3M Command Adhesive Hooks and Hangers

3M Command Adhesive Hooks and Hangers

Hi, I’m Stephanie with www.CableOrganizer.com
and I want to show you our 3M plastic hooks and hangers. This is a great product to use
for lightweight objects that you need to hang around the home or office. Let me show you
how they work.First of all on the back of the clip there’s a little plastic piece. You
just have to push down and pop that piece out. We’re going to work with this first.
There’s a flat side and a little hook. You want to keep this hook facing up. All these
products come with a Command Adhesive. What’s nice about this adhesive is that’s not going
to leave a sticky residue on your wall. It also won’t remove any stain or paint you have
on your walls, so it’s going to protect it as well. The adhesive is labeled “Wall” and
on the other side it says “Command”. We’re going to go ahead and remove the “Command”
side and stick that on the back of the plastic piece. When doing so make sure that this extra
tab stays down. We’re then going to remove the “Wall” piece and go ahead and stick it
to the wall. You want to make sure to let it rest for about an hour before putting any
weight on it just to make sure you have a good adhere to the wall. We’re going to then
take our hook, starting from the top, and just slide it down. It’s that easy. The 3M
hooks come in a couple different sizes; medium and large. The medium can hold up to three
pounds and the large can hold up to five pounds. We also have a couple other styles. We have
a spring clip, which is great for holding your child’s artwork or any kind of memos
that you need; it just springs open. We have the decorating clips which are great for hanging
Christmas lights and that type of thing around the house. We have the picture hanger, which
is pretty self-explanatory. It’s great for hanging pictures or anything with a sawed
tooth in the back. Then we have the poster clips which are for putting on the back of
posters and lightweight objects to stick to the wall. They’re really easy to remove as
well. To remove them all you have to do is to first take the hook, or whatever application
you’re using, off. Then just pull on the tab. Be sure to pull nice and slow so that you
make sure you don’t take any of the paint or the stain of the wall off. They will just
break away. There we go, that didn’t hurt the wall at all. What’s nice is they’re re-usable
as well. They come with a few extra of the Command strips so that if you need to remove
them from one place and re-attach them you can do so. Be sure to check out more about
the plastic hooks and hangers at www.CableOrganizer.com, Thank-You.

10 thoughts on “3M Command Adhesive Hooks and Hangers

  1. We cant take the hook off the mirror , we used the tab it broke off and now we can't get it off the mirror what can we do .

  2. @MrLatour48 The best answer we found is from the FAQs on the 3M Command website. For the record, we haven't tried this method ourselves before and cannot personally endorse it, but 3M recommends gently heating the torn strip with a hair dryer, using a piece of dental floss to carefully cut through the foam and release the hook/clip from the surface, and then gently stretching down the remaining portion of adhesive. Hope this helps – good luck with the removal!

  3. The size of this hook is ok for what I used it for so It's ok. The quality is ok but it has to have a string to allow a flat hang.

    Like this one: here is the link to it in case anyone is interested: amzn.to16CjC3h

  4. The video demo is better than the instructions on the command.com website or the visuals on back of the pack. Thank you Stephanie.

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