you share the room with
others. It’s quite surprising how many people miss
this point. The next thing is this moon light. It has a light sensor that I assume turns
it on at night and cycles through the 12 cycles, imitating the real thing. It can also be controlled with a remote. Presumably, it does not turn you into the
werewolf. The light works off 4 AA batteries. An eclipse might be an indication that they
need to be switched. If you always wanted a drone, but never got
one, here is your chance. If you are not good at it, you can always
start small. Get it? Because of how small this drone is. But don’t let the size fool you. As your girlfriend says reassuringly, size
does not matter. This nano quadcopter has a very effective
altitude hold which allows easy control. Just for around $15 dollars you can try yourself
as a pilot. This magnetic putty is another weird thing
that I found oddly tempting. Not sure why would anyone think it is a good
idea to put it on their face, but according to the description, it is a new, updated version,
that does not stick to your hands. The magnetic putty will slowly follow the
magnet when you hover it over the putty. Become a snake charmer for less than $3. For all the Star Wars and lame pun attempt
fans, here is a light side – dark side light switch wall sticker. It is vinyl-based, and can be removed when
and if someone non-geeky comes over. For some unknown reason, everyone loves people
in uniforms. My guess is that is because of the impression
of authority. If you want to see if it can really make you
feel more attractive, here is a lab coat for $15. It could also be a part of a Halloween costume. There are bounty hunters and there are poachers
out in the universe, but none like you. You caught and skinned a Wookiee, and now
you dare to wear his carcass around like a coat? And are you really sure you want to invite
all other Wookiees in the universe to attack you on sight? Because that is what’s going to happen. They will never let this injustice stand! By the way, the fur used is fake fur. And as always, if you are in between sizes,
it is better to get the bigger one. I’m not sure if it is true or not, but it
is believed that on the internet everyone loves cats. So why not make your love official with this
amazing set of cat stickers. If you are more into fish or pandas, there
are some for you too. And if the stickers are not enough, there
are these cat clothes for your feet. These, as most socks on AliExpress, are “one
size fits all” type of deal, given that the biggest your leg can be is size 42 EUR,
or size 9 US. For the people who prefer shorter socks, we
have something for you too. Here is the variety of them for less than
$1 with free shipping. There are plenty of different designs to pick
from, all equally weird. And if you are into superheroes, here is another
option for socks, this one being the last for this video. The socks from this listing have been purchased
over 10,000 times, and right now there are 7 different designs to pick from. For those who want to try their luck first
beforehand will like this slot machine toy. It is smaller than it seems to be, and it
does not require coins or batteries to operate. This octopus beanie (or a toque, as Canadians
call it) looks really cool, it works like a balaclava but is, of course, more whimsical. This is a very warm and soft beanie, and it
seems to be of a good quality. There are several color options that you can
pick from. If you are on a diet, but still are compelled
to get some sweet Oreo’s, here is a portable mirror that looks like a popular cookie. You may have seen them in our previous video
with 50 Things For $1 Or Less from AliExpress, which I encourage you to watch if you are
into cheap things – there is a lot of other really odd stuff. A baseball cap for a real trooper. Not recommended to wear it during the shooting
competition. There are two color options, black or white. A lot of people rely on coffee for its effects,
but I really appreciate the godly taste of this wonderful liquid. This poster for a true ground beans lover
will help you discover new ways of ways of enjoying this lovely drink. And if you are more interested to learn what
I am like on the inside, or if you really miss biology, consider getting this educational
poster with the human skeleton. There are a lot more other posters available
in the store, I will put the link to it in the description. If you really want one of those fancy laptops
that aspiring writers use in every Starbucks in your local area, but can’t afford a real
thing, AliExpress has got you covered. This unique mirror will help you stand out
for a mere $3. These cable organizers that we have seen in
the previous lifehack products video have become an integral part of my work desk. I use them to, well, organize cables, and
a few colleagues, seeing how useful they are, have asked me to get some for them as well,
and I couldn’t refuse them. Each has an adhesive strip on the back for
the easy application. If you feel like an extra challenge when looking
at the time, or if want to make friends with math majors, consider getting this mathematician
watch. Your calculus professor will appreciate it. If you want to feel An $0.84 pendant that
lets you feel intellectually superior in relation to other people? Yes please! Highly recommended for the people who like
to start their sentences with “well, actually…” This anatomically correct heart pendant gives
the whole other meaning to “giving your heart to someone”. There are several options for the color, presumably
based off the level of your emotional evolvement. For those of us who are clumsy, here is a
soft and waterproof silicone keyboard that can take a lot more than its conventional
counterpart. If you want even more portability, there is
a Bluetooth version of it as well. You may have seen these mugs before. Many of us are polite and try to keep showing
their displeasure hidden, but sometimes it surfaces back up. Just like this mug, it has the best wishes,
but all it really means is… The space is vast and has no limits, just
like the breadsticks at Olive Garden. These pens are not, but the pictures on them
have that eternal greatness to them. Besides the crease in the middle, they are
beautiful all around. This running alarm isn’t something that I
would want for myself because I like to spend a few minutes in bed after waking up, and
I manage to do so without falling asleep again, but some of us need an extra nudge, and here
is where this alarm comes handy. When it’s time to wake up, it starts rolling
away, and it won’t stop making the alarm noises until you catch and disable it. Especially important during the exam season. As if the octopus hat wasn’t enough, here
is another one. Look downright chivalrous while staying warm
with this crocheted knight helmet hat. With its thick padded armor and functional
moving visor, this knight helmet hat is going to land you a damsel or two. You’ll feel just like a real knight, minus
the whole noble birth thing. And here is gallium, a metal with an extremely
low melting temperature threshold. Gallium is a chemical element with symbol
Ga and atomic number 31. It is in group 13 of the periodic table, and
it has similarities to the other metals of the group, aluminium, indium, and thallium. It melts at 30 degrees Celsius, which is around
85 degrees Fahrenheit. The normal human body temperature is 36.6
Celsius or 97.88 Fahrenheit, which is just enough for it to turn to its liquid form. You will need to hold it in you hands though
first before it starts to melt.

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