4 Easy Wall Decoration Ideas | DIY ROOM DECOR

So you moved into your new apartment, and
you at last have your furniture organized precisely how you need it. You hung your large paintings and Flat TV’s
as you wanted. Be that as it may, each time you take a seat
to unwind on the couch, those huge, blank shout at you tountingly. ““I need decor! I need decor!” We’ve all been there. Blank walls can be a total headache when you
don’t have time, funds or ideas — but they certainly don’t have to be. I’ve rounded up some wall decor ideas for
the trendsetter, the thrifty mom in you and believe me all of these are the least time
consuming ideas. I am skiping the DIY wall décor for now which
I shall probably cover in a separate video at some time. So, here are some of the ideas that I would
want to share with you. Number 1: Use Wall stickers Instead of large
paintings You will find a lot of these on amazon or
other online portals and believe me; you will love them. They come in trendy colors and cool designs. They are perfect for the walls and you do
not to call the carpenter at all. It comes rolled on a cylinder shaped carton. You just have to peel off the back side and
stick the adhesive side to the wall. But make sure to do it slowly so that there
are no bubbles left and also the alignment is correct. Just take a look at my walls and the ones
that I am using….They blend perfectly with the walls. They are easy to clean and would last you
easily for more than a year. You can get one set for around 250 rupees
on Amazon. Come some festival sale and you will get these
for 99 Rupees. I am thinking of using more of these. Check some of the designs that I have selected
to be used next. I specially like the kids room collection
and they will surely give a new look to my daughters room. Similarly you can find theme based stikers
and large collections as per your taste. Number 2: Use collage of small photo frames
instead of one huge picture A huge photograph in the middle of the wall
looks good in large homes and hoomes with floors having a good height. But given the type of apartments we are lving
in, the large photographs would male the walls seem dwarf. Plus the type of materials used by the builders
these days; god save us from the accidental fall of the such huge photograph. On the other side, smaller frames and a collage
built with them give a very different character to the wall. The best part is that you can hang them yourselves
using the smallest available nails and a small hammer. There are lots of ways in which you can create
a collage with such frames. Plus you will also get some trendy readymade
designs Number 3: Décor with soft toys
This might sound a bit strange but surely, soft toys can be used for wall décor. Firstly, the smaller ones can be hung on the
walls. Try it out and you will really like the look
of your wall with the soft toys on it. A great tip wold be to hang it near the lights. Secondly, if you have some space on top of
your flat television, keep some larger toys on it. Don’t worry, the TV is not going to fall
as the mount is strong but surely it is a great décor idea. Using the soft toys in this manner also helps
you if you have a toddler at home. Cleaning up every times, the soft toys are
spread in the room can become quite boring at times. Number 4: Use small narrow paintings in sets
instead of large ones Well similar to photographs, the paintings
also have huge frames, glass and they can fall any time from the wall. Plus after some time, you might find it to
be a bit boring as well. So, instead of a single large painting, get
smaller ones and hang them in series. I would recommend having the condensed long
ones like the ones I have at my enterance gate. Tjey look very neat. Hanging them them is not a problem. Cleaning them is so easy. Friends, I am sure you have liked these ideas. What is your wall décor story? Please write in the comments section below. Like, share and subscribe to the channel for
some more great videos and until next time bye bye!!

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