3D Printed Deer Head for Casey Neistat

3D Printed Deer Head for Casey Neistat

hey guys we’re Evan and Katelyn. And today we’re making a 3d printed deer head for one of our favorite youtubers hi, how’s it going? we called in about the pallets yeah. ah those’ll be perfect yeah if you need more later just holler. thanks so much. so if you know what we do and you know what Casey does just might
seem kinda random we don’t really have too much overlap in terms of the content
on our channel but we might not even have a channel if it wasn’t for Casey let me
explain we got into DIY when we bought our first house and we had no clue what we were doing the internet saved us. so we started the blog to share things as we learned them too. it was a passion but it was also just a
hobby you know until we realize that if we put every moment of time we’ve had
into this maybe we can make it something more the passion change from something we did
in our spare time to something we did with all of our time we built more stuff
designed some products starting with this deer head and started filming
everything we’re doing along the way towards with new goal of ours – the person we’re sending this to is not gentle with his mail video specifically had always
been really interesting to us and really intimidating Casey showed us that anyone can be a
video creator here doesn’t matter but if you do more and work harder you can
shape your life into what you want it to be Thank You Casey you inspired us to reach
for something more Hope you like it! and I was gonna get me

30 thoughts on “3D Printed Deer Head for Casey Neistat

  1. Guys! I found your channel through Casey's video! I subbed! I love your content! Aloha from a fellow creator from Spain 🙂

  2. This video was amazing, I just watch Casey, but checking out your channel just made my day. You now have one more sub, keep doing what you love!

  3. I just saw him open this on the vlog. Nice stuff guys.
    Any chance you could check out my channel too? I would really appreciate it. Thanks

  4. In all serious, that deer head is unique, special, beautiful, compelling, I think a "break though". I want to buy one and put it up on my wall. Where can I buy one?

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