3d wall painting | 3d Cheese on a wall

Intro* Take a asymmetrical square piece of hardboard sizing 12×13″ and start marking now start marking a 2″ upper on the hardboard Now make a point on the hardboard by 4″ diagonally Now draw a Straight line in the middle Mark a 4″ on the right and left side of the hardboard and make a diagonal line to the middle line Now connect the two diagonal line with a upper line like this Cut out the middle part Make a hole in the centre Now start scribbling on your wall With a pencil [POINTING DOWN] I’m going to show how every shape will come out on the wall you have to make it symmetrical [POINTING RIGHT] To make it look appealing i’m going to repeat to fill up the wall SWOOSH Complete Look Let’s Make it 3D It’s easy just scribble around and make a good looking chunk of Cheese Soldiers take your Color pallets and get ready to Paint 😉 Make a Cheesy looking paint 😉 [PUN INTENDED] Be gentle give it a nice looking texture with your finger or a hardbrush Do the same on all Lighting plays a key role in 3D imagery it What brings life to a static art Mix up some light yellow to give a sense of depth And again decide what color looks good and start painting :REMEMBER Light is the Key Give it some skin fella Texturize it All done Nice looking chunk of Cheese Perfect for bakery, food courts, Kitchens, pantries and other similar places Tell us what should we do next Make sure to subscribe Hit that notification bell down below Comment down below what should we do next thanks for watching As always stay creative

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