3D펜으로 부서진 벽 꾸미기

3D펜으로 부서진 벽 꾸미기

A tall breath-taking cliff as just looking at …It’s… actually… a wall of an apartment. A broken one. I came up with an idea at first glance so I brought my suitcase without exception. (sexy butt) Nowadays, when I see a broken wall I feel like I’m ready to make CLICKBAIT VIDEOS …I mean, awesome structures Before we start, let’s Chika Chika (sound of brushing teeth & it’s a word for kids in Korean) I recommend you to take good care of your teeth …unless you want a 3D pen implant. Today, I’m gonna make a miniature bungee stand. Insert a metal ruler on the wall to support Then fasten it with filament. and cover the ruler with filament. It’s hard to see from the side but I’m making a flat surface. fill them again, but horizontally this time The surface was a bit taller than my height so I decided to move up. …without realizing, I was on the top. I felt like a gargoiyle guarding the entrance of a dungeon and I’m protecting the entrance of a apartment… You shouldn’t. I have to hurry since this is very dangerous. To make it stick to the wall, I made a cradle on top. Draw a line to the end of the stand like a falling bitcoin graph headlong until it reaches the bottom. I repeated it two to three more times to make it harder. Make pillars vertically. I’ve never tried a bungee jump. What about you? In fact, I’m not interested. …I just asked cause I had nothing to say. If the structure is quite done, Pull out the ruler. And make another cradle on the bottom too. Finish it by adding a roof at the end. In fact, I already made a bungee jumping guy yesterday. Add details with a tiny brush. Make him a scaring Adidas fanboy. Now it’s time to attach them. Make bungee rope with filament and attach the bungee jumping guy. Bungee jumping Adidas fanboy on red bungee stand, It’s finished. “If anyone needs my help..” “Don’t worry, just count on me.” “Adida-di-do-dis.” (It’s a kind of Korean joke. The sound of ‘Adidas’ is similar with Adios. So that means Adios. hahah) For those of you who want to see my artwork, You can visit Seodaejeon station Jupp, it´s gone. It disappeared on the next day. Thank you. I’ve been Sanago. 자막 제작: Delphox
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100 thoughts on “3D펜으로 부서진 벽 꾸미기

  1. 사라진 이유가 너무 잘 만들어서 가져 간거 아닐까요? 개인적으로 우리집문앞에 그런거 있으면 진짜 가져가고 싶을듯ㅋ ㅋ

  2. 진짜 차분하게 웃긴말하는거 너모좋다 3D펜으로 임플란트ㅋㅎㅋ
    아니 길가다가 저렇게 위에 올라거 쭈구려앉아 있는 사람있음 개웃기겠다 ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

  3. Si quieres ver la obra :v ps vea la estación
    awanta!! ….La quitaron TnT bueno a un queda él vídeo 😄😄

  4. 저게뭔 개짓거리임? 그냥 벽돌한장 올리면되는대 뭔시발 작품거리노 대전사는대
    찾아다니면서 깨부숴버려야지.

  5. 와우 지금은 이사를왔지만 우리집 바로 앞에를 이렇게 보니 되게 신기하다…

  6. 와이고 사나고님 벽에 뭐만 하시면 다음날 없어~
    누가 부시냐 누군가 저걸 보고 재밌어하고 신기해할걸

  7. 과중학교라서 3D펜 사용해본 적있는데 다루기힘들던데 엄청 스무스하게 만드시네요,,, 머박

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