4BHK Luxury Interior Design in Hiranandani Gardens by Livspace Mumbai

After a long, tiring day of work and travel,
what kind of space would you like to come home to? A vacation home? This is exactly what this is. Hi, I’m Preetu Muley Pandey and I’m a Senior
Interior Designer at Livspace. This is one of my most favourite projects
and you will soon find out why. The inspiration comes from the briefing received
from the client. First thing she wanted was a state-of-the-art
home, second, easy on maintenance, and third, child-friendly. She has a very cute little toddler in the
house. The space here, when we first came, was completely
a bare shell. We have moved walls, modified the room spaces,
combined bedrooms, to give them this house. My clients are every designer’s dream. They love clean lines and they let me experiment
to make the most of each space. This house is our take on the contemporary
concept but the focus is on form and function. Take a look at these visually light, slate
grey sofas. These C-shaped corner tables were born from
the desire to create something very convenient for people sitting on the long end of the
sofas. The magnanimous coffee table is from one piece of wood, and it’s free-flowing, reaches out to every corner of the seating. The unit in the background is a union of 3
different materials. Marble, wood, and brass. But all in a very subtle monotone. The dining table actually took the longest
to pick. We saw a hundred marbles to pick the final marble top, and we stumbled upon this beautiful piece. It has shades of brown and pops of mint, which is so rare to find in a marble. So we decided to splash that mint on to the chairs. The four leather chairs are embedded with brass handles which are very functional and very chic. Moving on to the lights, so it was very important to pick the right language of chandeliers here, the right family of chandeliers here
because we didn’t want it to be too glamorous. So this is something bespoke and very luxe. The brass and the slight bling from the dining area moves on and carries forward to the consoles which are bespoke. The brass is woven on to the drawer fronts, and the knobs are handpicked very specifically, to suit the playfulness of this space. And of course, the little one loves animals. The master bedroom is pure romance. We’ve used deep hues, rich textures and irresistible seating areas. This room is actually the perfect example
of living larger than life, but very humbly, very rooted. So be it this four-poster bed, which is gigantic at 7 ft by 8 ft to accommodate the child as well. The turquoise velour here and this set of
trunks is actually a chest of drawers, handcrafted in leather. There’s a partition in the middle of the
bedroom, which divides it into two spaces. So the TV is inside it, it is flexible and
it can be moved to both sides and viewed on both sides. You know, the husband likes to watch football matches which you know are aired only in the night. So the wife doesn’t get disturbed that way. These wardrobes are my favourite part of the
room. This pastel pop in matte forms a perfect backdrop
to this multi-dimensional seating area. It’s a fun, colourful area for, you know,
close friends to come over. On the other hand, is the desk, which is very serene, it’s completely done in Statvario marble with drawer storage, with enough storage for a printer and of course, their stash of books. The client did not want the guest room just to be for guests. So it doubles up as a TV room, that’s why
we decided to make it very elegant and cosy. As you can see here, we’ve used a gramophone with a modern twist to create the mood for movies. This room is an osmosis of pastel colours
and deep hues. You can see it here, in the background wallpaper, designed by Sabyasachi himself. Need I say more? People tend to spend a lot of time in the
kitchen without realizing it. That’s why it’s one the most neglected spaces in the
house. But this one has been designed for good vibes
only. This is where the family comes together, bonds
over meals, fresh off the flame. It’s like a dream come true, right? These modular kitchen profile shutters are timelessly versatile, so while they’re looking vintage adorned with these ornate red knobs, they blend in perfectly with the rest of the contemporary mood of the house. Let’s peek into the room that makes every
adult yearn to be a child again! The wall here is not just a visual treat,
it’s visual stimuli. It’s holding out little knobs that have interactive
games. This, along with the gymnast ropes encourages
a child to be taller. The toy storage is consciously made accessible for the child, making him more independent and responsible. The flooring here – looks like wooden flooring right? It’s actually rubber flooring, hence, heavily
cushioned. Don’t you want to be a child again? Carrying forward from the play room, the child’s
room is full of fun and colour. So starting from the headboards to this animated set of drawers and a pull-out bed for his friends to sleep over. We have wardrobes with concealed handles to
ensure the child’s safety. The black band you see unifies the whole room
by adding a new flavour to it. It then continues to become this horizontal ledge to park his toys without actually blocking the window. Every space has a utility, it has a function,
most exciting part of this project was that the client gave me complete independence to do whatever I liked with it. Like this video? Don’t forget to give it a thumbs up! Subscribe for new home tours, interior ideas and more, every week!

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