100 thoughts on “5 DIY CHRISTMAS RECYCLED DECORATIONS! Amazing DIY crafts for Christmas!

  1. Спасибо за ролик, пригодился к Новому Году. Получились две красивые елочки из журналов.

  2. When we were in elementary school in the late 70’s one of the teachers would use sears catalogs for a class project. They would fold the pages and paint them, much like the first clip here and make a mr. or Mrs. claus. Sadly I never got to make one.

  3. This is really nice..can help my mom decorate the house..these are really fun and easy.and something I can do with my , little cousin

  4. Haha who remembers making the Christmas trees out of Sears and Montgomery Wards catalogs those were the days many years ago we had no choice then to make most all your decorations expleshy the green and red paper chains tks for bringing back memory's.

  5. l 💝 the Christmas 🌲 that is so easy a child can do. Like me! And I'll definately make the twinkling 🌟 for everyone. I appreciate these simple effective designs. Thank you.

  6. Оооочень понравились ваши новогодние идеи.
    Благодарю вас. 😘

  7. I loved all this but glitter is to messy and hard to clean up, i wish i can find a proyect without it… oh well, will keep looking.

  8. Bravissima! Hai delle idee bellissime per pochi soldi! La pallina coi rotoli di cartone e il fiocco di neve sono stupendi.

  9. There are so many videos on YouTube about, recycling trash to treasure, using things at home to decorate, finding things at thrift stores to upscale. Now I don't have any problem that, but every video I see contains items I have to BUY. Buy- glitter, glue guns, jute twine, spray paint, fake flowers, wooden dowels, cement mix, magnet, decals etc. Now if people want to be crafty that's cool, but so many of these videos I see lean to the idea that what they are showing you is going to save you money but it actually costs more that just buying a lot of these items already made.

  10. Very easy and simple christmas tree, i made it today and it has turned out very very beautifuly🎄 Thank you for sharing💕🙏🙋

  11. malisismo…….mas lo que gasto en pintura y demas que lo que verdaderamente se recicla…..prefiero ir a comprar…..es mas economico…

  12. You could paint the toilet roll before you cut it into strips. The cut ends would be covered with the glue and glitter. Love your ideas. Thank you!

  13. No 3 was wrong! It is a Wiccan not Christian symbol n never should be represented as a Christian or Christmas symbol

  14. Brings back great memories! My grandmother and I made Angels and Mr and Mrs Santa Clauses from old Reader's Digest! Love these creative ideas!!

  15. The craft itself is great, but please… Tell us the name of the first music!!!! Someone!!! Anyone!!!!

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