4 MUST HAVE Home Decor Pieces | Timeless Elegance Home Decor

I have a little home décor inspiration for
you today. Just a few items that I think are timeless
and elegant and could work in any home. Welcome to artsycupcake. My name’s Maria and I share tips on the
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subscribe. This is a tag from Really Good Living. She has done these types of videos before
and it’s an open tag so any one that wants to join in, we would all love to see what
items you have in your home that you consider to be elegant and timeless. Watching these types of videos gives me ideas
on what kinds of items I may need to add to my home décor collection and hopefully you
will get that kind of inspiration in my quick little video today. The first type of item that I think is timeless
and elegant is white porceline décor. I have these 2 birds that are antiques and
were my grandmothers. They are probably from the 1940s or 50s. The fact they have been around so long really
show that this style really transfers from generation to generation. My grandma loved birds and so do I, so I love
having these in my office because they remind me of her. I also have this little white porceline vase
here with the succulent in it. I got this at target about a year ago. Then on the other side of the bookshelf I
have another white bird that is from hobby lobby and is also porceline. White porceline whether in décor pieces like
these or dishes – they are always classic and elegant and will work over the years no
matter if your color scheme or home changes, they will always match. The next item I want to mention that is timeless
and elegant is a tray for the dining room table. If you have a nice neutral tray it can transition
from fall to Christmas without a problem. You probably recognize this tray because I
have used it in all my tablescapes and it helps to hold any décor pieces right in there
so they don’t go rolling all over the dinner table! The fact that I have coordinating chargers
under the plates really helps tie the whole look together and can be reused over and over
again for each season. So the tray and matching chargers are a great
way to add some timeless elegance to your home. These bronze sconces can work throughout the
seasons as well. Neutral candleholders, whether they are white,
grey, brown or bronze, or whatever neutral color goes best with your home – these candleholders
can be switched up throughout the home. So I could take these bronze ones on the dining
room and switch them out with the wooden ones I have on my fireplace mantle to change up
the look a bit. So having a few sets of neutral candleholders
gives you some flexibility and they will always match whatever you have going on with the
rest of your décor. Lastly, I want to mention coffee table décor
that is timeless and elegant. I think having a few nice looking large coffee
table books is a great idea because they can act as a stand like I have done here. They are great for stacking. You could place a large box on top or a small
item like this clock. The coffee table books are really elegant,
versatile and act as a nice solid base to other décor items. You may have some really good ones in your
home already. Check underneath your paper book jackets and
you may find a really nice neutral linen cover like these have. So there were a few of the items I think have
timeless elegance in the home. I hope I gave you a couple decorating ideas
and I would love to know in the comments section below what you consider to be a home décor
item that has timeless elegance. Please considering subscribing because I put
2 videos up every week. Thank you so much watching and I hope you
have a very happy day!

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