31 Jordan Rd. Cummington Ma 01026

31 Jordan Rd.  Cummington Ma 01026

(slow upbeat country music) (upbeat country music) – Hey guys, are you looking
to build your dream home but don’t quite yet have
enough money to get started? Are you looking to build a
home but don’t wanna go through all the hassle of putting
the major things in place like the utilities, septic and well? Or are you looking for
a home away from home where you can enjoy acres of wildlife and pleasures such as
hunting, fishing, snowshoeing, canoeing and kayaking and
where nothing but peace and quiet surrounds you? Well, opportunity is a knocking and it’s got your name
written all over it. Here are some fun facts about
31 Jordan Road in Cummington that you may not know but need to know. Fun fact number one, you
can spend your time relaxing because all the big ticket items have been taken care of for you. Three bedroom septic installed
and ready to be used, check. Artesian well dug and pump
ready to be used, check. Electricity, underground, done, check. Land cleared and wetlands
delineated, check, check. Fun fact number two, you can
do whatever you want to do on your almost four and
a half acres of land because there are no neighbors in sight.
(gun shots) Fun fact number three, unlimited
resource of fresh water provided by the many natural springs found around the property. Fun fact number four,
you’re only three miles from the Old Creamery, a
cute little grocery store with local produce and unique stacks. You can enjoy the best
little secret sandwich shop in the Hill Town, Massachusetts area. Fun fact number five,
you already have a home because this fifth wheel is included. Tom. Unless you want it removed, then we can do that too. 31 Jordan Road in Cummington, a nature lovers paradise, and yet, you’re less
than 25 minutes to both Northampton and Pittsfield. Come and live life the
way you wanna live it. I’m realtor, Amy Kelly. – And I’m her husband, Tom. – And we’re. – [Together] You’re real
estate professionals. – And until next time,
happy house hunting. (upbeat country music)

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