5 Easy Steps To Create A Beautiful Wall Mirror With Little Money

5 Easy Steps To Create A Beautiful Wall Mirror With Little Money

(gentle techno music) – [Narrator] Mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the most fabulous of them all? Hi guys, welcome back to my channel, it’s Tresha and I have
another DIY project, how to make a wall mirror,
and this is the final result, so if this is something you’re interested in seeing, just keep watching. (gentle techno music) Here is what you’ll
need, 15 circle plaques, a ruler, 15 octagon-shaped mirrors, mending plates or wood trim, Goof Off, wood glue, foil metallic spray paint, Rapid Fuse glue, primer, and a paint brush. So first we’re going to start by removing the sticker labels. Second, we’re going to mark the center of each of the circle plaques. Next, we’re going to space the plaques, so I have three going across
and they are one inch apart. So now we have to adhere the wood trim, and I’m using Titebond
Ultimate Wood Glue for that, and I’m just gonna put on each of the ends of the Popsicle sticks that I use. And what you want to do is just glue it to both of the plaques
that are spaced apart, and I just have on three
going across and then on five going downward, so you want to put your sticks going downward as well. I highly recommend if
you see in ‘upper corner, these are mending plates
instead of the wood sticks, it gives it more stability,
and I thought about that after I had finished the project. Now it’s time to apply the primer. I’m just stirring it up, and then just painting
it onto the plaques. (techno music) You wanna let this dry once
you finish, just let it dry for at least an hour
before you spray paint it. So at now, it’s time to spray paint. I’m using Krylon foil metallic
spray paint here and silver, and I’m just shaking it up for
a minute a lightly spraying, and I use about, I did about two coats. It dries in about an hour. So now you want to remove the sticker and the felt pads that are
on the back of the mirror, I got this from the Dollar Tree, and I’m using Goof Off for this, and all you do is just spray it on there, wait for a little bit,
and then just peel it off. So now, I’m using Rapid Fuse to glue the mirrors to the plaque. It says it bonds to virtually everything, but I am wary of that, but in this case it does bond well to the plaque. All you have to do is clean the mirror and then you are done, and
you have a fabulous mirror that you can put on a
wall, pleasure friendly, simple, easy to do weekend project. So if you liked this
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you’d like to see more. (gentle techno music) Thanks guys for watching,
let’s connect on Instagram, I’m @DESIGNSBYTRESHA, I would love to see your DIY projects,
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videos, I think you’ll like it.

100 thoughts on “5 Easy Steps To Create A Beautiful Wall Mirror With Little Money

  1. What an amazing idea. I have to do this in my living. Very Z gallery-esque. I hope the popsicle sticks are holding up, seem the weight might give. Great video!

  2. So nice. I'd love a design like this in my home somewhere but they can be so expensive. How did you mount it on the wall?

  3. I am trying to do this project but finding it difficult to get the items πŸ™ I am thinking of hanging it in the dinning room or over the tv in the living room.

  4. u got mad skills keep these dollar tree diy coming please u are really helpful, I didn't want to decorate my home cause I been depressed but after watching you I'm on go mode thanks luv

  5. I came across your channel by accident, and I am so glad I did because you are one of the very best diyers and crafters on YouTube! You are so talented and amazing! I have been saving a bunch of your videos in my several diy playlists. Phenomenal! Your home must be gorgeous!β€πŸ‘β€πŸ‘β€πŸ‘β€

  6. I would love for you to see mines…I used these cute wood frames I got from Michael's for 1.00 and square mirrors…used the wood sticks and it fell apart so i re did it with mending plates…it turned out so nice

  7. Hi my friends happy new year to you and your family and happy early Valentine's day to you my friends so gorgeous and very beautiful DIY mirrors loved loved loved loved loved loved loved loved loved loved it and very nice colors and styles and God bless you and your family my friends

  8. What a beautiful master piece. Veerrry nice!! The only thing that is skeptical is the sticks. I wonder if they are strong enough to last? But over all, nice project.

  9. And one more thing .If u kindly show the back of the hanging mirror in ur video so everyone of us will have a clear picture.thanks.

  10. Wow , beautiful, I just did find your channel and so happy I did, loved how it turned out! Thanks for sharing! +1 subbie/thumbs up~Kimberley =)

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    THANK YOU!πŸ’•

  13. I've been binging on your channel from yesterday! First time commenting but girl praises to you! You're doing great things on your channel! Thanks for sharing! Jah bless

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  15. zgalleria looking for you…man your really a talented lady …man that piece would cost about 2 to 3 hundred dollars in west elm or upscale furniture store plus I noticed your finish on your projects are very clean…only difference for me probably make mine little more masculine looking but follow your instructions.. I'm a subscriber now…πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘can you ever do a project for a decorative piece for men..

  16. Hi darling, so i want to try this this weekend but need a little clarification. So I'm using 20 8" square, beveled mirrors and I'm going to adhere them to 9-10" round plaques and figured because it's going to be so heavy I'll need the metal instead of the wood sticks so my question is, how thick do you think the plaques should be since I'm going to have to screw into them? I hope you can answer this or @ least suggest something, even if it's a change i need to make…I'm flexible lol. Thanks hun for your response 😺

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