5 Simple Homemaking Tips|Home Decorating

5 Simple Homemaking Tips|Home Decorating

Today’s video is about five easy
homemaking tips. Sarah and I actually shot the video while we were in the store
today so I really hope you enjoy! Tip number one: scented candles. A great
smelling candle just make your home warm and inviting. Try choosing a candle
that’s in a unique container like this hammered copper. Place your candle in the
middle of a candle ring to make it look even more beautiful on your table. Tip
number two: and I just can’t speak enough about this and that’s great music
playing in your home. It has such a power to relax us to even help create great
memories. Even to this day my kids still talk about hearing sweet music when they
were doing their homework. Never underestimate the power of great music.
Number three for your home making skills: fluff your pillows! This might sound
silly but there’s nothing more unattractive than a flat pillow. Prop it
up, squish it up, and then throw it right back in the chair. If you’ve got a bigger
pillow, you’re gonna do the same thing except when you throw it back in the
chair, you’re gonna give it a little bit of what we call a “karate chop”. Tip number
four: Make your bed first thing in the morning when you jump out- make your bed.
It doesn’t take that long. A messy bed is so unattractive to come home to. It’s an
easy task to accomplish first thing in the morning, all you have to do is spend
just a few minutes straightening up, putting those pillows back on, and when
you come home and walk in your room, you see a beautifully made bed! Tip number five:
is about de-cluttering. Listen, I can easily mess a workspace up quickly and
it ends up looking like this but you need to take the time every day to clean
up your desk. I promise, you’re gonna be way more productive. How many times do we
lose something on our desk so quickly? It’s really important to clean up your
desk it just makes you feel better, your productivity will soar, and it just
becomes your sweet little happy place! Thank you for watching this video, I hope
you enjoyed it! We’re gonna have a video out next week so
be sure to subscribe to my channel and make sure you hit that little bell
because that will notify you when the video is up and loaded thank you! thank you for watching this video we’re
gonna have a new one out next week yeah don’t scrunch up you gotta go okay okay
thank you for watching okay huh

21 thoughts on “5 Simple Homemaking Tips|Home Decorating

  1. This is so me. People make fun of me for being picky. I even make sure the zips on the cushions face down. I hate it when people sit on my couch and flatten it. I think I'm a little crazy myself sometimes. Lol

  2. Read a long time ago in a magazine to NOT make your bed right away. I pull back the covers quite a bit and let it get some fresh air. The article said after you have laid in the bed all night it needs to air/dry out for a while. I swear it works. I make the bed everyday but let it air first!

  3. Girl I'm with you. My bed has to be made right away. Candles make your house smell good and gives a cozy feel. As far as pillows, ones that you can karate chop are the best. Hope you have a blessed weekend! Hugs!

  4. Years ago I got rid of all my small knick knacks…..I simplified and now only have one or two large items on a surface. Less dusting and a cleaner look.

  5. It is hard to find a nice scented candle that has a cute container, but candle containers! Does that count? I am so guilty about never making my bed. The funny thing is growing up I had to make my bed every morning before I left for school or left the house. Minus sleeping, I don't spend a lot of time in my bedroom though. Definitely the most neglected room in my home.

  6. I just found your channel, and I really like your style! The first video I watched was the one about your office! I reeeeeeeeeeeallly like your office! I also like how you integrate scripture into your décor. I hope some day to be able to go to your store! Blessings!

  7. Great tips. Especially making your bed. It's nothing more unattractive than an unmade bed. Thanks for sharing

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